Authors G - L
(Skinner/Scully, Rated NC-17, 33K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Audrey: When we first decided to have a regular recs page, it was agreed that we'd
make an effort to showcase fics from all genres, NOT just MSR. As possibly the
most 'shippery' of the group, I secretly suspected it would be hard for me to live by
that, but I'm happy to report otherwise. Geb's "Beige Walls" is a great example of
why. Though it might seem like a scenario to follow Requiem, "Beige" is actually a
Biogenesis fill-in-the-blank, wherein Scully stays in the game and makes do with a
late-game substitution. An angsty and heartwrenching tale, it very effectively uses
second person to (as the summary indicates) 'disengage' the heroine from her own
life. As an added bonus, that ploy results in a fully humanized portrait of Skinner.
Eventually, we re-enter the episode where Scully arrives to find Mulder in his padded
room, his anguished howls taking on deeper, more devastating significance.
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated PG-13, 8K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Mish: When I first started reading this, I expected a more humorous piece; and it
certainly has its share of tongue-in-cheek laughs. But what made me really love it
was the lovely pillow talk between Mulder and Scully. I could *so* envision those two
having a laugh between the sheets about the matter at hand (I don't want to say
what -- just read it.) And with such dry wit and finesse... Georgia should be writing
for the show!
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 9K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Blackwood: Ahh. I love when an author digs into her bag of tricks (or her hard
drive) and finds the seeds of an older story that's been waiting to be cultivated.
Georgia says this is pure fluff and it is, but so nice to come home to and read after
a long, hard day. Wonderful characterizations, great M&S interaction and clean,
crisp writing makes this a keeper.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 20K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Audrey: Darkness and light; fire and ice. Scully's spent years wondering what their
first time would be like. Georgia took note of the fact that Scully spent the night at
Mulder's *before* "all things" last season, and ran with it, giving us an intense,
heady account of their physical consummation. But were they bonded in love that
night, or merely in grief? Highly recommended both for a scorching love scene and
a sweetly tender coversation on the couch.
~ ~ ~
(X-File, M/S UST, Rated R, 107K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Forte: Ever wonder what happened to Mulder and Scully in "Fight the Future"
between playing in the snow in Antarctica and being back in DC? Since CC didn't
address it, Justin did. I re-read "Certitude" a couple weeks ago, and it was even
better than I remembered. There's agents in peril, there's angst, there's DAL, there's
great characterization, and there's an intriguing original character, too. I can't rec
this fic strongly enough.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 5K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Diana: I like it when an author takes chances and writes something that isn't quite
what you expected. This story certainly qualifies. It's a first time piece, but there is
no sweetness and light in "Chainlink." Instead, Gnatalie shows us another side of
Mulder and Scully. It's dark and harsh, and the emotional scale veers very close to
desperation at times. But given what we know of them, I found it entirely plausible,
and I think you will, too.
~ ~ ~
(Scully/Phoebe, Slash, Rated NC-17, 17K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Jintian: This is another "oldie" rec from me. Though the story was written in 1998,
it takes place during "Fire" and makes brilliant use of related metaphors and
imagery. It has everything you could want out of a fic: excitement (and not just
sexual, but the excitement one feels when looking at the show in a totally new
way), daring characterization, and killer writing. And while you're there, check out
other stories by Hal -- the body of work is truly one of the most diverse in XF fanfic.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 74K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Mish: The first time I read this, I was about to go on the warpath for a sequel.
Then I read it again. And again. Needless to say, with every time I read it, I'm
more convinced that it's absolutely perfect as it is. What if Mulder's ability to
read minds stayed with him? How would Scully react? Truly a masterpiece of
characterization, plot and lest I forget...angst! Gotta love that angst!
