Authors M - R
(M/S UST, Rated R, 55k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Blackwood: In spite of all the changes S9 has in store, there are still authors out
there whose talent reminds me just what it was that made me "fall in love" with Mulder
& Scully in the first place. I'm grateful to Jess for this beautifully wrought S1 story. It's
no small task to delve into the past and imbue a tale with early characterization that
resonates with the 'extreme possibilities' that were M&S then. A refreshing change of
pace from a skilled artist.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated R, 453K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Audrey: Friends, if you like UST (and I know that you do), this is the fic for you.
Described quite well by its author as Uber-UST, Gutless is by turns hot, frustrating,
canny and hilariously funny. The true genius of this story is how the author bases the
casefile itself around victims who have been suffering from unexpressed/unrequited lust.
Given that Scully's already having a "Mulder Awareness Day" that won't quit, the
circumstances of the case serve to kick up the M/S chemistry to notches unknown.
~ ~ ~
(V, A, MSR, Rated NC-17, 25k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Blackwood: Trust me. This *isn't* what you're expecting. Then again... it's Marasmus,
storyteller par excellence. You'll be enchanted, thrilled and devastated by this intense
vignette. Vivid imagery, spot-on characterizations and a twist of fate that only a top-
notch author like K can pull off make this a must-read. I'm still genuflecting.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 15k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Blackwood: Funniest story I've read in a very long time. Oh, the quest for an original
idea in XF fanficdom! Now, since Musea doesn't archive actorfic, I had to ask my
listmates if this one counted. CC isn't an actor, after all, and I *am* a Carter
afficionado so my jibes are lovingly intended. But.... considering everything we've all
had to endure in S8 (Duchovny and Spotnitz had to beg for the final kiss) and with
what's rumored for S9 (don't ask), I figure comeuppance is due. Lucy handles the
material well and tells me this is her debut piece. Good job, my dear. Now, write me
a lovely romance.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 32K)
Recommended 3-12-01
Audrey: Marguerite has always had a wonderful "ear" for characters. No matter
whose point of view she adopts in a story, the narration and dialogue are
completely authentic. Now she's added Doggett to her repertoire, and her grasp
of his voice and mannerisms is impressive. Heartwrenching in its portrayal of
Scully's grief, "How Glory Goes" also delves into Doggett's own loss and the
guilt he suffers over both. I'm also fond of Marguerite's portrayal of Skinner here --
strong, understated and deeply conflicted over his love for Scully and the death
of her partner. Keep a hankie handy, for this one, folks.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 19K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Jintian: The only hardship in recommending Maria Nicole's work is narrowing my
choices down to one story. I actually passed over several outstanding longer works
for this one (and it *hurt*, I tell you), so I hope "The Opposite of Impulse" will draw
you in for more of Maria's fic if you're not already familiar with it. She balances a
smart, gentle style with perfect characterizations, and every story is truly refreshing
to read -- especially this one, whether it's the fifth or fiftieth time.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 8K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Forte: Oh, yay! A new fic from Maria Nicole! And what a delight. Sad but insightful,
this fic gives the backstory (as well as some aftermath) for "The Gift" that 1013
didn't. I love the glimpses we get into these characters' motivations. A wonderful job
from one of my favorite writers. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 14K)
Recommended 2-26-01
mountainphile: After watching Per Manum, this lovely story was the perfect
capstone! Aranea treats us to a glimpse of Mulder's emotions and reactions in the
wake of Scully's anguish over the failed procedure. With writing that is beautifully
expressive, yet simple, she shows the tender bond between two people in love
opening up to one another. Well done!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 18K)
Recommended 9-4-00
mountainphile: I'm ready for a vacation from work, but Maggie gives Mulder and
Scully an excuse to vacation *while* working -- and a tropical paradise stakeout
to boot! With deft characterization and description that glued me to the screen,
Maggie treats us to a scene of personal discovery...the atmosphere, the timing,
and their own chemistry pulling them together in a cleverly-told and satisfying tale.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 42K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Blackwood: My classic recommendation is this incredible piece of writing from
one of philedom's most talented authors. This was the first NC17 fanfic I ever read
and frankly, it still reaches me with the same power now, as then. Masterful
handling of the material, done so with gut-wrenching honesty, and M&S as only
MD can write them. A true keeper.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 19K)
Recommended 9-4-00
Blackwood: Ever wonder what would happen if an erotic encounter between our
favorite feds wasn't the be all and end all? This steamy little piece by Lara sheds
light on just that scenario. Reading this, one gets the feeling that you're both inside
*and* outside of our favorite G-man's head. The scenario is familiar, but not; and Lara
handles the subject matter with skill and sensitivity. Well done.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 57K)
Recommended 12-11-00
mountainphile: I love to see AggressiveScully who knows *exactly* what she
wants and needs... especially when Mulder's sharing her bed. This "Rain King" post-
ep by Lara depicts a delightful, steamy romp through the sheets after Scully makes
her carnal intentions crystal clear. Great characterization and description that
certainly warmed *my* cockles! Read this and smile!
