Authors A - F
(Humor, Rated R, 13K)
Recommended 8-14-00
Blackwood: I said to aflg: "You're not fooling anyone with this 'frightened little girl'
routine, you know." She/he said: "I'm no one of consequence. Really. ;)" The wink is
all *hers/his.* Okay, whatever you say. Meanwhile, if you haven't read this spin on
Requiem post-eps, please give yourself a treat and do so. Parody, like farce, should
not be attempted by the faint of heart or the weak pen. Aflg shows us how it's done.
Good job!
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated R, 140K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Jintian: aflg agreed with me that even though Alex Krycek is an "insensitive
murdering bastard," he's still damn fun to write about. This story was a delightfully
saucy romp through Krycek's head, as an even bigger badass than himself steps in to
redirect the life of the one-armed assassin everybody loves to hate. I laughed out loud
many, many times while reading this but I'm not afraid to admit to a bit of sniffling at
the very end (it was just a tiny bit, though). Lots of screamingly funny punchlines and a
hilarious original character, one of the most unique I've ever come across, make this
story a Must Read.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG, 24K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Diana: Sometimes you read a story that stays with you long after you've finished it.
For me, "Cleopatra's Needle" was one. A beautifully written piece that touched me
deeply, it is poignant, loving, and full of hope. I highly recommend this.
~ ~ ~
(Spoiler Fic, MSR, Rated PG, 12K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Diana: I love it when a writer manages to scratch below the surface and give us
something new and unexpected. I think that's why I like Alanna's stories. Her ability to
delve into their psyche and explore new facets of the characters is amazing. She makes
them breathe and grow, and "Etiolate" is a prime example of that talent. At times, this
piece is hard to read, the sheer depth of emotions almost overpowering in their intensity.
We see a Scully that is raw and aching. Bruised by time and circumstances, she begins
to question her abilities as an agent and a mother-to-be. Please note -- this story
contains spoilers.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 13K and 93K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Mish: A unique story that will not fail to move you, "Forecast of Rain" and its sequel,
"Occluded" give us something to chew on in post-Requiem Scully angst, but for a
reason that is totally unexpected. It marches on before your disbelieving eyes while you
sit there and think, "This can't be happening." But happen it does, and in Alanna's deft
hands, you can't help but sit silently and look at the screen with awe. It moved me - not
to tears, but to something far worse. It made me stop moving, made my heart slow down
and beat along with Scully's as she fights the battle of her life. You won't find a better-
woven tale of hope amidst despair.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 27K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Mish: A sequel to "Throwing Words Away" that stands very well on its own. I
sobbed while reading this -- Alanna has captured the poignancy of Mulder's absence
with typical brilliance. Most telling is Scully's quiet acceptance of her friends' attempts
at keeping Mulder alive. From the very first scene, the story breathes with Mulder
presence -- and establishes once again that Scully is the glue that holds them all
together. Excellent work!
~ ~ ~
(Spoiler Fic, MSR, Rated PG, 14K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Diana: Beware, spoiler virgins -- this is not for you! However, the rest of you are in for a
treat. Alelou has crafted a delightful story from a spoiler that had me breathing fire. She
made a less-than-palatable situation work. "Not Dumb Animals" is full of wit and charm,
with superb characterizations and dialogue that sparkles. This is definitely in the 'not-to-
be-missed' category.
Forte: Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers! Don't read this fic if you don't want to be spoiled for
some upcoming (post-Badlaa) eps. :) Having said that, I can't write much about Alelou's
wonderful fic without giving away important, and spoiling, info. So I'll just say that I'm
confident that Alelou handles this scenario in a much more realistic and touching way
than CC will. :)
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 20K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Audrey: Held in a dark cell with no clue to his whereabouts, how he got there or who
his captors are, Mulder ignores the blank sheets of paper that begin appearing with his
daily ration of bread and water. By the slit of light that creeps into the cold room for a few
hours a day, Mulder sees one day that there's writing on the paper, and the handwriting
is as familiar as his own. What follows is mostly epistolary, a moving exchange of
secrets and sustaining gallows humor. I was completely drawn in by Allison's sharp
details and the characters' persistence despite their increasing sense of doom.
~ ~ ~
(MSR/H/A/Babyfic, PG-13, 56K, SPOILERS through S8)
Recommended 8-5-01
Forte: I'd really, really, REALLY like to see 1013 build Season 9 around this wonderful
fic. Anjou gives us her view on how a Mulderless/DD-less Season 9 could be written,
including an in-character, plausible explanation for Scully's/GA's departure at the end
of the year. I'm saddened that the Mulder/Scully era has come to a close, but I could be
happy with S9 if it turned out Anjou's way. Now if only I could smuggle this fic into 1013's
planning meetings...
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 31K)
Recommended 12-11-00
Diana: Anjou's gorgeous writing and perfect characterizations make this a 'must-read.'
Scully is waiting for a sign from Mulder. Full of the normal uncertainty and fear that
plague most of us in a new relationship, she decides to take matters into her own
hands. Never was logic put to such good use!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 6K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Diana: The author's summary for this is 'a short jaunt through Mulder's eyes.' Aptly
put, but it really doesn't do justice to this piece. I can't even begin to tell you how much I
love this, or even why. Sometimes there is an element in a story that just reaches out
and grabs me. That happened this time. The wonderful Mulder characterization was just
the icing on the cake.
~ ~ ~
(S, A, Rated PG-13, 7k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Mish: The bits and pieces of a day, the thoughts that float through a weary mind...
such is the stuff of life. Brought to solidity by an author that just keeps getting better
and better. This story is an achievement in pictures, sight and sound - they come
together at the end, the thoughts congealing into the one complete, undeniable truth.
A wholeness that cannot be refuted. Short and satisfying!
~ ~ ~
(Crossover, Scully/Other, Rated NC-17, 593K)
Recommended 10-30-00
Jintian: This novel is one way to envision how the darkness of "Demons" progressed to
the darkness of "Gethsemane." It's full of force and suspense, the action tense and
damn well-written. There is masterful characterization of both Mulder and Scully, and the
crossover (with the "Ninja" novels by Eric Lustbader) aspect of the story adds a
fascinating new figure to the XF universe, all of it colored with the mysteries of Eastern
philosophies and martial arts.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 12K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Blackwood: I don't read babyfic. That's what I told myself. Then I read this. A word of
caution: tread softly in this dark, dark place. A bete noir version of how CC could handle
his Season 7 coup de grace. Only thing is, Livia has done it already and better.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 22K)
Recommended 3-26-01
Mish: It's the little touches; the scraps of paper in the shoeboxes. There is no such
thing as silence from the dead, as Livia makes us realize. Though told from Scully's
POV, this story is all Mulder. You can see him, hear him, touch him...even smell him
in the musty corners. I don't know what else to say, except read and enjoy her
Mulder. Though for the most part invisible, he permeates every paragraph. Great
Forte: I love how Livia pulled together the universal, terrible sadness of taking care of a
loved one's possessions, Scully's fierce loyalty and protection of Mulder, and
wonderful Mulder family history and Muldervoice. A beautiful job all around.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 10K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Jintian: I just about died laughing when I finished reading this fic. Or I did after I wiped
up all the coffee I spewed onto my monitor. Then I went and rec'd it to all my friends,
and now I'm rec'ing it here. Truly evil, truly ingenious, truly original post-Requiem fic.
