2003 Spookys Map Room award winners

Winners of The Map Room Award

for Outstanding Fic Set Outside Washington, DC

First Place

Kinesthesia by Amy (Spookey247)

Kinesthesia by Amy (Spookey247)
Rated NC-17 | MSR, Casefile, M/S Undercover | 236K
As members of a domestic terrorism task force, Mulder and Scully investigate
a series of bombings linked to a traveling carnival show. Set early season six.

Second Place

Second Grace Part 1 by Logan

Second Grace Part 1 by Logan
Rated NC-17 | Mulder/Krycek Slash, Angst, Adventure, Romance | 220K
Mulder is gone, and Alex Krycek is faced with the ultimate journey:
learning to live again.

Third Place - TIE

Compromised - Endings and Beginnings by Amazon X

Compromised - Endings and Beginnings by Amazon X
Rated NC-17 | A, slash, deathfic | 180K
Even when you try to do the right thing, shitty things happen to you.

Tabula Rasa by dtg

Tabula Rasa by dtg
(New Mexico)
Rated PG-13 | 180K
If a man is the sum of his experiences, then who will he be without them?

Honorable Mention

Golden Chances by Gina Rain

Golden Chances by Gina Rain
(Atlantic City)
Rated R | X, MSR | 124K
Mulder. Scully. Atlantic City. Gambling. Disorganized crime.
Psychics. Spirits. Soul mates. Take your pick. It's all in there.

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