Titles A - F
(Mythology, MSR, Rated NC-17, 328K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Jintian: Okay. Now, the purpose of a recommendations site, as I see it, is to point out
the good fic to people. So let me just say: it doesn't get much better than this. One,
Rachel ROCKS, and two, "Above Rubies" (the story I consider my WIP of the year) is
now FINISHED. Here's just a little of what you'll find in it (because, of course, you
simply must read it): thrilling action, creepy terrorists, kickass Krycek and kickass
Scully, sensitive Mulder, tough Skinner, hot FBI smut, and real resolutions to mytharc
plotholes. This story is a treasure.
~ ~ ~
(Character Death, MSR, Rated R, 37K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Diana: I wasn't going to read this. Character death pieces are hard for me to handle.
But I love Narida's writing, and gave in to temptation. To think those two words in the
headers almost made me skip this story. And what I would have missed! This is a tark
tale of love and choices, written with a spare beauty that belies the dark subject matter.
Powerful, moving, and very believable.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 66K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Blackwood: Bower, Anton, Schramm. All greats and I didn't think anyone, anywhere
could write a post-ep for 'all things' that could match them. Until now. Not only does
flynn provide a briliant Mulder POV, but the love is palpable as M&S bring
consummation to new heights. Don't believe the rating, either. It's NC17 all the way,
baybees! Totally in-character, in canon, incredible! Angel wants more from *this*
author. Please?
~ ~ ~
(SA, MSR, Rated PG-13, 27K, 55k, Spoilers through Requiem)
Recommended 8-20-01
Forte: "Age Cannot Wither" and its sequel, "Nor Custom Stale," are wonderful AU fics.
They weave together a new take on Mulder's post-Requiem return and an answer to the
question, "What if Clyde Bruckman was right?" ACW deals primarily with Mulder's
return and what Scully did during the period of his abduction; NCS describes their
reunion and Mulder's discoveries of what he'd missed. Both fics include spot-on
characterization and just the right blend of angst and humor. I can't recommend these
highly enough.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 43K)
Recommended 8-5-01
mountainphile: I often prefer my pasta "al dente" as well as my fic -- and this story
offers resistence at every turn. Set post "Existence", Scully stresses over the realities
of juggling a new baby, resuming work, sketchy future plans, and a complicated
relationship with Mulder. Please try this one, I guarantee you'll like it! ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 285K)
Recommended 1-29--01
Diana: I almost never read WIPs, but there was something about the shoefic that lured
me in. And lucky you -- it's finished, so you won't have to bite your nails between
chapters, wondering what's going to happen next. A gruesome murder has links to an
unsolved case from Mulder's past. Syntax has written a story with compelling
characters, crisp dialogue, and a villain that will literally make your toes curl. You'll
never look at shoes in the same way again.
~ ~ ~
(XRA, post-col, Rated NC-17, 475k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Mish: Everything you'd ever want in a post-colonization story is right here. Twists and
turns, action, romance, an appearance by just about every minor character - what more
could you ask for? This would make for one hell of a movie - anybody listening out there
in TV land? Oh well... just let Brandon's imagination take you away. Well worth the trip!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 68K)
Recommended 7-3-00
mountainphile: I'll say it again... I love a fresh, different POV and "Amicable Intent" by
KatyBlue provides just that. Through the eyes of Skinner's secretary, Kimberly, we have
a front row seat to Scully's mistrust and loneliness after Mulder's disappearance.
Besides coping with pregnancy, SkinMan, and a possible new partner, there's the
added risk of gossip among the "working girls" in the Bureau. And KatyBlue's version of
ScathingScully is worth every word she utters... Read this one!
~ ~ ~
(Mulder/Krycek, Slash, Rated R, 32K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Jintian: Kest's moody, sensual writing is perfect for this doomsday tale of longing, and
she skillfully explores the spaces between the characters, both physical and emotional.
The story shows that while Mulder and Krycek may fight on opposite sides of a cause,
inherently they are still quite similar.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 40K)
Recommended 7-24-00
mountainphile: It must be my week for sensitive stories! Kate is a masterful
storyteller who handles flashback and soul-searching with finesse. Scully's memories of
times spent with Mulder simply breathe with immediacy, regret, and tenderness as she
makes necessary adjustments and ties up loose ends, waiting for his return. Each
memory unfolds in a different and captivating way... I so enjoyed this!