And that's all I'm going to say. ;-)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13 and NC-17, 20K and 29K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Forte: So what if it's after Christmas when you read these fics? They're sweet and
heartwarming any time of the year, for any holiday. Oh, and there's smut, too. ;) My
holiday gift to Moose and Squirrel would be for them to enjoy time together as they do
in these stories. Take a bow, Susanne. :)
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG-13, 30K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Forte: This extraordinary fic from Susanne has been out for almost two years,
but it is one of my favorites to re-read. It's Scully POV and off the angst scale:
Mulder has been injured, and she feels responsible. Her pain is palpable; the ending is
perfect. I can't rec this one highly enough.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 35k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Blackwood: After an eight month absence, the divine Miss B has gifted philes
everywhere with another dazzling piece. Masterful writing, a firm grasp on
characterization, dialogue to kill for: these are the things that make fanfic come alive
and this story has it all. Susanne writes beautiful, lyrical erotica that explores not
only the surface of things (yum), but the subtext we crave to see depicted between
our beloved heroes. All I can say is that when I grow up, I want to write just like *her.*
~ ~ ~
(Crossover, Humor, Rated PG-13, 78K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Forte: I love The X-Files. I love Monty Python. I love to laugh. Does that describe you
as well? Then run, do not walk, to read "Random Replies." It sounds like a bizarre
combination (okay, it *is* a bizarre combination ), but if "Monty Python and the Holy
Grail" is your idea of a cool movie, read this fic. And while you're waiting for it to load,
picture the Gunmen doing a Gregorian chant. ;) (Pssst... there's a special treat for you
Diana Fowley haters out there.)
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 5K)
Recommended 6-19-00
mountainphile: ...And something new! Seldom does a story hit me with the
immediate impact of Beduini's post-Requiem tale "Dana." After the first read, wiping
tears, I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to go back for another angsty
immersion. Beduini's writing is concise, brutally honest, and so cleanly executed... I'm
*still* haunted by this amazing story with an ending that is both suggestive and
inevitable. Read this and you'll be under its spell indefinitely... thanks, Beduini!
~ ~ ~
(Scully/Other, MSR, Rated NC-17, 77K)
Recommended 8-14-00
Blackwood: ::sigh:: Sometimes love hurts. Beduini tells me this was her first fic. Her
*first* fic. Incredible. If you like a Despondent!Mulder and an Aching!Scully, read this.
The UST runs like a river into a sea of love that, regardless of the presumption of its
happening, will leave you boneless. You will read and re-read and love it again and
again. Beduini's writing is rich, multi-layered and like fine wine, meant to be savored
slowly. Oh yes, remember to breathe. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 26K)
Recommended 10-1-00
Diana: Want to bring back some of the heat of August? Then read this. Beduini
always writes a wonderful Mulder and Scully, with a strong sense of characterization
that leaves me green with envy. "Hot" is intense and evocative, with vivid imagery and
dialogue that is dead on. If I could change one thing about this story, it would be the
title. I'd call it "Incendiary."
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 53K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Diana: I have a confession to make -- I'm a sucker for Jealous Mulder stories. This
is one of the best. A friend from Mulder's Oxford days comes to visit, and is
attracted to Scully. How will Mulder deal with this? Guess! Terrific dialogue,
a compelling original character, and some wonderful Mulder/Scully interaction
are just a few of the reasons why "Ian" is one of my favorite stories.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 405K)
Recommended 8-21-00
Diana: I started reading this when it was still a WIP, something I don't usually do.
But it would take a saint to be able to resist a Beduini story, and God knows, I'm no
saint! I jumped in with both feet and never looked back, eagerly awaiting each new
chapter. This is an intriguing story, with a missing Mulder, and a Scully who will
stop at nothing to find him. Be prepared for one hell of a ride.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 22K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Audrey: A wonderful morning-after vignette (actually, evening-after), featuring one of
my favorite locales: the bench by the river. On neutral ground, Mulder and Scully
meet to - gasp! - talk about their feelings in the wake of "all things." Belle's ear for
dialogue is tremendous and her feeling for the characters tender and genunine.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 6K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Mish: I simply could not believe that this was a first fanfic... the Scully voice is so
real, I could hear the clinical despair in every word. *This* is how I envision Scully
living without Mulder -- detaching herself from her emotions, cloaking her uncertain
world in the comfort of science. "Maybe if I believed that if I stayed exactly the same,
when Mulder returned he too would have remained static and together we would once
again be each other's constants in a variable world." Unbelievable power.
~ ~ ~
Sore Luck At the Luxor by AnubisLM (no current email available)
(NC-17, 65k)
Recommended 10-2-01
mountainphile: This story has been around for quite some time, but is one of those
entertaining fics that begs to be re-read. What could be better than a gleeful,
adventuresome Mulder dragging Scully to a Las Vegas casino to help him with
undercover surveillance? What effect could a few drinks and the element of risk have
on judgment and long-suppressed desire? I found the inventive, clever, and even
hilarious imagery one more reason to pick up these dice and roll... er, read.
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated NC-17, 10k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: If this was an experiment in the use of second person, I'd say the results were
excellent! The detachment of the voice does nothing to minimize the emotion that drips
from every word... longing, anguish, urgency all burst forth in an explosion of feelings
long denied. Sure, we've seen the scenario before - but not like this.
Avalon doesn't waste a word in this angsty story and I loved it. You will, too.
~ ~ ~
(Novel, A, MSR, Rated NC-17, 920k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: Okay, we're once again in one of my favorite A/U's with this sequel to
"Goshen" and "Secret World". I waited to read this for a very long time and it was
worth every minute. Not much I can say that hasn't already been said about this
masterpiece - the angst, DAL, suspense - all ratcheted up to tremendous
proportions. Mulder and Scully on the run, and not just from the bad guys; it's aching
to see how they manage to stay together while drifting apart. A long, sometimes
painful read, but so very satisfying. Now I guess I'll have to wait another few months
for "The Road Less Travelled" but hey, I'm used to waits. Especially when I already
know how much I'm going to love the result. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 159K and 844K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Mish: "Goshen" is one of my all-time favorite fics, suspenseful to the extreme and
dripping with angst. Needless to say, when I discovered that Bone had written a
sequel, I eagerly printed all 120 pages and lost myself in it for a week, sometimes
unable to put it down until way after midnight. It's a sequel that exceeds the
perfection of the first story, if possible. Very seldom am I touched by a character's
trials to the point where I feel their hurt deep in my chest...but "Secret World" made
me ache all over. In a good, angsty way, of course. Read it now -- you won't be
disappointed. Then join me in the wait for "City of Light"; I'm sure it will be well worth
it. One warning, though -- read the author's headers very carefully, in case some of
the subject matter might get a bit *too* angsty for you.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 54K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Blackwood: Selecting only *one* story from Lydia's prodigious collection is like
selecting between diamonds, emeralds and rubies. This gem is but one of many I could
have chosen, but do so because it's first Bowerfic I ever read, before I even *knew* about
Dance Without Sleeping and Primal Sympathy (another favorite of mine). This story still
leaves me breathless as only Lydia can.
~ ~ ~
(Spoilers for S8, MSR, Rated NC-17,45K)
Recommended 4-9-01
Forte: A beautiful study of the first night after Mulder is released from the hospital. The
tension, uncertainty, and resolution are logical and wonderfully drawn. If only CC and
1013 would do it this well...