Diana: I want to add a resounding "me, too!" to mountainphile's rec. Lara has
written a delightful "Rain King" post episode story with spot on characterizations
and perfectly delicious smut. Just the thing for a cold, wintry day.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 7K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Jintian: This story came out a while ago, actually, but I just found it recently. It's
a lovely little "all things" scenario that I found very in keeping with the tone of the
episode, darkly poetic and hypnotic to read. I think it's the author's sole XF effort,
so if you want more like this from her, send feedback! Actually, that goes for ALL
fanfic authors, as well. :)
~ ~ ~
(Not Rated, 7K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Transcendent writing that is a joy to read and heart-wrenching as hell. I
love the triple take on the scenario and the way it all ends the same way. The
numbness of grief is a necessary stage to experience in order to move beyond it and
being unspoiled, I keep wondering if this is Carter's intent (shhh...don't say a word).
Scully's determination to protect her partner even in death is so tragic. So apt. Thank
you, Meredith.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 15K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Blackwood: Amidst the plethora of babyfic floating around fanfic these days, it's a
wonder it doesn't start to blend together. This one stands out from the rest in my
mind. ML provides a solid, 'just-right' tone with this wonderful vignette. It's just my
opinion, of course, but CC's gender choice for BabyX makes absolute sense in so
many ways and I can live with ML's name choice, too. Great job. ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 26K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Mish: I hesitate to use the word 'sweet' to describe any story, mainly because it
conjurs up images of "Oh, Fox!" and "Oh, Dana-boo!" But sometimes that word
fits perfectly... in this case, it's the best way to describe the tenderness of this fic.
Sweet as in 'makes me smile' -- which this one certainly did. Mulder takes his son
on a 'night tour'; we take the journey with them as he ponders the steps through
each room as well as the steps he and Scully took to get to this point in their lives.
Yes, it is sweet. Sweet and satisfying!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Not Rated, 14K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Audrey: With her original take on "Per Manum," Mo gives us a bittersweet vignette
with terrific banter. Psych!Mulder is in the house -- Scully's kitchen, specifically -- and
at her invitation, sketches a profile which rings with emotional truth. His own
revelations are touching and equally genuine. Big kudos for the natural, conversational
tone and spot-on character observations.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 154k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Audrey: A kidnapping in New Mexico leads our dynamic duo way out West and
deep into Mulder's past. EQS also offers a solution to one Scully family mystery -
Melissa's "missing years" - as well. The author's eagle eye for character detail, great
ear for dialogue and wicked sense of humor all brought me back for multiple
readings. Okay, that and some seriously intense sex. ;)
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated G, 7K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Forte: Has characterization on the show ever gotten you down? Have you ever
wanted to shake 1013's collective shoulders and ask, "What were you *thinking*?!" If
you can answer yes to either of those questions, then this is the fic for you. The price
of admission even includes some very interesting Author's Notes -- don't miss them. :)
~ ~ ~
(post-Requiem, Rated PG, 10K)
Recommended 9-4-00
Audrey: You probably think you've read *all* the post-Requiem vignettes you can
handle - I know I have. Even so, don't miss this brief, unsettling fic, where Scully
makes a late-night trek to feed Mulder's fish. I especially admire the way Liz
interweaves the narrator's voice with Scully's inner thoughts and memories.