~ ~ ~
(Rapefic, MSR, Rated NC-17, 139K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Jintian: Fanfic has lost one of our bright lights, a truly classic author who helped
pioneer much of the way for XF writing online, and in so doing, set the standards of
quality for everyone else. I often think that half the MSR that gets written
nowadays is just an attempt to recapture those former glories -- but that's
misleading since Leyla herself was still posting new fic of her own after
"Requiem," and damn good fic, at that. Still, I'm sure those of you familiar with her
work will agree that Leyla could do it like no one else. Case in point -- "Beyond
Fragile," which is the only rape story I have ever believed did the genre justice, by
thoughtfully and courageously exploring the seriousness of the issue from both
Mulder's *and* Scully's perspectives, and by not allowing pat resolutions to difficult
situations. I advise everyone to read this one-of-a-kind story, and then follow the
link above to get to Leyla's website for more of her amazing writing. After you've
spent some time there, you'll see just how very much Leyla will be missed.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 29K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Audrey: An oldie but a goooooodie, mmhmmm! Penned well before Leyla's
short-lived "retirement," this is a quick, delicious read. When Mulder spies Scully
asleep in her bed, a misunderstanding ensues that fans the flames of sexual
tension...which Scully resolves in her own special way. Just the thing to read when
you need some happy smut.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 9K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Blackwood: Although I told David that I find the premise utterly implausible, I
also found it utterly charming to consider. Of course, that's a compliment to the
author's gift of gab and the skill with which he weaves words between his
characters. This time, Fox Mulder and John Doggett shoot the breeze between
brewskies and the conversation turns with unerring accuracy to: who else? This is
a jaunty, fun ride and my only wish is that Carter would write his characters with
as deft a hand as David. Great work!
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 5K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Blackwood: David is on a roll with his assorted post-eps and this one is an
insightful take on the Dogman as seen through the astute eyes of the Lone
Gunmen. A solid writer, David's POV is always interesting and his
characterizations on target. Good reading.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 34K)
Recommended 8-14-00
Audrey: Prompted by the question, "What if they've been doing it all along?"
Jean Helms has produced a thought-provoking answer, taking us not quite *all*
the way, but certainly far back enough to satisfy. Alternating sections of
present-tense dialogue with past-tense Scully POV, Jean's done a lovely job
of telling the story of a deeply sublimated relationship, and its excavation. I
predict most readers will devour the sharp eroto-mathematical dialogue.
~ ~ ~
(Scully/Krycek, Rated R, 34K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Jintian: Zara explodes into the Scully/Krycek pairing with this intelligent, dark
foray into the characters' hidden past. The time setting of the story is all too
appropriate to the plot, at a point where both characters are facing huge and
unwanted changes in their involvement in the conspiracy.
~ ~ ~
(Mythology, MSR, Rated NC-17, 328K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Jintian: Okay. Now, the purpose of a recommendations site, as I see it, is to
point out the good fic to people. So let me just say: it doesn't get much better
than this. One, Rachel ROCKS, and two, "Above Rubies" (the story I consider
my WIP of the year) is now FINISHED. Here's just a little of what you'll find in it
(because, of course, you simply must read it): thrilling action, creepy terrorists,
kickass Krycek and kickass Scully, sensitive Mulder, tough Skinner, hot FBI
smut, and real resolutions to mytharc plotholes. This story is a treasure.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 32K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Blackwood: Dark, dark, dark. And I love it, especially when it rings as true as
this one does. Another post-ep to Three Words that is marvelous in its handling
of Mulder & Scully in confrontational dialogue. The author urges you to hang in
there and I agree. It is worth the pain for the gain. Looking forward to more from
this writer.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 29K)
Recommended 10-1-00
Audrey: A shippery survey of season 7, told in JET's signature style, this is an
intense and evocative fic. Like a series of snapshots, we see moments in time, an
offscreen history of how Mulder and Scully started sleeping together, from Amor
Fati through all things; then JET rewards us with a beautifully written,
unconventional consummation. And the stars sparkle and shine throughout.