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A, Rated NC-17, 326k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Mish: Is there anyone left in the fic world who hasn't read this story? Probably not. And
what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said? Not much, I guess. So
let me give you a reason to *re-read* it, okay? Hmm... maybe I could say that this is my
favorite Lydia Bower story, one that I read at least three times a year. Maybe I could say
that this is, IMO, the best cancer-arc fic ever written. The scene where Scully punches
Mulder is certainly worth reading again. Or the one scene with George's POV where you
just have to smile along with him... or the scene with an uncertain Mulder in nothing but
sweaty running shorts... Skinner at his lock-jawed, but tender best.... If there's one fic
that deserves to be called a classic, this is it.
Absolutely perfect. Lose yourself in it once again.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 44K)
Recommended 10-30-00
Audrey: Despite its title, this is NOT a story about M&S attending an FBI costume
party or handing out treats. As Mulder continues his recovery post-Amor Fati, he's
desk-bound and restless, and invites Scully on a ghost hunt of sorts. But Mulder soon
realizes it's a ghost he never wants to meet. The chemistry and mood of this piece are
just right, with a vulnerable Mulder trying to reconnect to Scully and his own life -- a
wonderful seasonal read.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 18K)
Recommended 3-26-01
mountainphile: Is Skinner a rock, or what? Emma's sensitive story places our AD
in the role he does best: that of supportive boss and loyal friend. In "Stay" he's
emotionally teetering, yet strong for Scully, who's on the brink of exhaustion and at
the end of her self-control. This is a taut, insightful vignette that shouldn't be missed!
~ ~ ~
(Requiem, MSR, Rated NC-17, K)
Recommended 8-21-00
Diana: It's hard to say something about this Post-Requiem piece without spoiling it. A
compelling look at a returned Mulder who...nope I'm not saying another word. Just read
~ ~ ~
(Humor, MSR, Rated PG-13, 34K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Diana: I'm a sucker for third party POV stories, and this post-Hollywood A.D.
piece from bugs is a wonderful example. It has something for everyone -- humor,
romance, and a tiny dash of MMulder angst for seasoning, all seen through the eyes of
a cynical LA limo driver. A delightful postscript to one of my favorite season seven
~ ~ ~
(M/K, Rated NC-17, 46K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Blackwood: Being a hardcore shipper, Slash is a genre I didn't appreciate
immediately. Then I started reading and discovered that not only could such a scenario
work, but that love is love in all its guises and when well-written, any pairing is a
possibility. With this story, Janet depicts the M/K dynamic in steamy, realistic tones
that captivate the imagination. Nicely done.
~ ~ ~
To Kill A Mockingbird by Paige Caldwell (available at Gossamer)
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 9K)
Recommended 6-19-00
mountainphile: For me it's fitting, with my first contribution to Musea's weekly rec
page, to look back to the beginning... and honor the One who first roped me into this
fanfic thing with her incredible tales of action and introspection. More than that -- she
encouraged me to try it *myself*, which has become a true milestone in this
mountainphile's life. I recommend to you "To Kill A Mockingbird", by Paige Caldwell.
Yes, Fox Mulder has his own take on the correlation between the acclaimed book and
Scully's actions against Donnie Pfaster. You'll love Mulder's tender care of his partner,
Scully's vulnerability, and the sensitive, realistic exchanges between them. One of my
favorite post-Orison fics. Thank you, Paige... for everything!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 10K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Simply wonderful. I love the Fallen!Scully and Confused!Mulder and Wise!
Skinner. Your vision rings true and is quite unique, something difficult to attain after so
many 'all things' fic. Having gone to Catholic grammar school for 8 *long* years before
switching to public high school, I could totally relate to the early flashback. Yes, we
were all good girls then and now we write fanfic to make up for lost time. ;) Oh my.
Sister Joseph Bernard would be *so* disappointed. ;)
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 8K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Blackwood: This is a lovely Skinner POV that resonates with realism and tenderness.
Christina does a great job at capturing the subtle nuances of Walter S. and his
unspoken devotion to our favorite G-woman. Made we want to chase him down and give
him a great big hug just for being so sweet.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 26K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Blackwood: Set post En Ami, this is a dark piece of erotica that explores the
boundaries of anger, fear and trust. But, not to worry, in Cindy's capable hands, it all
ends up in the right place and with the proper tone. Her handling of erotic material is
excellent, painting vivid pictures that capture these complex characters while depicting
both the physical and emotional bond that exists between them.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 154K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Blackwood: I loved "So This is Agent Mulder" and was prepared for a long wait between
intermittant chapters. I never suspected Cindy would be back so soon not only with the
second installment, but the entire story! Yet nothing has been sacrificed in her creative
frenzy. The characters are solid in their actions and words, especially John Doggett who
positively shines in this highly imaginative piece. Chris Carter should only treat his
characters as well as Cindy does. What I really loved, though, was the interweaving of
past and present dynamic between Mulder & Scully and the overwhelming devotion
between them. The final scenes are poignant and satisfying in oh-so many ways. Yes, I
could be happy with *this* as FTF2 and/or the conclusion of TXF. I doff my hat in
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 16K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Blackwood: Like I said to Cin: Yowza, baybee! Always a writer of fine casefiles, Cindy
has turned her considerable talents to vignettes and I'm so glad she did. This first in an
intended series gives us a 3rd person POV (one of my favorite genres) on the return of
our beloved Mulder. Her Doggettvoice is sure and on target and to watch the workings of
the Dogman from Cindy's perspective is a delight. I've demanded, pleaded and cajoled
Cin to continue and I'm taking a front row seat. And I hate her, because now I'm
enmeshed in a WIP. Aaarrrgh! :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 23K)
Recommended 3-12-01
Blackwood: Imagine! UST!! In spades!!! Gosh, how I miss it. And this author always
does it so-o well. Erotica is a lot like wine. Drink it fast and you get a quick buzz. Drink it
slow and it simmers in the blood. Not a bad choice when you think of it. I do recommend
you take your time with this wonderful, heat-inducing scenario that elegantly evokes those
delicious "not yet" moments. Gotta tell you, Scully has a lot more restraint than I. Hoo
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 6K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Audrey: I'd like to spotlight two vignettes by a newer writer, cratkinson. I was entranced
from her very first post, "Seduced," an intelligent, concise, smoldering Scully POV. I don't
think I need to tell you who the object of her rumination is. Suffice to say, the repetitive
rhythm of the piece, along with its imagery and insights, will leave you swooning.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 6K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Blackwood: This is the Mulder I've known and loved for years -- smart, insightful, edgy,
sexy. And completely accurate in his assessment of the world he's returned to after the
horrific events of Season 8. Even the staunchest Scullyist has to find empathy for the
man after reading this one. As for the Mulderists among you, self included -- vindication
feels good. Thanks Chris.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG, 5K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Audrey: Follow "Seduced" up (and I do suggest you read "Seduced" first) with the sly,
dry humor of "Watched." This one's also told from Scully's POV, but in third person this
time. The author captures perfectly the twin sensations -- self-consciousness and self-
satisfaction -- of being not-so-subtly gazed at by the object of one's affection. As in
"Seduced," it's the tiniest details that make the scene come alive. When reading both
these fics, keep in mind the author's own suggestion: "This is another one to read
*slowly*. It's no fun if you wolf it down." You can find more by this writer at Ephemeral by
searching under "cratkinson," or in the near future at her soon-to-be finished home page.
