2002 Spookys Map Room award winners

Winners of The Map Room Award

for Outstanding Fic Set Outside Washington, DC

First Place

The Mastodon Diaries by aka 'Jake'

The Mastodon Diaries by aka "Jake"
Rated NC-17 | MSR, X, some /O | WIP

Second Place - TIE

Human by Xanthe

Human by Xanthe
Rated NC-17 | Skinner/Krycek slash | 177K

Seeds of Synchronicity by mountainphile

Seeds Of Synchronicity by mountainphile
Rated NC-17 | MSR, X-File | 543K

Third Place

Christmas in California by Michelle Kiefer

Christmas in California by Michelle Kiefer
Rated PG-13 | SA | implied MSR | 24K

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