~ ~ ~
(Post-colonization, M/S, 53K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Blackwood: Few authors have the power to annihilate me and make me grateful
while they're doing it. Such is the power of this fic. Elegant construction and
flawless execution mark all of JET's work, but this one...this one is bellissima.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 131k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Audrey: A true stunner of a debut, "The Awakening" takes its inspiration from
the Kate Chopin novel of the same name. A reference early on seems to set it
somewhere in S3, giving us a less world-weary Scully and Mulder, a pair who are
still getting to know each other, not yet sure of the other's attraction or feelings. I
must admit, I was wary of this line from the author's summary: "For incurable
romantics only." Don't let that scare off the pragmatist in you, though, because
yes, there's a snug, charming lodge in a forest on a cliff overlooking the Pacific,
but not a trace of mush to be found. More importantly, there's a Mulder and
Scully I recognize and very potent chemistry between them.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 26K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Audrey: A terrific post-En Ami mood piece, Sophia dares to show us shippers
the most worrisome of all possible truths: Perhaps love, in the end, isn't enough
to make them happy. In the process, she's unflinching in showing us the
contradictory natures of our heroes, and isn't afraid to leave us feeling as bereft
and helpless as they are.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 11K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Jintian: I'm long past due on recommending this stunner of a story. Sophia
amazes me with her rich prose, the complex weavings of her character
relationships, and yes, her gutsiness. Maybe you'll disagree with the
characterization on a first read, but I advise a closer study. You might be
surprised at how very well it *does* work.
~ ~ ~
(Not Rated, 7K)
Recommended 3-12-01
Blackwood: I was happy to chastise Sophia for making me cry. I love letters
and love-letters even more. This was something I could see Mulder doing. I
especially liked that he entrusted the note to John Byer's care. Despite his
affinity to Frohike, I think Mulder would recognize Byers as the most stable
of the Gunmen and knows that he will keep his word come hell or high water.
Nice job. ::sigh::
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 25K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Blackwood: Oh my. JLB is such a talented writer. She draws me in from the
first line and keeps me rapt every step of the way. This simple story delves the
heart and mind of Scully as she sifts through the multi-layered meanings of her
partner's true intentions and the awkward, tender moments of deepening
intimacy between people who have always been friends, but who are now...
something more. The UST glistens and resolution is like powdered sugar -- so
fine, so sweet, so easily melted and absorbed. A yummmy confection from a
wonderful author.
~ ~ ~
(Krycek/Marita, Rated NC-17, 9K)
Recommended 3-26-01
Jintian: Wow, what a story. Gives a great voice to one of the fandom's least
favorite characters, and gives us tantalizing glimpses of the history she shares
with Krycek. And it all revolves around a perceptively metaphorical theme which
Deslea balances with great care. I don't normally read this pairing, but this fic
impressed the hell out of me.
~ ~ ~
(Post-colonization, Character Death, Mulder/Other, Rated PG-13 and R, 48K
and 163K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Mish: Let me begin by stating that I am not a big fan of Mulder/other stories.
Many times, the 'other' is drawn either as Mulder's Madonna-like savior or his
merciless, fanatical stalker. Not to mention the fact that I just can't picture
Mulder with anyone but Scully (excluding slash, but that's just my little
idiosyncracy ). But the 'other' in this fabulous post-col piece is a smart, no-
nonsense woman who's not perfect, but not psycho either. In other words,
human. It is not an easy tale to swallow; the harsh realities of this post-
apocalypse world are portrayed with stark clarity, all through the eyes of one
who knows she can never be Scully. Does she let that stop her from going
on, from giving what she can to Mulder and taking what he offers in return?
Lose yourself in this won't regret it.
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated PG-13, 17K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Mish: What a delightful break from the angst-fests of recent weeks. Set after
"all things," we listen as Mulder, in a drunken monologue, critiques
everything from Broadway musicals to Scully's need for space. Only one
thing I want now -- a sequel!
~ ~ ~
(No Spoilers, Humor, Not Rated, 2K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Diana: I'm a bit apprehensive about season eight. Too little Mulder, the surprise
pregnancy, and the addition of the 'new guy' are all elements that could lead to
disaster in the wrong hands. Then I read this delightful piece. While Alicia hasn't
allayed my fears, she has managed to put a smile on my face despite them.