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 736K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Jintian: If you haven't read this yet, please allow me to politely ask -- "Why the hell
NOT??" Because simply put, AH is one of the best fanfic stories I have *ever* read, and
I'm not just talking about in the XF fandom. It's a universal classic, folks. We get
amazing characterizations, as Fialka sends Mulder and Scully through figurative fire
and forges them into harder, stronger, and yet somehow still hopeful, versions of
themselves. There is also a fascinating and layered portrayal of Detective Kresge from
the Christmas Carol/Emily episodes. The story itself is one of the smartest, most
involved interpretations of mythology I've seen yet, spanning well beyond the scope of
those eps and delving deep into all the scarier social issues CC&Co have really only
flirted with for the past seven years. Trust me: you do *not* want to miss this fic.
mountainphile: It's a rare thing for me to lap up story installments as they appear and
then sit thirsting until the next day. I think Jintian's already said it perfectly...the depth
and treatment of Scully, Mulder, and Kresge in particular -- combined with the amazing
backdrop of the Southwest and the Dineh culture and characters makes this
unforgettable story a must-read!
~ ~ ~
(M/K, Rated NC-17, 46K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Blackwood: Being a hardcore shipper, Slash is a genre I didn't appreciate
immediately. Then I started reading and discovered that not only could such a scenario
work, but that love is love in all its guises and when well-written, any pairing is a
possibility. With this story, Janet depicts the M/K dynamic in steamy, realistic tones
that captivate the imagination. Nicely done.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 131k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Audrey: A true stunner of a debut, "The Awakening" takes its inspiration from the Kate
Chopin novel of the same name. A reference early on seems to set it somewhere in S3,
giving us a less world-weary Scully and Mulder, a pair who are still getting to know each
other, not yet sure of the other's attraction or feelings. I must admit, I was wary of this
line from the author's summary: "For incurable romantics only." Don't let that scare off
the pragmatist in you, though, because yes, there's a snug, charming lodge in a forest
on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, but not a trace of mush to be found. More importantly,
there's a Mulder and Scully I recognize and very potent chemistry between them.
~ ~ ~
(Skinner/Scully, Rated NC-17, 33K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Audrey: When we first decided to have a regular recs page, it was agreed that we'd
make an effort to showcase fics from all genres, NOT just MSR. As possibly the most
'shippery' of the group, I secretly suspected it would be hard for me to live by that, but
I'm happy to report otherwise. Geb's "Beige Wall" is a great example of why. Though it
might seem like a scenario to follow Requiem, "Beige" is actually a Biogenesis fill-in-
the-blank, wherein Scully stays in the game and makes do with a late-game
substitution. An angsty and heartwrenching tale, it very effectively uses second person
to (as the summary indicates) 'disengage' the heroine from her own life. As an added
bonus, that ploy results in a fully humanized portrait of Skinner. Eventually, we re-enter
the episode where Scully arrives to find Mulder in his padded room, his anguished
howls taking on deeper, more devastating significance.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 15K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Blackwood: Amidst the plethora of babyfic floating around fanfic these days, it's a
wonder it doesn't start to blend together. This one stands out from the rest in my mind.
ML provides a solid, 'just-right' tone with this wonderful vignette. It's just my opinion, of
course, but CC's gender choice for BabyX makes absolute sense in so many ways and
I can live with ML's name choice, too. Great job. ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR/H/A/Babyfic, PG-13, 56K, SPOILERS through S8)
Recommended 8-5-01
Forte: I'd really, really, REALLY like to see 1013 build Season 9 around this wonderful
fic. Anjou gives us her view on how a Mulderless/DD-less Season 9 could be written,
including an in-character, plausible explanation for Scully's/GA's departure at the end of
the year. I'm saddened that the Mulder/Scully era has come to a close, but I could be
happy with S9 if it turned out Anjou's way. Now if only I could smuggle this fic into
1013's planning meetings...
~ ~ ~
(Rapefic, MSR, Rated NC-17, 139K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Jintian: Fanfic has lost one of our bright lights, a truly classic author who helped
pioneer much of the way for XF writing online, and in so doing, set the standards of
quality for everyone else. I often think that half the MSR that gets written nowadays is
just an attempt to recapture those former glories -- but that's misleading since Leyla
herself was still posting new fic of her own after "Requiem," and damn good fic, at that.
