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Elanor G - 08/16/00 19:49:46
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Favorite XF Episode: Pusher

This is great. I enjoy all of your work, and I'm really enjoying your recs. And it's a really good-looking site too! I'm coming back every week!

Michelle Gong - 06/24/00 14:35:55
My Email:michelle@woods-n-gray.com
Favorite XF Episode: Momento Mori

The site looks wonderful. It's great to have such a talented bunch of writers together sharing and supporting one another. Brava. waving) Hi Diana!

Triton - 06/24/00 02:00:05
My Email:triton-x@yahoo.com
Favorite XF Episode: Bad Blood

Now I know where you all have been hiding recently!! Love this site - beautiful. I've bookmarked it, will visit often.

Annie Sewell-Jennings - 06/21/00 05:26:31
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Favorite XF Episode: "Paper Hearts"

Beautiful website for some beautiful fanfic! Keep up the good work, and it's nice to see such a talented group of writers making their fics so readily available through this nifty site. :-)

mountainphile - 06/19/00 07:14:16
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Favorite XF Episode: Piper Maru / Detour

Beautiful work, Jintian! You have a talent and feel for what looks good! I'm so honored to be a part of Musea! :::lifts symbolic pen in salute::: And in such awesome company...

Mish - 06/19/00 02:17:30
My URL:http://galias.arjika.com/mishfic.htm
My Email:mish_rose@yahoo.com
Favorite XF Episode: Duane Barry/ Ascension/One Breath

Jintian! Lovely, my dear. Simply lovely. I am proud to be a part of such a worthy endeavor. Your time and talent given here is very deeply appreciated. Thank you! Mish :-)

LizardChyck - 06/18/00 19:53:21
My URL:http://lizardchyck.dreamwater.com/ or http://skinneristax.dreamwater.com
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Favorite XF Episode: "Bad Blood"

Good luck on the site and the recs page!

cameo - 06/18/00 03:56:30
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Favorite XF Episode: Beyond the Sea/Paper Hearts

Jintian, you are amazing!!!! The site looks fantastic. Hooray!

Angel Blackwood - 06/18/00 02:14:28
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Favorite XF Episode: Memento Mori

Jintian, It's magnificent! Wonderful job! Thank you for all your hard work for all of us. Be well Angel

Diana - 06/17/00 05:12:32
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Favorite XF Episode: Anasazi

Take a bow, Jintian. You've done a wonderful job! :)

Bonnie/Forte - 06/17/00 03:56:22
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My Email:bjm1352@aol.com
Favorite XF Episode: Memento Mori

Can we have a Musean round of applause for Jintian's great work as webmistress? :) The site looks terrific,

Jintian - 06/16/00 07:56:09
My URL:http://members.fortunecity.com/jintian
My Email:jintian@graffiti.net
Favorite XF Episode: Sleepless

Just testing this thing.

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