~ ~ ~
(Crossover, MSR, Rated R, 131K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Mish: Eternity and rebirth... Alicia told me a while back that she wanted to put
Mulder and Scully into the plot of one her favorite movies, "Dead Again." This
tale does just that and I don't know why someone hasn't done it long ago. The
plot is perfect X-file material and Alicia folds in the characters (not just Mulder
and Scully, either) with seamless ease. I consider it one of her best works, if not
*the* best, with all the action, mystery, angst and romance -- even a smile here
and there -- that you could ask for. Why rent the movie? Read *this* instead!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 68K)
Recommended 7-3-00
mountainphile: I'll say it again... I love a fresh, different POV and "Amicable
Intent" by KatyBlue provides just that. Through the eyes of Skinner's secretary,
Kimberly, we have a front row seat to Scully's mistrust and loneliness after
Mulder's disappearance. Besides coping with pregnancy, SkinMan, and a
possible new partner, there's the added risk of gossip among the "working girls"
in the Bureau. And KatyBlue's version of ScathingScully is worth every word she
utters... Read this one!
~ ~ ~
(Post-colonization, Scully/Doggett, Rated R, 27K)
Recommended 3-26-01
Jintian: There's an amazing mood in this fic -- so much tragedy and sadness
gets communicated with such spare and desperate prose. It's a gutsy effort, and
not only because of the pairing, but because of how the characters themselves
are portrayed in one of XF fanfic's most abnormal situations. And yet Kelly gets it
just right, I think. There are some great sequences in this story that *hurt* to read
(but in a good way, of course!), just because of the unflinching intimacy with
which she writes the characters.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 13K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Diana: I was stunned by the emotional power of this story. Scully is in a very
dark place, and turns to an unexpected source for help. Excellent
characterizations and an all-too-plausible situation make this piece impossible to
forget. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 9K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Diana: More and more I look to fanfiction to fill in the blanks. Fanfiction like
"Only Apples." This is a terrific piece. I love seeing this side of Mulder and
Scully. The gentle sweetness that they are certainly capable of is present in
every paragraph. That they could project this and remain in character without
any sap is testament to Kelly's talents. I highly recommend this.
mountainphile: Yes, even Mulder and Scully deserve a day in the sunshine!
Kelly's shown us a superb little slice of ordinary life that touches my heart! I
love the easy affection and believable dialogue. A perfect autumn treat!
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated PG-13, 93K)
Archived 7-24-00
Blackwood: Okay, okay. I admit it. I'm a sucker for British humor and all things
(no pun intended) Pythonesque. That's me. If it's also *you,* you'll get a kick out
of this quirky tale about a Mulder and Scully you'll definitely recognize and yet...
Jennifer handles farce with such ease, it's amazing. Just don't go looking for
romance and happy endings. That isn't the point. The point is...giggle until your
sides ache. That's alright now, isn't it, luv? ;)
~ ~ ~
(Mulder/Krycek, Slash, Rated R, 32K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Jintian: Kest's moody, sensual writing is perfect for this doomsday tale of
longing, and she skillfully explores the spaces between the characters, both
physical and emotional. The story shows that while Mulder and Krycek may
fight on opposite sides of a cause, inherently they are still quite similar.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 21K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Jintian: This is a recently-revised version of the story, but as I told the author it's
just as memorable the second time around. There are images that pierce the
memory and stay with you, delivered in tight realistic prose that still has that
certain lyrical poetry about it that is Khyber's signature style.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 16K and 25K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Forte: These are angsty post-eps for "Requiem." Mulder is back, with
psychological injuries that far outweigh the physical. His slow, still-incomplete
reconnection with Scully and with their child is heartwarming at the same time
that it is heartbreaking. I'm looking forward to more of this story, so please hurry
Michelle. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 50K)
Recommended 8-21-00
Diana: The author's summary for this is 'smut biscuit, pure and simple.' Trust
me, I've read this story numerous times, and there's nothing pure about it. This
is one of the hottest MSRs I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And there's
just a dash of angst in the story, enough to give you a tiny little ache in your
chest. Grab yourself a cold drink, and enjoy.
~ ~ ~
(Alternate Universe, Rated R, 55K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Audrey: I love a good AU story, don't you? "Night's Reflection on Night" is a
particularly well-written one that popped up recently. Just the second effort by
kshar, it posits how the events of Paper Hearts might've played out had Mulder
never recovered his memory of Samantha's abduction, and thus never begun his
quest. I don't want to give too much away, but have to mention how well the author
maintains the same emotional intensity of the episode, showing how personal
interest drives the investigation. Told in a completely convincing Scully first-
person, "Night's" success ultimately rests on the author's intelligent insights and
interesting approach to the characters, and makes for a very satisfying read.