~ ~ ~
(V, A, MSR, Not Rated, 13k)
Recommended 8-20-01
Mish: A realistic, tender Scully POV set after Mulder's return. She watches and waits,
seeing the little details that speak of his trauma, and knowing that it will take some time
for his return to become complete. Speaking of returns, it's been quite a while since
Dawn has posted a story and I couldn't have wished for a better comeback. Not a word
is wasted in this slice of perfect characterization. Beautiful.
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 13K)
Recommended 12-11-00
Blackwood: They say that life imitates art, and vice versa. When I first read this piece, I
was touched, but I had no idea that its grace and power would have real meaning in a real
way to me, until this week. Losing a friend rends our lives and leaves us, as human
beings, to wonder at divine wisdom. This 3rd person POV story is simple and pure, in the
truest sense, and the narrator an angel in disguise, as they always are, giving solace to
those who need it most. dlynn's words, as ever, are eloquent and accurate as they delve
Scully's -- and our -- hearts to leave us with a powerful reminder.
~ ~ ~
(X/Mytharc, MSR, Rated R, 212k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Audrey: I've long been intrigued by the possibility that some of the political
disappearances prevalent throughout Central and South America in the 1970s
and '80s might be investigated by Mulder and Scully as being alien or
Consortium-related. Elanor G delivers - *but good* - on that premise in an extremely
satisfying fusion of casefile/mytharc/relationship.
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 7K)
Recommended 1-29-01
mountainphile: If you liked "The Unnatural" and "Requiem", you'll love this sensitive
story of patience and reward. Seen through the eyes of a sympathetic observer, it's set
against the backdrop of a game that has special meaning for our favorite agents:
baseball. Poignant imagery parallels both the shifting seasons and the noticable
changes seen in Scully, before Mulder's return -- and after.
~ ~ ~
(X-men movie fic, post-movie, Rogue/Logan, R)
Recommended 8-20-01
Diana: It's never easy being young. Emotions are so much more intense and harder
to control. Elizabeth captures this in her piece, "Safety in Numbers." The
characterizations in the story are rich and well-drawn, the complexities of their natures
perfectly expressed. I highly recommend this piece.
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated NC-17, 46K)
Recommended 9-4-00
Jintian: This is an absolutely hilarious, fascinating look at the M/S dynamic --
"scathingly perceptive," as I told the author, and quite refreshing to have the now-epic
UST taken apart so deftly. The dialogue and writing are snappy and clever, and the
story is highly entertaining from start to finish. Certain scenes had me laughing out
loud, and I know I'll remember them for quite some time.;-)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 27K)
Recommended 6-26-00
mountainphile: I like a different, creative approach to the Mulder and Scullydynamic,
which is why this clever story by EPurSeMouve struck a chord with
me. We're treated to a private, more feminine side of Scully's life and are privy
to her yearnings for a closer relationship with Mulder. How does she do it?
With "American Beauty" and "Ripened Passion", among other things... This
one is delightful!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 33K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Audrey: I really enjoyed this "alternative" approach to Per Manum. Fab's character
observations were right on. In particular, I'm thinking of a scene in an airport when
Scully ruminates on how quickly Mulder makes up his mind in agreeing to father a
child with her, while she has been agonizing over the decision to even *have* a child,
as much as she wants one. That exchange and Scully's inner thoughts at that point
really get at the heart of what M & S are all about.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 17K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Blackwood: t's only my opinion, but the best fiction is that which evokes emotion --
positive or negative. It doesnn't matter which. As long as it's well done, I'm enthralled.
Suffice to say that this piece held me in its grasp from start to finish. Dread is a state
of mind and the fact that I can see this scenario played out in a chilling XF reality
keeps me in that state of dread just remembering Cathleen's premise. Elegant writing
and spot-on characterizations mark all of Ms. Faye's work and this one is no
exception. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, NC-17, 94K and 202K)
Recommended 9-4-00
Mish: "Regular People" has always been at the top of my list of favorites, most
especially for its portrayal of Mulder and Scully in a more normal fashion than
we're used to seeing. It's a joy to see them doing yard work, shopping for
groceries, and yes... talking! Not just mutants or alien goo, but about and *to*
each other. The characterization is amazingly right, considering we've never
seen them such at ease, simply enjoying each other's company. And "Regular
People Still" continues the story with amazing skill and sensitivity. Not just
your everyday smut, although that is quite nice. Reading these is like savoring
the finest chocolate. Sit back and enjoy!
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 736K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Jintian: If you haven't read this yet, please allow me to politely ask --
"Why the hell NOT??" Because simply put, AH is one of the best fanfic stories I have
*ever* read, and I'm not just talking about in the XF fandom. It's a universal classic,
folks. We get amazing characterizations, as Fialka sends Mulder and Scully through
figurative fire and forges them into harder, stronger, and yet somehow still hopeful,
versions of themselves. There is also a fascinating and layered portrayal of Detective
Kresge from the Christmas Carol/Emily episodes. The story itself is one of the
smartest, most involved interpretations of mythology I've seen yet, spanning well
beyond the scope of those eps and delving deep into all the scarier social issues
CC&Co have really only flirted with for the past seven years. Trust me: you do *not*
want to miss this fic.
mountainphile: It's a rare thing for me to lap up story installments as they appear
and then sit thirsting until the next day. I think Jintian's already said it perfectly... the
depth and treatment of Scully, Mulder, and Kresge in particular -- combined with the
amazing backdrop of the Southwest and the Dineh culture and characters makes this
unforgettable story a must-read!
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 54K)
Recommended 7-24-00
mountainphile: I have a weakness for sensitive introspection with a twist, which is
the treat we get from Fialka in "Gathering Half the Deep." This story is well-crafted and
beautifully revealing -- it pulls the reader along with spare and evocative description,
capturing so well the struggle within Scully's mind and body. Painful subject matter...
and Fi handles it deftly. Wonderful Skinner and Maggie Scully additions also!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 54K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Blackwood: Well, the end of the Playground series arrives and it's time to send the
kiddies home because they better not be reading this awesome piece of erotica.
Fialka imbues her M&S with tenderness and angst in equal measure for a realistic
view of the push-pull ambivalence of two wounded hearts struggling to find wholeness
within one another. The sexuality is portrayed in soft-filter tones that shimmer with
emotion. Fi is, IMHO, rising to join the esteemed cadre of fanfic's finest writers and
she does so with modesty -- always a hallmark of true talent.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 66K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Blackwood: Bower, Anton, Schramm. All greats and I didn't think anyone, anywhere
could write a post-ep for 'all things' that could match them. Until now. Not only does
flynn provide a briliant Mulder POV, but the love is palpable as M&S bring
consummation to new heights. Don't believe the rating, either. It's NC17 all the way,
baybees! Totally in-character, in canon, incredible! Angel wants more from *this*
author. Please?
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 21K)
Recommended 4-9-01
Mish: The trick to writing a believable outsider's POV of the M/S relationship is to
create an original character of depth. The character doesn't have to be sympathetic or
even 'nice.' The OC just has to be real. And half the pleasure of reading this story is
the fact that flynn's Emma is a multi-faceted person that any one of us could identify
with. Yes, she does things that we all have done -- admire Scully, drool over Mulder,
wonder how the hell these two got together in the first place. But she doesn't sit there
and wallow in envy; the most enjoyable part of the story is when she remembers that
she too, has a husband. I loved the OC here just as much as I loved flynn's Mulder and
Scully, who, by the way, are painted with very fine touches. I would love to see more of
the Mulder and Scully of this universe. Moreso, I would love to see more of Emma and
Hobie. Truly a delightful read!