~ ~ ~
(post-Requiem, MSR, Rated NC-17, 65K)
Recommended 8-28-00
mountainphile: Season 8 suggests I accept the possibility of a fully-pregnant
Scully. I long for a returned and full-functional Mulder. In this story Kristel gives me
the scenario to encompass both. I love Mulder's tenderness towards Scully and his
disclosures, as well as Scully's musing history of their past involvement and love life.
Some sweet dialogue and very clever *moves* make this a must-read!
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 5K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Diana: There is a poignant beauty in this story that touched me. It's been seven
years since Mulder's abduction, and Scully is raising their child alone. The Scully
characterization is perfect -- no weepy, self-pitying woman here. And Mulder, though
gone, has a very real presence in this piece. Gorgeous prose, Longfellow poetry, and
the deft Pebbles touch make this a story to remember.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 266K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Audrey: I'm absolutely delighted to recommend this oustanding fic by Penumbra, a
writer with a stunningly original voice, wonderfully twisted sense of humor, and a
bone-deep understanding of what Mulder and Scully mean to each other. Who else
could write the following line, using bittersweet humor to make an anthropological
observation: "Their world continued, and Mulder drummed up an intriguing
decapitation case with which to woo her." The author's dense language and often
metaphysical imagery surround the reader, offering new insights into the events of
season 7 and weaving a veil of soft-focus (but white-hot) eroticism. And for those who
might be wondering...the Museum of Jurassic Technology [
<>], as improbable an institution as ever there was, does indeed
exist and should be at the top of any traveler's itinerary when visiting Los Angeles.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated NC-17, 83K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Blackwood: Every now and again, a piece of fiction comes along that fills in the
blanks so beautifully and so perfectly that the author's vision becomes a part of your
personal M&S canon. Enter forewarned into prufrock's early M&S world and discover,
once and for all, the truth that was out there that we were never told. Crystalline
characterizations that capture the early partnership with such resonance I have no
choice but to go back and watch S1 with new eyes. Do *not* miss this fic.
~ ~ ~
(Not Rated, 14K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Diana: Pseudonymph is a newcomer, and if this is a taste of what she has to offer,
I want more! Though this piece is dark and angsty in tone, the writing is simply
gorgeous. A compelling Mulder voice and well-drawn characterizations pull the
reader into the story. Highly recommended.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG, 13K)
Archived 9-18-00
Jintian: Lovely, simply lovely. What really floored me was when Ptero told me it was
her first effort at fanfic. If only all of us could make such a bright entrance. This post-
Closure snippet is full of gorgeous imagery and honest characterization between
Mulder and Scully after such a difficult time.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 30K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Jintian: I think my interest in fanfic (and the X-Files in general) has been
jumpstarted by this relative newbie. I'd never seen anything by Rah before but I'm
damn glad I clicked on her story -- it was the most enjoyable read I'd had in a long
while. Clever, sharp, sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic and bittersweet, yet
oddly realistic in the context of Season 8. This one's a winner, folks.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 30K)
Recommended 3-26-01
mountainphile: Great minds think alike...unless they're misunderstood and
misread due to classic "morning after" discomfort. I love how Scully and Mulder
gingerly approach one another to discuss their new reality and sexuality. Very
believable tension and a sweet resolution to boot!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 161K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Mish: When Gina's name pops up in my inbox, I whoop with delight, because I
know I'm in for a treat! And this story is no exception. Let's see...without giving
too much away? Hmm. We get a casefile that so easy to follow (a plus for me,
simply coz I'm too lazy sometimes to figure it out )...we get Mulder and Scully
undercover as a married couple (Wheee!!!!)...we get some spot-on dialogue and
some resolution...what more could we want? 'Interaction' takes the spotlight in
this story, whereas 'action' (of the criminal kind) takes a back seat. And the last
scene? All I can say is, "Don't skip to the end!" Wait for it. It's good. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 13K)
Recommended 3-12-01
Blackwood: Wow. Another USTy piece that depicts M&S is vibrant neon colors (at
least in my mind). I loved this romp: very sweet, very in character, very hot -- *veerry*
nice. ;) I'm so glad Gina said 'enough angst' and gave us this frothy bit of fluff. The
intimation of sexual license without blatant depiction was brilliant. Now see? Why
can't Chris Carter do this? Of course, he can! But...he doesn't. Damn.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated R, 32K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Mish: An unlikely bus trip, was-there-or-wasn't-there contact, and sizzling UST.