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 10K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Audrey: Nothing tests a fanfic writer's mettle like dialogue. No matter how
original the setting, plot, or smut scenario, when any fic author's Mulder and
Scully open their mouths, we want them to sound like Chris or Vince penned
each and every word. And it's Kshar's sharp ear for genuine M/S voices -- along
with some stunning visual imagery -- that make this post-Redux II vignette a gem.
What, you might ask, do they cover in a brief Rest-Area exchange? Nothing
major, just Heaven, Hell, Truth, and, of course, Love.
~ ~ ~
(Character Death, MSR, Rated R, 37K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Diana: I wasn't going to read this. Character death pieces are hard for me to
handle. But I love Narida's writing, and gave in to temptation. To think those
two words in the headers almost made me skip this story. And what I would
have missed! This is a stark tale of love and choices, written with a spare beauty
that belies the dark subject matter. Powerful, moving, and very believable.
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 27K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Forte: Delicious, sensual, steamy, scintillating, and smutty. Narida writes
some of the most amazing erotica out there, and she does it again here with
a fascinating second person POV.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 31K)
Recommended 8-14-00
Audrey: What if, after the presumed consummation in 'all things' Mulder and
Scully *didn't* ease into a loving, grounding relationship? What if, instead of
opening up their souls to each other, they grew distant? And what if it was
Mulder's insecurity that kept them apart rather than Scully's emotional
blockade? If you've wondered these things, make sure to take a look at
Jaime Lyn's latest. Jaime does wonders with edgy dialogue and dark mood,
and brings an unusual and refreshing perspective to the 'intimacy issue.'
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 10K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Blackwood: As real life grows ever more complex, I find myself drawn to the
simplest storylines. Lysandra tells me that this was originally intended for her
delicious vignette "Pear Necessity" (also a Musean recommendation), but was
cut from the final edition. I'm so glad she was able to salvage this into another
crystal clear slice-of-life. There is a tendency to over-analyze this lovely vignette,
hoping to find a disguised metaphorical meaning behind the simple card game
between M&S and the simpler story of human foible shared between close
friends. If there *is* a layered subtext, I don't want to know. What drew me into
this piece was the characterization (beautifully executed), the sweetness (without
the sap) and the deep abiding love that we all know exists. Sancta simplicitas!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 14K)
Recommended 10-30-00
Audrey: One of the best qualities of the better XF scripts is the multi-layered
conversations between our heroes. In their world, a cigar is *never* just a cigar,
and in Lysandra's, a simple conversation about fruit overlays Scully's
second-person rumination on Mulder's place in her life. Light a scented candle and
enjoy this lovely vignette.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 50K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Forte: IMO, Truncated is sheer perfection in story-telling, and it wins the title of "my
most often re-read fic." To summarize the plot, somebody's done something rotten to
Our Heroes, but they make the best of things. Spooning ensues, and that always
gets a big "Yay!" from me. Now, I realize that there are probably only 3 or 4 people in
all of XF ficdom who haven't read Truncated yet; if you happen to be one of them let
me urge you to click on the link post-haste. I think you'll be glad you did. :)
~ ~ ~
(S, Angst, MSR?, En Ami post-ep, NC-17, 35k)
Recommended 10-5-01
Audrey: Mulder's take on the events of En Ami seethes with anger and
palpable frustration. And instead of giving us forgiveness and resolution like
many a post-ep romance, the author keeps us off-balance, creating and
sustaining compelling emotional tension. Very true to character and
intelligently written.
~ ~ ~
(D/S, Rated PG, 22k)
Recommended 11-9-01
mountainphile: Take early Season 8 and give Scully's new partnership a
slightly different twist. Gatorgurl, with Doggett-insight and great characterization,
treats us to a slightly different scenario during Mulder's absence. I was touched
by the awkwardness, the wavering emotions and widening gap that resulted from
Scully's and Doggett's ineffectual attempts at intimacy. Nicely done!