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 38K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Blackwood: What fun! A 3rd person POV (my personal weakness) that poses all the
questions you just know go through everyone's heads when Moose and Squirrel are in
the room. And hey, who hasn't speculated about after-hours liaisons? The difference is
that when the subject of scrutiny is M&S and it's written by flynn, you just know that
you're in for fabulous descriptions with well-drawn characters and emotions that are on
the mark. Add a shining star if you're a Mulderist cause flynn writes him with style to
spare. Just what is it with M&S and hallways anyway? ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 50K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Blackwood: It's getting so that when I see flynn's name in my mailbox, I know I'm for
a treat: solid writing, wonderful characterizations, delicious storylines and terrific
erotica. This vignette captures an idea I've long wanted to see played out: M&S and the
NY Times Sunday crossword. In flynn's capable hands, intellectual goes physical and
into emotional without missing a beat. Wonderful work!
~ ~ ~
(VA, Season 2 fic, Rated PG-13, 4k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: Susan ventures into some dark territory with this stark portrayal of Mulder in the
midst of Scully's abduction. One of my favorite Mulders, actually, told in superb second
person. And she nails him, literarily *and* figuratively, as he gives in to his
baser feelings through her deft, slicing, lean prose. I can very well imagine this part of
him just lurking under the surface; it's sympathetic and frightening at the same time.
Very well done!
~ ~ ~
(XA, M/S UST, MSR, Rated R, 256k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: A good, solid X-file, some great UST and a trip to the Mississippi delta complete
with local flavor. Yes, I was surprised at the unexpected development, but it didn't stop
me from finishing the story and simply enjoying the episode-like tale. Read the headers
carefully, friends. Then sit back and wait for it - it's worth it.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Je Souhaite post-ep, NC-17, 34k)
Recommended 10-1-01
mountainphile: Flynn gives the reader an amazing treat -- an inside look at intimacy
with Scully through the mind and sensations of Mulder. Artfully written, all of his
insecurities, needs, desires, and hopes are presented within a smooth and delicious
encounter that oozes sexuality. Lovely work!
Blackwood: I really must join in the kudos for this story. Je Souhaite is one of my
favorite eps of S7 and not just because it's the last *real* M&S casefile (although that
does make it a sentimental fave). Flynn creates a believable and delightful encounter
between friends crossing the boundaries into something more with all of its thrills and
chills. And, of course, it's from Mulder's POV (a personal preference) and always so
well done in this talented author's hands. A genuine pleasure throughout.
~ ~ ~
Souvenirs of a Day Gone By by Paige Caldwell (available at Gossamer)
(DSR, Post-col, Angst, Implied CD, NC-17, 18k)
Recommended 10-15-01
Mish: It's a stark, unforgiving world. One that holds little comfort for Dana Scully.
Then, John Doggett walks into her clinic, battered and familiar. This story is not for the
diehard M/S shippers out there. And I'm one of them, I'll admit. But I am willing to try
other pairings and, if the writing is good, I can buy almost anything. And baby, the
writing is excellent! Paige had me from the very first paragraphs. A gripping, sad - yet
hopeful - tale of two people holding on to one another in a time gone mad. Read it; you
won't be sorry.
mountainphile: This is a gripping, well-written view of an XF world turned upside down
by war. And as much as I normally pussyfoot around Scully/other pairings, this story is
a lovely match-up of Doggett and Scully... and William. Not to forget the
MulderMentions throughout! Thanks, Paige!
~ ~ ~

(SH, Established MSR, Rated PG, 13K)
Recommended 11/9/01
Forte: Whee! New SusanneFic! ::Forte does her little happy dance:: What happens
when you mix infant William, a concerned loving mother, a brilliant (albeit crackpot)
loving father, sweetness without saccharine, and the talents of Susanne Barringer?
You get great characterization and execution, with a smile at the end. Thanks
Susanne -- I needed this. :)
~ ~ ~
(Post-ep for "Oubliette", Rated Strong R, 18k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Mish: Cin says this fic is 'dark' in the headers, and you'd better believe it. This is a
scenario that, at first glance, may make some shake their heads. But I can totally buy
it, especially with the M/S UST of years past; Cin's Mulder is a man willing to try
anything once, a man raised to lofty status by Scully only to prove he's only human after
all. Her Scully is razor-sharp and yet confused, jumping from one erroneous conclusion
to another. The story makes one ask - why? Then again - why not?
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A, Rated NC-17, 14k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Blackwood: I confess to a definite penchant for M&S with an edge. They are,
IMHO, beautiful, complex, flawed people. Maybe that's why this story grabbed me early
on and kept me riveted straight through to the end. Hmmm. One thing I *am* certain of
is that this is a tough, gritty and steamy encounter. Even Dryad's use of language is
terse and direct. The mood is dark and the passion is real. If you're the "hearts and
flowers" type, don't go here. Here there be monsters
and, oh my, how delicious it is.
~ ~ ~
(V, Rated PG, 5k)
Recommended 12-24-01
Blackwood: If ever I needed encouragement, it was after watching TXF's S9 premiere.
The X-Files? You can call it by the same name, Chris Carter, but it is *not* the same
show. So, the question remains: why keep writing MSR or XF fanfic at all? Agent L
reminds us. You may or may not be a Mulderist, but in the end, what does it matter?
It's the stories that count, right? Chin up, Agent L.
~ ~ ~
(S, M/S UST, Rated PG, 39K)
Recommended 12-24-01
Forte: Turn back the clock to Season 5, immediately post-"Detour." Hello, my
name is Forte, and I'm a sucker for a good cancer-era fic. Our heroes find themselves
stuck in WhereAreWe, Georgia, and get a chance to re-connect. The scene
descriptions, characterization, and UST are all fabulous. Emma does a lovely job of
showcasing the post-Redux M/S relationship with an economy of words.
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated PG, 6k)
Recommended 12-24-01
Blackwood: If you like a warm and fuzzy M&S, this story is not for you. This take on the
M/S parting is true to character and true to life with all of the angst and love these two
remarkable individuals feel for one another. The writing is excellent, but that goes without
saying when in the capable hands of this too-seldom heard from author. She promises me
she's still in the fanfic biz and I, for one, am very glad.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, PWP, NC17, 50k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: There's something about the way flynn writes that gets me *every* time.
Maybe it's the cerebral approach and maybe it's the in-your-face confidence she exudes
in her erotica. I don't know and, really, I don't care. Inevitable? Yes, the wind-up on
this scenario may be a foregone conclusion but -- whew! It was ever so well executed
in flynn's talented hands. Believeable? Absolutely. Fun? You betcha. Hot? Need
you even ask? ;)
Mish: I have to a a huge 'me, too!' to this rec. I love flynn's work and this one doesn't
disappoint. Blackwood has already touched upon the specifics of why I love this piece,
but I just have to add that any story that has chocolate chip cookies, Mulderfeet, *and*
some intelligent conversation in addition to the smut is bound to make my day. Thank
goodness for all of the above - it hit the spot!