In particular, I felt my stomach drop to my toes at one terrific line of Mulder
dialogue. This is a feast for fans of the 'stuck in a vehicle with nothing to do but
talk' genre of fanfic. Then check out Gina's sequel to the story, "Journey on the
Wings of a Firefly," also at Gossamer. Yummy.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 34K, SPOILERS for S7)
Recommended 8-5-01
Forte: This sweet fic starts up immediately after the end of "Amor Fati" and takes
us on a little smut journey with laughs and tenderness along the way. And just
when I thought Gina had given us everything... well, I won't spoil it. <g> This fic put
a smile on my face, and I'm willing to bet that it'll put one on yours, too.
~ ~ ~
(XRA, post-col, Rated NC-17, 475k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Mish: Everything you'd ever want in a post-colonization story is right here. Twists
and turns, action, romance, an appearance by just about every minor character -
what more could you ask for? This would make for one hell of a movie - anybody
listening out there in TV land? Oh well... just let Brandon's imagination take you
away. Well worth the trip!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 42K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Mish: An unusual post-Requiem piece utilizing a character that I for one would
love to see return for another appearance. This story is heart-wrenching yet
ultimately courageous, showing the power and self-sacrifice of the human spirit.
Excellent prose and progression of the story that leaves you wondering until the
very end. And it may bring a tear or two to your eye...
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 14K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Blackwood: The flip side of darkness is joy and Oh! to have Chris Carter put
this to film. A drop dead perfect M/S reunion that is as tender as it is realistic.
Perfect characterizations and a Scully voice that rings true and clear.
~ ~ ~
Turning and Returning by Jori Remington (available at Gossamer)
(M/S UST, Mulder/Other, Slash, Crossover, Rated NC-17, 119K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Mish: I am not one for M/O usually, but this fic struck a chord with me. Mulder
and Scully's discussion in the middle of the story was especially heart-
wrenching and so very true. Sometimes you can't pick who you fall in love
with.... Mulder proves it by living and re-living three totally different relationships.
Excellent work!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Not Rated, 102K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Audrey: Having traveled cross country several times by car, I'm a sucker for
roadfic. But even those prone to carsickness will find the charms of Revely's
Mulder-returns fic hard to resist. The drive from Oregon to DC is not merely
geographical, of course, but a journey Mulder & Scully take back to each other
(with infant in tow). UU also re-treads the early terrain of season 8, and as
Mulder catches up on what he's missed, Scully's brief flashbacks are shaded
with added emotional depth. Revely's real triumph here is the powerful way she
exploits the prickly nature of our heroes, but maintains those qualities that
made us fall in love with them to begin with.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 40K)
Recommended 7-24-00
mountainphile: It must be my week for sensitive stories! Kate is a masterful
storyteller who handles flashback and soul-searching with finesse. Scully's
memories of times spent with Mulder simply breathe with immediacy, regret,
and tenderness as she makes necessary adjustments and ties up loose ends,
waiting for his return. Each memory unfolds in a different and captivating
way... I so enjoyed this!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, AU, Rated G, 14k)
Recommended 11-9-01
Mish: A realistic view of Mulder, the new father, brought to the page with tender care
by an author I've just discovered. He's awkward and worried, but so very human. So
very Mulder. This begins like so many before it, but ends like none before - I was
thrown momentarily, but it all made sense in my little shipper heart. Perfect
characterization and stellar writing make this story a must-read. Then wait for the
sequel that Mik assures me is coming... I, for one, cannot wait!