~ ~ ~
(SRA, Rated NC-17, 11k)
Recommended 11-12-01
Blackwood: A short-but-sweet vignette that aptly captures an inebriated Mulder
'spilling the beans' to a sleepy Scully. Gnatalie has a deft hand with dialogue and
the M&S exchange is witty, romantic and quite in-character for this phile. The payoff
is understated, but most satisfying. Yes, I liked this one. A lot.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 11k)
Recommended 11-12-01
Blackwood: Another solid effort from a writer whose style resonates with
intelligence and a sharp understanding of M&S. This tale echoes with past
moments of shippiness and hope for the future. Thanks, Georgia, for the moments
of joy this piece brought *me.*
~ ~ ~
(S,MSR, Rated PG-13, 24K)
Recommended 12-3-01
Forte: It's Season 9. It's William's first Christmas. The Scully family tries to
brighten things up for Scully by having Christmas for her in San Diego. Told from
Mrs. Scully's POV, we get a touching look at how Scully is coping (or not) without
Mulder. Oh, and Michelle makes me miss Bill Scully Jr. :) If only 1013 could tell
the story this well...
~ ~ ~
(West Wing, CJ/Toby, Rated PG-13, 10k )
Recommended 12-24-01
Audrey: A smart vignette that brings new meaning to the term "holidayfic," it
captures wonderfully the characters' prickly mutual attraction and
characteristic banter. As an added bonus, it'll make you think about those
quiet milestones in your own life and want to celebrate them with someone
~ ~ ~
(PG, 4.5k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: I confess to a soft spot for Mulder & Frohike friendship pieces. It just
seems appropriate and this terrific piece reads *so* easy. I also confess to
admiration for anyone who can write dialogue with finesse and this writer has the
goods. The exchanges are witty, in character and clever. A nice job all around.
~ ~ ~
(PG, 4k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: I would not have thought it possible for a writer to put me into a
reluctant Scully's early mindset in regarding her "new" partner. But then, this is
Lysandra's wizardry with words. Wry, elegant, concise, sexy -- everything I enjoy
about fanfic *and* in only 500 words. UST vignettes are my very *favorite* genre
and so rare these days. I felt butterflies and that hasn't happened in a loo-nng time.
Thank you, Lysandra.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 45k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Forte: It's no secret that I've been, er, disappointed with S8 and S9. It's a rare
fic that's set during this period that can make me forget (at least temporarily) the
things from canon that drive me batty. Without giving away too much, I can say
that there's logical characterization, consideration of consequences, and
backstory in this fic that I wish we could see on the show. And, as usual, Noelle
writes lovely smut. But really, I just read this for the plot. ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A Rated PG-13, 8k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Blackwood: This concise vignette took me by surprise. Oh, not Michelle's writing.
That, as usual, is first rate with crisp characterizations and realistic dialogue. But
I'd nearly forgotten how romantic and tragic cancerfic can be when left in capable
hands. Without schmoopiness or over sentimentality, Michelle offers a glimpse of a
Mulder and Scully I'd nearly forgotten. S5 remains my favorite for so many reasons,
but mostly for the deep abiding love that seems to shine through every ep. Shame
on CC for wasting the potential of these characters and brava to Michelle for
redeeming it.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 10K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Blackwood: Another newer writer whose name I look forward to seeing in my
mailbox. I've been steering clear of spoilers since September, but I had to read *this*
one. Such imagination and executed with style, clarity and seemingly effortless ease.
I'm also glad Georgia left things un-resolved. UST is a vanishing breed, but still my
favorite. Thanks, Georgia!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 17K)
Recommended 4-9-01
mountainphile: As I told KatyBlue, this story hit me like a ton of bricks -- the
imposed solitude of two sensitive, lonely people who love one another to the
point of pain, sacrifice, and ultimately, forgiveness and acceptance. The angst is
tangible...and Scully's insights give a plausible answer to some of the questions
brought up by Mulder's supposed, secret illness in earlier eps this season.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 59K)
Recommended 4-25-02
Forte: Five questions each, total honesty. Oh, the smut! The glorious smut!