~ ~ ~
(UST, post-ep for Tithonus, Rated PG, 58k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Audrey: Vivid imagery and a wry narrative voice spiked with smart humor make this
Tithonus post-ep a very worthy read. Many authors have addressed Scully's inner
struggle over issues of weakness and intimacy. crwth goes a bit further, tangling these
particular Scully demons up with her intense - and contradictory - feelings for Mulder.
The result? Wonderfully flawed, human characters working through the after-effects of a
near tragedy. Bonus points for domestic!Mulder, drug humor, intelligent insights, and
~ ~ ~
(A, CD, Futurefic, Rated PG, 15k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Audrey: A spare, haunting 'what may come' vignette that will keep you reading even as
you dread the conclusion. Simple, repetitive phrases like these: "She must do this. She
must get there. It's what she has left." contrast with lovely sensory writing that puts you
in the scene: "The air smells sweet and salty like burnt marshmallows and hickory
smoke." Deeply moving and intelligently put together.
~ ~ ~
(V, post-ep for Three Words, Doggett POV, Rated PG, 23k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Mish: I love a good outsider's POV of the M/S relationship. Combined with an
excellent portrayal of the D-man, this one is a gem. It's no secret I was not exactly
pleased with Mulder's behavior in "Three Words" and it appears Doggett wasn't either,
as shown here. Just another reason to like the man. This fic isn't an exploration
of Mulder's nastiness; it is John's attempt to make him wake up and smell the roses.
Nice little ending, too. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 124k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Mish: Okay, I admit that I *liked* TFWID. On a purely visual level. Of course, the
first time I saw it, I was not a shipper. Still though, there was the inane storyline -
Mulder's soulmate was a wigged-out cult member? It didn't matter all that much to
me, really - then I became a shipper. And gobbled up every piece of MSR fanfic I
could get my hands on. "Games" was quite a surprise to me the first time I read it. It
made total sense! After having had time to think about the Melissa Redell affair,
Mulder realizes that she couldn't be his soulmate after all. Why? Because to accept
it would mean that he could never have Scully. So he sets out to win his fair partner,
in truly Mulderesque fashion. Great dialogue, scenes that set up the resolution
perfectly, just a smidgen of angst and anger - then the payoff. Fabulous erotica aside,
this fic contains one of the hottest first kisses I've ever read. Hoo-boy. And yes, the
paper this is printed on is mighty thin - I think I'm up to at least 20 times by now. It
was an effort to stop reading this just so I could write this summary!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A, Rated PG, 59k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Audrey: In a series of vignettes, Fab revisits the Resurrected!Mulder episodes, nicely
filling in the emotional backstory from his POV. This fic shows a great ear for individual
voices - Mulder, Scully and Doggett are all uniquely and truly rendered here - and an
original character is also sharply drawn. The author does a great job of giving us both
the horror of Mulder's experience and his slow but steady progress toward a new life.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 34k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Blackwood: I'm always happy to see a good writer take a chance and spin a story
in a new and different way. Livia is a marvelous writer who has taken a much-
underrated film and given it the royal M&S treatment. How could she have known that
"Joe Vs. the Volcano" is one of my all-time favorite films for sheer originality, poetry
and symbolism? No matter. I love the way she's taken key elements from one and
woven them into some nifty MSR. Yes, I said "nifty." ;) Thanks, Livvy!
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated R, 5K)
Recommended 3-26-02
Forte: Gut-wrenching examination of Mulder's life during Season 9. Great emotional
resonance, and not a word wasted.
mountainphile: Emgee calls each of these segments "drabbles." Well, I'm drooling
over her drabbles and starving right along with Mulder as he waits out a future reunion
with Scully and William. Lovely imagery and poignant associations made by Mulder
during his Season 9 exile!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 101K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Mish: Wow. All I kept thinking while reading this was that normally I wouldn't have
pictured Scully in *this* particular role. But it works. Yes, indeed! Livia plans to make
this a series and I can't wait to see where it goes. It takes a deft hand to make me
hear the musical side of a story and Livia treated me to a symphony. Oh, and there's
romance, too! ;-)
~ ~ ~
(Alternate Universe, MSR, Rated R, Series)
Recommended 11-13-00
Mish: Like I told Dawn, I know this series has been 'recc'ed out the wazoo'. But if I had
to pick one series as my favorite, it would probably be this. From the moment I
discovered it, I've printed out every word and it now resides in a binder two inches thick.
Not only does she write the major characters with the utmost finesse, but her original
characters are a true delight to behold. Ah... Grey McKenzie. Picture a slightly older,
slightly heavier, smoother (if possible) Mulder with a Carolina drawl. I drool. I melt. I re-
read! Over and over and over....
~ ~ ~
(MSR, XA, Rated NC-17, 429k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Mish: Yet another excellent novel set in the "Goshen" universe - this time, Mulder
and Scully are doing the good old X-file investigation. Lots of scary goings-on,
relationship ups and downs, and best of all - damned good writing. I have to say that
these stories, in my opinion, represent some of the best that X-files fanfiction has to
offer. If you haven't read any of these, then you're missing out - big time. Bone is
currently writing the fifth in the series of novels, "The Lost Land", which promises to
carry on the excellence. I, for one, could happily read ten more just like these. :)
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, post-ep for Brand X, Rated PG, 18k)
Recommended 4-25-02
Mish: What sets this story apart is the fabulous use of third-party POV. I haven't seen
many pos-eps for Brand X (one of my favorites of S7) and this one is so very nice. Not
only does our narrator immediately become smitten with Mulder (who wouldn't?), she
gets to hear and marvel at just why he's in such bad shape. Just another day on the job
for Clem, albeit a very unusual one that she won't quickly forget. I loved it!
~ ~ ~
(DAL, MSR, Rated PG-13, 17k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Blackwood: Ahhh, Flynn. Just what I needed to make me feel all googly again. Of
course, the writing is superb and the characterizations spot-on wonderful -- it's Flynn!
This one filled the blanks just right with all the hopes and fears a new parent feels.
Terrific stuff, but I've known that for a long time. Glad to see an outstanding writer get
due recognition. Kudos!
~ ~ ~
(S, MSR, Rated R, 23k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Blackwood: Wow. That doesn't even begin to describe what this story did to me. For
sheer nostalgia and rekindling of philic flames thought to have burned out, it is
unsurpassed. CC may have forgotten who M&S really are, but allimarie remembers.
An outstanding first fic. Encore! Encore!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Sk/O, A, S, Rated NC-17, 125k)
Recommended 6-16-02
Audrey: Livia's created one alluring, mysterious and well-drawn femme fatale in
her original character of Audrey Vos, an FBI agent who's getting cozy with our favorite
AD. Skinner is typically tight-lipped to the world, but I really like what the author's
done with his interior life, and it's gratifying to see his character rounded out a bit, too.
But can the new object of his affection be trusted? Scully's antennae (and her
hormones) are up in this post-Requiem story, which finds the pregnant pathologist
alternately losing herself in an occasional memory of better times and sniffing out
Audrey's true agenda. Oh - and lovers of the Rat Boy will find some satisfaction here,
too, and all will be intrigued by the inter-factional struggle for control among what's left
of the Consortium. Best of all, as the "book one" part of the title would suggest,
there's more to come!