~ ~ ~
(Post-ep for NIHT, Rated PG, 7k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Mish: Once again, ML has managed to tug at my heartstrings. Oh, but what a
bittersweet feeling. Mulder's last 48 hours with his new family, told from an
absolutely perfect Mulder POV. I could hear him speak the words, feel him touch
his son - see him doing every bit of mindless preparation in an attempt at
normalcy. So, so sad. But so, so good!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 144k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Mish: Let's see... a cold winter's day, check. Maybe just a bit of rain, or even
better, snow. Check. A hot cup of spiced tea and possibly a homemade brownie
or two - double check. Now, all you need is a fic to curl up with! This is it. :) A
slow, precise tale of the road to intimacy between two friends that is sweet and hot
at the same time - like the best pepper jelly. Wrap it around you and stay warm for
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17,15k)
Recommended 12-3-01
mountainphile: A very pregnant belly is no obstacle to sex when the *need* is
overwhelming! ;) As I told rah, this story is lovely because it's so intimate and
candid. Special moments like Mulder's childlike awe over Scully's big tummy, his
tender concern about her comfort and the baby's safety, all add up to a warm and
sexy story!
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG-13, 21k)
Recommended 12-24-01
Mish: Ahh... just what I needed this holiday season. Mulder and Scully, sipping
spiked eggnog and creating a little bit of joy, even without the mistletoe. This is
a nice bit of UST, compliments of someone who is rapidly becoming my M/S
pusher. <g> A quick fix like this I could use just about every day - doesn't have
to be Christmas. But *that* just makes it all the more satisfying!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, PWP, NC-17, 15k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Mish: Oh, I love a good piece of erotica! And this one, while meeting all the
necessary requirements, gives us just a bit of something more - a peek into what
I feel is a facet of Scully's personality that makes total sense to me. He loves to
talk, she loves to listen. And why shouldn't that carry over to the bedroom? Nice
exploration of our favorite G-woman's rarely seen sense of inadequacy, with a
sweet, supernatural resolution. Par for the course, naturally. :) Great job!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, X, Rated R, 117k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Forte: What a fabulous post-"all things" fic! Things aren't rosy between Mulder
and Scully, but the work doesn't stop: they have some apparent suicides to
investigate. Fascinating story, wonderfully described characters and setting,
great M/S interaction. I couldn't stop reading this one (and boy, was I tired at
work the next day, but I didn't care!).
~ ~ ~
(Angst, MSR-ish, Rated R, 11k)
Recommended 2-26-02)
Mish: This one's not the usual 'Mulder on the run' scenario, folks. His loneliness
and desperation ring particularly true to me, manifesting themselves into anger and
jealousy as he runs from the faceless pursuers. April has created a sense of
growing madness with few words, as Mulder leaves his former self behind in pieces
with every close call. Excellent urgency and the angst-o-meter is off the scale by the
time this one's finished. Great job!
~ ~ ~
(Historical AU, MSR, Rated R, 652k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Mish: I know not everyone is enamored of historical AU, but I love it. As long as the
characterizations are on target, I can buy just about any scenario. And pru's
characters (not just Mulder and Scully, either) are so recognizable to the reader that
it's easy to fall into the timeline of the story. In this case, it's the autumn of 1953 in
New York City. Drawn with amazing dexterity, the sights and sounds come alive in the
imagination. Mulder, to all outward appearances, is the typical aging athlete; and he
himself has sometimes fallen prey to stereotypical behavior - drinking and womanizing
with the best of them. But it's what's inside that counts - and with the help of a
mysterious nurse named Dana Scully, he finally finds what he's looking for. Sweet
without being sappy, this romance is one for the ages.