Lysandra does another stupendous job of simultaneously writing the Mulder and
Scully I know so well... and melting the monitor on my computer. <g> If you're
looking for happy!smut, this is a great choice.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 5k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Blackwood: I think of this as the natural follow-up to Char's "Date Bait." Set
after William vacates their lives, it depicts a too-real scenario of a bereft Mulder
and Scully coming to grips with the single greatest loss of their lives. Extra
tissues if you're the mother of a son (like me). ::sniff:: Thank you, Michelle.
~ ~ ~
(V, Spoilers for "William", 8k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Diana: I love it when an author manages to delve beneath the surface, to hit on
what makes a character tick. Sophia has managed just that in this post
"William" story. Her Scully lives and breathes, and the anguish portrayed in this
fic left me aching for her. Yes, this piece is painful to read, but oh, how the
emotions ring true.
Mish: There is nothing overly done about this story. In fact, it's the sparse
clarity of few words that makes a real impact on the reader. Like Di said, it's
painful to read, and Scully's typical, stoic despair mounts with every paragraph -
just as yours will. It's quite an achievement to portray such sadness in such a
simple way. Great job, Sophia.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, V, A, Post-ep for "The Truth", Rated PG, 19k)
Recommended 6-16-02
Blackwood: I must admit that this is the first JH story I've read, but it's always a
pleasure to discover a good writer. Another post-ep for "The Truth" that presents a
version of M&S both gritty *and* hopeful in its depiction. It never descends into
sappiness -or- brittle disappointment. Instead, we re-experience the ep with all the
details CC would not/could not explore. Thank goodness for fanfic and Jean's
wonderful writing.
~ ~ ~
(VHA, unrated, 19K)
Recommended 8-8-02

Forte: Caution: do not attempt to eat or drink while reading these
laugh-out-loud haikus covering every episode of the show (as well as the
movie!). The monitor and keyboard you save may be your own. (OK, some
made me sniffle instead of laugh, like "Dreamland II." Emma and Lilydale can
do it all!)
~ ~ ~
(A, MSR, Rated R, 29K)
Recommended 8-8-02

Forte: I've previously rec'd the first two stories from Michelle's "Fringe"
series ("Fringe" and "Hearth") but somehow neglected to sing the praises of
the final installment, "Haven." Bad, bad Forte! Set post-Requiem, this series
gives us Scully's POV of her struggle to re-connect with Mulder following his
return from his alien abduction. Michelle does a fabulous job of showing us not
only Mulder's pain through Scully's eyes, but Scully's own demons as well, and
the bittersweet ending is just perfect.
~ ~ ~
(WIP, Rated R)
Recommended 8-8-02
Mish: I'm not a WIP reader, as a rule. I'd rather wait until the story is finished
then enjoy it in one sitting. But now and then, I cave and take just a peek. With
"SBC", it was Chapter 3 - and it totally left me wanting more! It promises to
shape up into an excellent casefile, with all the elements I crave - mystery,
angst, great M/S dialogue, and 'da love'. I only hope I can wait until it's finished,
but that's going to be very hard to do, I think.
Updated to add: It's finished! And what a fine piece of writing, indeed! I enjoyed
every moment, and heartily recommend it.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated NC-17, 74k)
Recommended 12-8-02
Mish: I can't believe I've overlooked recc'ing this goody for so long! Yes, it's
UST, but it's some of the steamiest UST you'll ever find. And also one of the
funniest fics to ever come on the fanfic scene. A drunk Scully, a very
frustrated Mulder, and a 'plethora' of unusual props make for one fun ride. I'm
sure most of you have already indulged, but it's one of those you can read
again and again. I simply love it!
~ ~ ~
( A, Unrated, 70K)
Recommended 1-21-03
Forte: :::sob::: Dammit, this is a fabulous story! (And I mean "dammit" in the
best possible way, as in "I can't believe how wonderful this is and why can't *I*
write such beautiful stories?!") How shall I count the ways? Angst, check.
Partnerly concern in both directions, check. Investigative smartness, check.
Satisfying (if sad) conclusion to a loose end from the show, check. A sweet,
heartwarming closing, check. Love it, love it, love it... maybe you will, too.