Still, I'm sure those of you familiar with her work will agree that Leyla could do it like no
one else. Case in point -- "Beyond Fragile," which is the only rape story I have ever
believed did the genre justice, by thoughtfully and courageously exploring the
seriousness of the issue from both Mulder's *and* Scully's perspectives, and by not
allowing pat resolutions to difficult situations. I advise everyone to read this one-of-a-
kind story, and then follow the link above to get to Leyla's website for more of her
amazing writing. After you've spent some time there, you'll see just how very much
Leyla will be missed.
~ ~ ~
(Scully/Krycek, Rated R, 34K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Jintian: Zara explodes into the Scully/Krycek pairing with this intelligent, dark foray
into the characters' hidden past. The time setting of the story is all too appropriate to
the plot, at a point where both characters are facing huge and unwanted changes in
their involvement in the conspiracy.
~ ~ ~
(Alternate Universe, MSR, Rated R, Series)
Recommended 11-13-00
Mish: Like I told Dawn, I know this series has been 'recc'ed out the 'wazoo'. But if I
had to pick one series as my favorite, it would probably be this. From the moment I
discovered it, I've printed out every word and it now resides in a binder two inches thick.
Not only does she write the major characters with the utmost finesse, but her original
characters are a true delight to behold. Ah... Grey McKenzie. Picture a slightly older,
slightly heavier, smoother (if possible) Mulder with a Carolina drawl. I drool. I melt. I re-
read! Over and over and over....
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 26K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Blackwood: Set post En Ami, this is a dark piece of erotica that explores the
boundaries of anger, fear and trust. But, not to worry, in Cindy's capable hands, it all
ends up in the right place and with the proper tone. Her handling of erotic material is
excellent, painting vivid pictures that capture these complex characters while depicting
both the physical and emotional bond that exists between them.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 18K)
Recommended 9-4-00
mountainphile: I'm ready for a vacation from work, but Maggie gives Mulder and
Scully an excuse to vacation *while* working -- and a tropical paradise stakeout to boot!
With deft characterization and description that glued me to the screen, Maggie treats
us to a scene of personal discovery...the atmosphere, the timing, and their own
chemistry pulling them together in a cleverly-told and satisfying tale.
~ ~ ~
(Requiem, MSR, Rated NC-17, K)
Recommended 8-21-00
Diana: It's hard to say something about this Post-Requiem piece without spoiling it. A
compelling look at a returned Mulder who...nope I'm not saying another word. Just read
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 18K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Blackwood: One of my all-time favorite fics, Shari weaves an incredible picture of
sound as she relays a post-accident vignette of horror and tenderness. At the center of
it all, is Mulder and Scully, clinging to one another for sanity and safety in a world gone
mad. I daresay that most of Shari's work puts CC's writers to shame, but this one
haunts me. And I thank her for that.
~ ~ ~
(X-File, M/S UST, Mulder/Other, Slash, Rated NC-17, 657K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Diana: Never thought I could love a Mulder/Other story as much as I do "Cadenza."
This is a wonderful casefile with a compelling original character, Joshua Segulyev. The
story flows beautifully, with some genuinely creepy moments, but like Joshua himself, it
never hits a false note.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13 and NC-17, 20K and 29K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Forte: So what if it's after Christmas when you read these fics? They're sweet and
heartwarming any time of the year, for any holiday. Oh, and there's smut, too. ;) My
holiday gift to Moose and Squirrel would be for them to enjoy time together as they do in
these stories. Take a bow, Susanne. :)
~ ~ ~
(Post-colonization, Scully/Doggett, Rated R, 27K)
Recommended 3-26-01
Jintian: There's an amazing mood in this fic -- so much tragedy and sadness gets
communicated with such spare and desperate prose. It's a gutsy effort, and not only
because of the pairing, but because of how the characters themselves are portrayed in
one of XF fanfic's most abnormal situations. And yet Kelly gets it just right, I think.