~ ~ ~
(H, MSR, A, Rated R, ca. 40k (not available in plain-text format, for reasons which
will become obvious)
Recommended 6-16-02
Audrey: Warning: Do not read while ingesting beverages of any kind. Genius. Pure,
goofy, twisted genius. Structured as a sampling of posts to a fanfiction list for the
fictional television show "SETI Troopers," Livia builds layer upon layer of coincidence,
irony, and good-natured self-parody here. And, though it's funny as hell, the overall
"narrative" also manages to be by turns poignant, sweet and sexy. Snaps!
~ ~ ~
(SA, MSR/RST, Rated R, post-The Truth, 38K)
Recommended 6-16-02
Forte: Missing scenes from "The Truth," plus a look at what happened after the
fade-to-black. Stark, painful, but gloriously painted view of our heroes at what just
might be the most terrifying time of their lives. Whether you liked the finale or not, I
think you'll find that "Objects in Mirror" improves upon it.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Post-Ep for "The Truth", Vignette, Rated R/NC17, 7k)
Recommended 6-16-02
Blackwood: I was so-o happy to see this posted. "A vignette," I thought. "By
Bonetree!" I know I don't even need to comment on the quality of the writing. Suffice to
say that this post-ep for "The Truth" rang true to character with a soft focus on the
physical intimacy and crystal-clear insight into the emotional state of M&S. Timing,
details, dialogue -- all beautifully crafted into a sensual, romantic piece. Thank you,
~ ~ ~
(VHA, unrated, 19K)
Recommended 8-8-02

Forte: Caution: do not attempt to eat or drink while reading these
laugh-out-loud haikus covering every episode of the show (as well as the
movie!). The monitor and keyboard you save may be your own. (OK, some made me
sniffle instead of laugh, like "Dreamland II." Emma and Lilydale can do
it all!)
~ ~ ~
(SA, Rated R, 16K)
Recommended 8-8-02

mountainphile: Let me say how impressed I am with Avalon's IWTB challenge story
"One Last Happy Birthday." I don't ordinarily indulge in Pendrell fic, but this writer
weaves such an excellent, clever backstory for him, I was drawn right into the tale.
Avalon also makes impressive use of the various elements selected for this challenge.
And the MSR... seen from Pendrell's POV it simply sings, with the reader gaining an
intimate, inside look at his unrequited obsession for Scully.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, UST, V, Rated PG-13, 12k)
Recommended 8-8-02

Mish: Yet another fic I'd overlooked until recently. I can't believe I never read this! UST
abounds, baby. It practically resonates off the screen in hot waves that makes me
salivate for more! I want to know how they ended up this way, how they'll ever walk off
that dance floor and go back to normal (which of course, they won't ), and I want to
know what Mulder was thinking during that lovemaking - yes, *lovemaking* - dance.
And if I don't ever find out? Well, that's okay, too. This is a story that stands very well
on its own and will withstand the test of time as well. Classic fic writing!
~ ~ ~
(H, A, MSR, Slash, Rated R1/2, HTML format)
Recommended 9-25-02
Mish: This sequel to "M. Luder, King of 'SETI Troopers' Fanfic" was a challenge
fic, believe it or not. It not only incorporates the elements of the recent Haven
Challenge seamlessly, it damn well makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Livia
has a definite knack for pulling this off, and I bow to her incomparable genius. As do
many others, I'm certain. Excellent!

Audrey: Damn that Livia is a genius.

Mish: See? Told you so.
~ ~ ~
(V, MSR,Rated NC-17, 5k)
Recommended 9-25-02
Blackwood: This simple vignette captures the twin qualities of spirituality and
sensuality so evident in the Mulder/Scully dynamic. The phrasing is sparse, but to the
point, without ever descending into crassness. The references to de Saint-Exupéry's
haunting novel of the same name and Chagall's luminous painting, 'The Wedding,' play
with subtlety. YMMV, but I've taken the liberty of including a visual, found here
. If you
stare at the image long enough, you'll see that lovers really do fly. A wonderful work
from a newbie writer. C'est bon!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 42k)
Recommended 12-8-02
Blackwood: This collaborative effort was a nice follow-up to diehard's Night Flight. The
writers have clearly been paying attention to Carter's mythology and uses it with a deft
hand. They capture the feel of being on the run and the harsh-but-beautiful
Southwestern U.S. Although my personal vision of M&S varies, I'm always happy to
immerse myself in the musings of another writer, especially when done this well.
Thanks gals!
(SRA, AU, WIP, Rated NC-17)
Recommended 12-8-02
Mish: I've only read the first couple of chapters of this WIP, and I've vowed to wait until
it's finished so I can savor it all in one sitting. But the little I read was lush as only
Avalon can do. It's a time travel AU, with Mulder and Scully transported to the days of
Camelot. Intriguing, isn't it? I don't know how I'll ever last, but I've already got the hot
chocolate simmering, and the cuddly blanket at the ready!
~ ~ ~
(V, AU, Rated G, 13k)
Recommended 1-21-03
Blackwood: Maggie Scully discovers the truth about her daughter and Fox Mulder.
Her reaction? Priceless. Cindy's a master of the casefile, but her vignettes are equally
good. In the hands of another writer, this scenario might be coy or plain silly; but not
with CET at the helm. Nice to see a down-to-earth Maggie Scully that acknowledges
her daughter's independence, as well as her daughter's taste. Might we not expect a
return vignette from FM's pov? Hmmmm?
~ ~ ~
(VA, Rated PG, 9k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Blackwood: Every now and then, I read something that beautifully evokes those
early days when TXF was an up-and-coming show with a long and happy run ahead for
all to enjoy. ::sigh:: This post-ep re-examines the mindset of a man at odds with
himself and the world in the wake of painful loss. Of course, that man is S2's Mulder
trying to make sense of things and realizing that nothing does without Scully. Emma's
writing is clean and crisp and her characterization of Bereft!Mulder is right on target. If
you hanker for a painful walk down memory lane, try this one. Just remember, I warned
~ ~ ~
(V, K/M, Rated PG, 4k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Blackwood: This one is short, delicious, dark and bitter -- like espresso with a
twist of lemon and only phantom sweetness to soothe the palate. It isn't often that
anything other than MSR strikes my fancy, but when it's done as well as this, I'm
captured just the same. Krycek and Marita. Whether you despise them or pity them,
they're among TXF's most fascinating characters, especially together. I often think of
this pairing as the M&S we sometimes wish we'd see: beautiful, passionate and
deadly; but then, they wouldn't be Mulder & Scully, our heroes. Instead, they'd be
Krycek & Marita, the foils. Bless 'em and cgb for penning the tale.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A, Rated NC-17, 62k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Mish: A post-ep story for 'all things' that continues with ease where the episode left off,
meshing Scully's burgeoning spiritual awareness with the uncertainty she feels at the
also new intimacy with Mulder. Utilizing one of the characters from the episode,
Avalon and Marie take Scully to a place where she can decide if her hasty decision was
in fact, the right one. Lots of angst, a primo Scully ditch, a hot-on-the-trail Mulder, and a
happy ending! I couldn't have asked for more. The authors, very fine as individuals, were
thrown together on a 'Blind Date' improv, and if this is the result? - then I say this is the
beginning of a beautiful friendship. More, ladies!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A Rated NC-17, 68k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: Impeccable characterizations and glorious writing are what you expect
from Anjou and this tale does not disappoint. It's deep background that has become a
piece of my personal canon when it comes to Fox Mulder. It takes talent to capture
characterization. It takes genius to flesh out those bare bones and to provide believeable
history that is both resonant *and* original. Add to that a solid plot with some mighty
fine UST dissolving into spellbinding RST and you've got the makings of a helluva great
story. Enjoy!