~ ~ ~
(SRA, Rated R, 10k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Blackwood: Just how *would* M&S spend Valentine's Day? This delightful
vignette shows us one version. So, okay, okay. Maybe CC & Co.'s writers
wouldn't dare, but this is fanfic and we can, so we do. Invisigoth serves up
sweet confection that's easy to swallow. My favorite part? The stuffed alien
holding a box of chocolates...or maybe the foot rub...or the cuddling? Oh, dang
it. I can't decide. Y'know, I have the same problem deciding which chocolate to
pick from the box. At least with fanfic, I don't have to worry about calories.
~ ~ ~
(SA, Rated PG, 17k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Blackwood: I swear I don't know where I was when this gem debuted in May,
2002. No matter. It was just like finding a leftover Christmas present you
forgot to open. Intoxicating storytelling, as only DashaK can do. One of the
things I love most about her writing (besides the immpeccable grammar, detail
fixation, visual texture and human resonance) is the way she gets you to see
things you've looked at a million times in an entirely new way. This encounter
between M&S and an unsuspecting William will break your heart and restore
your faith all at the same time. Yes, hope is a thing with feathers and in
these dark days, stories like this one take flight. A singular gem from one of
fanfic's incomparable authors.
~ ~ ~
(Mytharc, Knowle/Shannon, Rated R, 146k)
Recommended 5-01-03
(This link will take you to Part 1, links to subsequent parts contained in part 1.)

Mish: Goodness, what a fabulous ride this is! I'm discovering the wonderful
world of XF fic of all types and pairings, and I never thought I'd ever be reading a
Knowle/Shannon story. Deslea gives them both such rich and deliciously
angsty backstory that this storyline could well have been incorporated into the
series - and it would fit with seamless perfection. To take such one-note
characters and breathe life into them this way is the sign of a true writer.
Knowle is almost child-like in his single-minded view of his purpose in the plan,
while Shannon definitely knows there's got to be something more than killing.
Their relationship (I hesitate to call it romance, though there's hope) is
chronicled from its otherworldly inception, and I was absorbed into the story
from the get-go. I can't say enough about how excellent this story is, from all
standpoints. Give it a whirl - you won't be disappointed!
~ ~ ~
(A, R, K/M, Rated NC-17, 132k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Mish: I am ashamed to say, I'd never read a Krycek/Marita story before, and
my preconceptions of them as peripheral characters were totally ingrained in my
MSR lovin' heart. But this story brings them to life and gives them such depth.
Great re-telling of the mytharc through their eyes, with sensitivity that doesn't
generate an ounce of unbelievability - or of uncharacteristic sap. Harsh at
times, but rather touching at others. And yes, I'm very happy with Deslea's
version of how it ended for Krycek and Marita. Love it when an author can make
me feel good about the show's bad turns, and explain it in a gratifying way.
Even if you're not a fan of anything but MSR, give this one a read - it's excellent
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG-13, 15k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: This is one of the earliest fanfics I ever read, and it is just as intriguing
now as it was then. I do so love a 3rd person POV, especially when zeroed in on the
M&S dynamic. Gwen is a deft vignette writer and in short space, she provides an
outsider's glimpse into an M&S that maybe are/maybe aren't involved. There's
jealousy a brewin' with lots of luscious UST and wonderful timing that captures the
essence of these complex characters with style. Makes me hanker for the (dare I
say it?) days when MSR was all speculation and fanfic filled in blanks in just the
right way.
~ ~ ~
(M/S, Rated NC-17, 78k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Audrey: What happens when Mulder and Scully head to small-town Illinois for the
long Thanksgiving weekend at her brother's house? Not much - a little baking, a
little mystery, a little banter - but that's precisely the point. I absolutely adore
JET's take on Charlie Scully & family, and this particular story is a seasonal
comfort read for me. This M&S are wonderfully relaxed, but still prickly enough to
feel authentic, and it has terrific small details that stick with the reader long after
the story is finished. Besides, who can resist JET's signature talent, her
wonderfully evocative language: "She wants to maneuver all the quiet places with
him now, all the uncharted tracks of water, all the carnival trails." And, as a
special holiday bonus, check out the author's fanfic journal at for "Imagination," a snippet of the sequel-in-progress.
Edited to add: The sequel is now up! "Kept Joy" can be found at the same URL.
::Aud does happy dance::
~ ~ ~