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 8k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Blackwood: I told Izzy I wasn't familiar with her work, but I will be. ;) With this, she
crafts a deft vignette that pushes all the right buttons: solid characterizations, clever
storyline, terrific banter and a resolution that will raise your temperature quite nicely,
thank you. Reminded me of a Red Hot -- you know, those spicy sweet candies that
start out innocently enough and leave you gasping in record time. Then you take
another. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 33k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Mish: RST to UST - that's exactly how Gina categorizes this story, which should
explain what the reader is in for from the get-go. And it's true that there have been
and will always be the 'not so perfect' first time fics. But what sets this one apart
is the way our duo handles the event. Typical worry for each other's feelings in a
very stressful time takes precedence over the angst of awkward intimacy. The
conversation that eventually occurs is what makes this story a true gem.
~ ~ ~
(SA, MSR, Rated PG-13, 27K, 55k, Spoilers through Requiem)
Recommended 8-20-01
Forte: "Age Cannot Wither" and its sequel, "Nor Custom Stale," are wonderful AU
fics. They weave together a new take on Mulder's post-Requiem return and an answer
to the question, "What if Clyde Bruckman was right?" ACW deals primarily with
Mulder's return and what Scully did during the period of his abduction; NCS describes
their reunion and Mulder's discoveries of what he'd missed. Both fics include spot-on
characterization and just the right blend of angst and humor. I can't recommend these
highly enough.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, babyfic, SRH, Rated PG-13, 48k)
Recommended 4-25-02
Mish: This is what should have happened after "Existence". Complete with lots of
William and a meddling Charlie Scully, this is a slice of Mulder and Scully
domesticity that is simple and satisfying. No overly sweet sappiness here, folks.
Just a spot-on look at our heroes coping with a momentous decision. Nicely done!
~ ~ ~
(S, V, M/S UST, Rated PG, 13k)
Recommended 4-25-02
Mish: I haven't seen such a fine example of UST in quite a while. This has it all -
great characterization, dialogue to kill for, and the slow, agonizing pacing that you
rush through without realizing you've been maneuvered (but in a very cool way!)
There will be screams throughout ficland for a sequel, but I for one hope there isn't.
This is just so wonderful on its own, and sometimes UST is enough. In this case, it
is. Excellent story.
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 43k)
Recommended 8-8-02

Blackwood: I smiled, I sighed, I cried. Rah paints elegant word pictures with
phrases that sing. Loved the descriptors, the gentle rhythms, the low key spot-on
characterizations. The erotica is suggestive and lovingly crafted. Wonderful,
fulfiling stuff for this battered shipper's heart o'mine. Just beautiful.
~ ~ ~
(V, Rated PG, 13k)
Recommended 9-25-02
Forte: Whoa. I always knew that CSM was a self-serving, conniving SOB, but who
knew just how well he pulled the strings of those around him? ML has created a
marvelous study of the character, set during FTF and beautifully tying together
many moments of the film.
~ ~ ~
(S, H, UST, Rated NC-17, 25k)
Recommended 9-25-02
Mish: How about a little Mulder/Scully UST for a change? Throw in
a dash of MT (poor Mulder - and in a most uncomfortable place), a smidgen
of humor, and a good dose of Scully!Comfort... and you've got all the ingredients
for a wonderful story. GinaRain fic always shines, and this one won't disappoint.
I guarantee it!
~ ~ ~
(A, MSR, Rated R, 24 and 28k)
Recommended 12-8-02
Forte: "Sugarland" gives us an angsty look at Mulder and Scully in the weeks
following their escape in "The Truth." "Shadowland" catches up with them a year
and a half later, when life is calmer for them -- or is it? Pacquin's Mulder and Scully
are flawed, funny, and genuine human beings -- just the way I like them. There's one
more story in this series, and I can't wait to find out where Pacquin will take them
(and us).
~ ~ ~
(X, MSR, Rated NC-17, 157K)
Recommended 12-8-02
Forte: There are close encounters in this story, but I'm not going to tell you of what
kind. ;-) I *will* tell you that if you like stories where Mulder and Scully get stranded,
and you like a bit of smut, you'll probably enjoy this fic as much as I did (which was
a lot a lot a lot).