There are some great sequences in this story that *hurt* to read (but in a good way, of
course!), just because of the unflinching intimacy with which she writes the characters.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 19K)
Recommended 9-4-00
Blackwood: Ever wonder what would happen if an erotic encounter between our
favorite feds wasn't the be all and end all? This steamy little piece by Lara sheds light
on just that scenario. Reading this, one gets the feeling that you're both inside *and*
outside of our favorite G-man's head. The scenario is familiar, but not; and Lara handles
the subject matter with skill and sensitivity. Well done.
~ ~ ~
(X-File, M/S UST, Rated R, 107K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Forte: Ever wonder what happened to Mulder and Scully in "Fight the Future" between
playing in the snow in Antarctica and being back in DC? Since CC didn't address it,
Justin did. I re-read "Certitude" a couple weeks ago, and it was even better than I
remembered. There's agents in peril, there's angst, there's DAL, there's great
characterization, and there's an intriguing original character, too. I can't rec this fic
strongly enough.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 5K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Diana: I like it when an author takes chances and writes something that isn't quite
what you expected. This story certainly qualifies. It's a first time piece, but there is no
sweetness and light in "Chainlink." Instead, Gnatalie shows us another side of Mulder
and Scully. It's dark and harsh, and the emotional scale veers very close to desperation
at times. But given what we know of them, I found it entirely plausible, and I think you
will, too.
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 7K)
Recommended 1-29-01
mountainphile: If you liked "The Unnatural" and "Requiem", you'll love this sensitive
story of patience and reward. Seen through the eyes of a sympathetic observer, it's set
against the backdrop of a game that has special meaning for our favorite agents:
baseball. Poignant imagery parallels both the shifting seasons and the noticable
changes seen in Scully, before Mulder's return -- and after.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 20K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Debut fic? Nice going. This was beautifully conceived and executed and
hot as hell. Great job with the material. The metaphors were especially apropos and the
characterizations spot on. This writer has got the goods and this reader hopes to see
more of her work, soon.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 42K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Blackwood: My classic recommendation is this incredible piece of writing from one of
philedom's most talented authors. This was the first NC17 fanfic I ever read and frankly,
it still reaches me with the same power now, as then. Masterful handling of the
material, done so with gut-wrenching honesty, and M&S as only MD can write them. A
true keeper.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 15k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Blackwood: Funniest story I've read in a very long time. Oh, the quest for an original
idea in XF fanficdom! Now, since Musea doesn't archive actorfic, I had to ask my
listmates if this one counted. CC isn't an actor, after all, and I *am* a Carter afficionado
so my jibes are lovingly intended. But.... considering everything we've all had to endure
in S8 (Duchovny and Spotnitz had to beg for the final kiss) and with what's rumored for
S9 (don't ask), I figure comeuppance is due. Lucy handles the material well and tells
me this is her debut piece. Good job, my dear. Now, write me a lovely romance.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG, 24K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Diana: Sometimes you read a story that stays with you long after you've finished it.
For me, "Cleopatra's Needle" was one. A beautifully written piece that touched me
deeply, it is poignant, loving, and full of hope. I highly recommend this.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 26K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Audrey: A terrific post-En Ami mood piece, Sophia dares to show us shippers the
most worrisome of all possible truths: Perhaps love, in the end, isn't enough to make
them happy. In the process, she's unflinching in showing us the contradictory natures of
our heroes, and isn't afraid to leave us feeling as bereft and helpless as they are.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 27K)
Recommended 10-1-00
Blackwood: Such an innocent title, isn't it? That's about the only thing that *is* in this
steamy vignette. Beautifully executed characterization is always a Schramm hallmark. I
never have any trouble seeing the Mulder and Scully I know and love in her work. Sue
just keeps producing piece after piece of delicious romance that delights with its
imagery, its dialogue and its excellent writing. Her stories are a joy to read, no matter
how many times you go back to them. That's why I do...again and again. You will, too.
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 5K)
Recommended 6-19-00
mountainphile: ...And something new! Seldom does a story hit me with the immediate
impact of Beduini's post-Requiem tale "Dana." After the first read, wiping tears, I
couldn't stop thinking about it and had to go back for another angsty immersion.
Beduini's writing is concise, brutally honest, and so cleanly executed... I'm *still*
haunted by this amazing story with an ending that is both suggestive and inevitable.
Read this and you'll be under its spell indefinitely... thanks, Beduini!