~ ~ ~
(UST, Rated PG, 8k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: Firewalker is hardly an upbeat episode and yet, bcfan manages to
offer an post-ep that had me grinning ear to ear. The thought of a BoredtoTears!
Mulder and a Playful!Scully was simply too much to resist. Okay, so maybe CC &
Co. would not write this, but this off-beat take gave me giggles and left me feeling
warm and mushy. That's something I'll recommend any day of the week.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, PWP, Rated NC-17, 43k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: As I said to flynn, I haven't decided what I liked better: the pure lunacy
that made me laugh out loud, the hotter-than-hell sex that was near-perfect or the fact
that it was written by an author whose work is consistent for its quality prose, great
chacterizations and dialogue that always rings true. She says she's rediscovered her
muse, too. Yowza! ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Mild MT, Rated PG, 29k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Mish: Ah, the days of UST. Flynn takes us back there with a tale of Mulder woe, as
he tries to rectify a six year mistake involving a very special day. It never ceases to
amaze me how Flynn writes Mulder, as if she's standing in his shoes. So
delectable. So tender and downright lovable. Gotta love him... gotta love Flynn for
such a great trip back. More!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, V, Rated NC-17, 5k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Audrey: Wow. This is one of those gems that exemplifies how an economy of well-
chosen words packs a wallop. Bone beautifully intermingles a variety of religious
imagery with carnal sensuality, elevating a familiar scenario to a near-mythic
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated PG-13, 11k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Forte: It's post-"all things," Scully has left, and Mulder is beyond despondent. Then
Scully communicates with him in a way that is nothing less than a thing of beauty.
Keep a box of tissues handy. ::sniff::
~ ~ ~
(MSR, SRA, Rated NC-17, 69k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Forte: "Eat It Too" is one of my all-time favorite smutfics. I re-read it at least a few
times a year. It's fun, hot, sweet, and sticky *vbeg*, just like (by amazing coincidence)
a freshly baked chocolate cake with vanilla icing. Oh, and I *heart* Rachel's use of
Diana Fowley. The entire story is just a great ride (no pun intended *cough*) from
beginning to end. If you haven't read it before, you're in for a treat. If you have, isn't it
time for you to read it again? :)
~ ~ ~
(V, E-muse challenge fic, Rated G, 6k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Diana: When this little gem made it into my inbox I was ready to party. A new fic
from Blueswirl is deserving of nothing less. And what a fic! Written in
answer to an E-Muse challenge, Blue's crafted a lovely post-Unnatural vignette.
Full of subtle emotion, she gives us a fascinating glimpse into the minds of
Mulder and Scully. It leaves you yearning for more. Well done!
~ ~ ~
(WIP, MSR, XF/Sopranos, Rated R, approx. 105k)
Recommended 10-26-03
mountainphile: Yo, readers! For a crossover story that's refreshingly different, try
"That Shotgun Shine" co-written by David and Paige. The intriguing yet plausible post-
Truth storyline pits Mulder and Scully against a devious global conspiracy. Their only
option for overcoming this menace is to join forces with an unlikely and dangerous ally --
the Soprano crime family of North Jersey! Rough, raw dialogue, gripping scenes, great
MSR, and clever characterization highlight this gem. Engrossing, well-crafted, and
rumored to provide more of the same "zing" in coming installments.
~ ~ ~
(V, MSR, mild Mulderangst, Rated PG-13, 44k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Mish: "Finding Words" is a lovely piece complete with smut and Mulderglasses.
In this sequel, we get a more in-depth, after-the-fact interaction about the
difficulty and importance of those three little words, and ultimately, how simple it all
can be. I love Flynn's Mulder, always have, always will. And the way he coaxes
Scully into saying what she feels is so *him*. A wonderful read - then
again, Flynn never disappoints!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, DAL, Mulderangst, Rated R, 42k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Mish: I must be on some kind of Mulder kick this week. You know, the kind where you just
have to gobble up every little nuance of his gorgeous frame and quirky personality like
chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven? Go for the bod first, the cookie with the
most chips peeking through the top of the dough. Then turn over the cookie next to it and
find the one with those melting chips on the bottom - the person underneath. What do
chocolate chip cookies have to do with Mulder? Why, the answer is simple, really. "Flynn's
Sinfully Delicious Mulder Cookies"tm, available in MulderLovers size at your local Flynn
website! "Manly Devotion" is one of the latest varieties, chock full of enough poor, suffering,
you-just-want-to-kiss-him-and-make-it-better Mulder to whet the appetite of Mulder Cookie
junkies everywhere. A few almonds (this Mulder cookie is a *tad* bitter and woefully down),
a smidgen of brown sugar (it's darkly sweet, unlike processed, too sweet white), and a spicy
cinnamon aftertaste that knocks your socks off (well, it knocked Scully's socks off, anyway
) make for one mouthwatering cookie. Unlike Scully, we don't have the luxury of really
experiencing them warm from the oven. But fortunately for us, all we have to do is visit
Flynn's place and sample her secret recipes - which works just fine for me. Now, all I want
for Christmas is another batch of Mulder Cookies. Can I get lemon-drop icing this time?
~ ~ ~
(M/S, Rated R, 121k
Recommended 10-26-03
Audrey: What can you say about a story that has as its epigram a piece of free
verse by Louise Gluck, the recently-appointed new Poet Laureate of the U.S., and
three paragraphs later introduces the story's basic theme by quoting Jefferson
Starship? I'd say it pretty deftly sums up the appeal of The X-Files - intellectualism in
harmony with feel-good pop sensibilities. So that's what hooks you early on in What
Happens to the Dreamers, but what keeps you reading is how the author deals
satisfyingly with the circumstances of Scully's pregnancy, offers a deep and nuanced
understanding of our flawed heroes and delivers a wealth of rich language and
imagery. Ultimately, the effect WHttD had on this dreamer was to make me smile
and get lumpy-throated and ignore work until the story was finished.
mountainphile:I second this amazing story! Beautifully written, it touched a
deep emotional chord and left me sighing and nodding my head in
~ ~ ~
(S, A, Implied MSR, Mulder/O, 21k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Diana: The allure of fanfiction is the ability to fill in the blanks, to take a 'what-if'
premise and flesh it out. Bone does that so well in this story. It is a beautifully
crafted piece, filled with an intriguing premise and instantly recognizable
characterizations. "Adisa" will leave you breathless.
~ ~ ~
(V, A, Rated G, 8k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Mish: While not a holiday story, this heart-warming little piece embodies the spirit of
the season, as Maggie Scully gives Mulder a reason to dispense with the apologies.
As only a mother can, of course - with typical resignation and indulgence. Great
Maggie here, folks. Enjoy!
~ ~ ~
(VA, Rated G, 23k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Blackwood: Not every story at Christmastime is a happy one. Fran doesn't specify a
time or place, but this one strikes me as a true-to-life look inside Scully's heart at a
vulnerable time of year. Forgive me if it's a little on the dark side, but sometimes life is
like that, you know? A short, but powerful piece of writing that I enjoyed (?) for its
simplicity and truth. And that, after all, is what M&S are about, isn't it?
~ ~ ~
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