Mish: I have to add a big 'me, too!' to this rec. It's got everything you'll want
in a fic to curl up with, and the characterizations are a joy to read. Print it up,
have a cup of hot chocolate nearby, and enjoy!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 24K)
Recommended 1-21-03
mountainphile: What impressed me about this story was the realistic bent
of Mulder and Scully's gradual reconnection, hour by hour, both physically
and emotionally. I love the stark honesty in their dialogue and the love/pain
shared between them at the onset of their exile and new life together. Very
well done and a mesmerizing read!
~ ~ ~
(V, Rated PG-13, 6k)
Recommended 1-21-03
Blackwood: For many philes, the episode '3' is shunned like the plague. I
happen to find it an intriguing peek inside the crazed mind of Mulder sans
Scully. Risky behavior, indeed. This 3rd person POV provides a unique vantage
point from which to observe the crazed-with-grief agent deal with loss in a
believeable way. Well, believeable for Mulder. Points for originality. Nicely
written, too. Thanks Rhetta!
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG, 21K)
Recommended 3-12-01
mountainphile: This...this is the scenario I longed for and Chris Carter
denied me when "This Is Not Happening" aired. A dramatically-written tale
with spot-on characterization, the reader can actually smell and taste the
tension as well as see the sharp images and emotional shifting between
viewpoints. Elizabeth came to my rescue. If you screamed in despair along
with Scully at the end of the last episode (like I did -- spoilers
notwithstanding!), then this story is written for you!
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 5K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Oh, I really really liked this Doggettfic, especially stories that
give us his POV on the M/S dynamic. This one was tender and rang true to
character. It also, in concise terms, gave pause as to the character
transformation Scully has undergone, underscoring the depth and tenacity of
her love for Mulder and his in return for her. In short, I loved it!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A Rated PG, 180k)
Recommended 5-1-03
(This link will take you to Chapter 1, from whence you may proceed at your own risk
to the remaining 4 chapters and follow-up vignettes.)

Blackwood: Warnings: 1. Do not read this story in public. 2. Keep a full box of
tissues handy. 3. Be prepared to be amazed. This is cancerarc fic of the highest
caliber. It is also one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking stories in all XF fanfic. If
you can bear it, see it through to the end and read the follow-ups. It is extraordinary.
Michaela claimed her place in my personal Fanfic Hall of Fame with this magnificent
series. I dare you to disagree.
~ ~ ~
(Mostly pre-XF, MSR, M/O, Rated R, 32k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Mish: Hands down, this is the most satisfying explanation of the "wedding ring".
I'm enthralled by every word of Mulder's love letter to his wife - and a love letter it is,
written with heartbreaking simplicity. And while it is a tribute to his time with Angie,
it's also filled with little details about how he came to love Scully. I love
OneMillionandNine's Mulder; he's flawed, selfish, and still boyish. The portrayal
here is stunning, the story poignant, and the ending a subtle, telling glimpse of the
future. Very, very nice.
~ ~ ~
(S, A, Rated S for Squeaky, 38k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Diana: 'Tis the season, and that makes it the perfect time to curl up with some
eggnog and a good holiday fic like "Epiphany." It's Christmas, Mulder's back, and
there are some bumps in the road ahead. Amanda takes simple things - burned
gravy, baby's stacking rings, carols on the radio -- and incorporates them into a
compelling holiday story that tugs at your heart and, like Pandora's not-really-empty
box, gives you the ultimate holiday gift of hope.
mountainphile: I'd like to add a big 'me, too!' to this rec. It's a wonderful little story
that *does* leave the reader with a feeling of hope and includes some great
Mulder/Scully dialogue.
~ ~ ~
(Holiday fic, 30k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Audrey: "Climb right in, dear," called the blue-haired lady, leaning from the
passenger side window of the passing car. This is no night to be stranded." So
begins Scully's Christmas Eve journey in the company of a unique Ex-Wives
Club. But are these three delicate-looking senior citizens just giving the
stranded agent a lift...or are they on a mysterious mission to put Dana on the
Naughty list for once? Have a good giggle this holiday season with Rev's
delightfully dotty original characters - and feel your cockles warm when
Scully's secret Christmas wish is fulfilled.
~ ~ ~