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 12K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Blackwood: I don't read babyfic. That's what I told myself. Then I read this. A word of
caution: tread softly in this dark, dark place. A bete noir version of how CC could handle
his Season 7 coup de grace. Only thing is, Livia has done it already and better.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 11K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Jintian: I'm long past due on recommending this stunner of a story. Sophia amazes
me with her rich prose, the complex weavings of her character relationships, and yes,
her gutsiness. Maybe you'll disagree with the characterization on a first read, but I
advise a closer study. You might be surprised at how very well it *does* work.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 13K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Diana: I was stunned by the emotional power of this story. Scully is in a very dark
place, and turns to an unexpected source for help. Excellent characterizations and an
all-too-plausible situation make this piece impossible to forget. Be warned, this is not
for the faint of heart!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 26K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Blackwood: This is still one of the sweetest morsels of MSR on the planet. Sue's
Mulder & Scully always make me think of those dreamy, romantic, black-and-white
Hollywood films of old. The writing is clean, clear, and oh-so readable. And the UST
simply shimmers.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 21K)
Recommended 4-9-01
Mish: The trick to writing a believable outsider's POV of the M/S relationship is to
create an original character of depth. The character doesn't have to be sympathetic or
even 'nice.' The OC just has to be real. And half the pleasure of reading this story is the
fact that flynn's Emma is a multi-faceted person that any one of us could identify with.
Yes, she does things that we all have done -- admire Scully, drool over Mulder, wonder
how the hell these two got together in the first place. But she doesn't sit there and
wallow in envy; the most enjoyable part of the story is when she remembers that she
too, has a husband. I loved the OC here just as much as I loved flynn's Mulder and
Scully, who, by the way, are painted with very fine touches. I would love to see more of
the Mulder and Scully of this universe. Moreso, I would love to see more of Emma and
Hobie. Truly a delightful read!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 13K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Mish: I don't quite know how to classify this piece. I think I'm still digesting it, which
isn't a bad thing, because I find my palate tasting something new and exciting every
time I read it! A masterpiece of dreams, Jeopardy!, Lewis Carroll and m&m's. And
Mulder and Scully, of course -- written by this newbie author with the perfection of a
seasoned pro. An idyllic, melancholy at times, look at the pre-Reqiuem relationship.
Savor every word.
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, ??K)
Recommended 10-15-00
Blackwood: What fun! A 3rd person POV (my personal weakness) that poses all the
questions you just know go through everyone's heads when Moose and Squirrel are in
the room. And hey, who hasn't speculated about after-hours liaisons? The difference is
that when the subject of scrutiny is M&S and it's written by flynn, you just know that
you're in for fabulous descriptions with well-drawn characters and emotions that are on
the mark. Add a shining star if you're a Mulderist cause flynn writes him with style to
spare. Just what is it with M&S and hallways anyway? ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 30K)
Recommended 3-26-01
mountainphile: Great minds think alike...unless they're misunderstood and misread
due to classic "morning after" discomfort. I love how Scully and Mulder gingerly
approach one another to discuss their new reality and sexuality. Very believable tension
and a sweet resolution to boot!
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated R, 13K)
Recommended 8-14-00
Blackwood: I said to aflg: "You're not fooling anyone with this 'frightened little girl'
routine, you know." She/he said: "I'm no one of consequence. Really. ;)" The wink is all
*hers/his.* Okay, whatever you say. Meanwhile, if you haven't read this spin on
Requiem post-eps, please give yourself a treat and do so. Parody, like farce, should not
be attempted by the faint of heart or the weak pen. Aflg shows us how it's done. Good
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 154k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Audrey: A kidnapping in New Mexico leads our dynamic duo way out West and deep
into Mulder's past. EQS also offers a solution to one Scully family mystery - Melissa's
"missing years" - as well. The author's eagle eye for character detail, great ear for
dialogue and wicked sense of humor all brought me back for multiple readings. Okay,
that and some seriously intense sex. ;)
~ ~ ~
(Spoiler Fic, MSR, Rated PG, 12K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Diana: I love it when a writer manages to scratch below the surface and give us
something new and unexpected. I think that's why I like Alanna's stories. Her ability to
delve into their psyche and explore new facets of the characters is amazing. She
makes them breathe and grow, and "Etiolate" is a prime example of that talent. At
times, this piece is hard to read, the sheer depth of emotions almost overpowering in
their intensity. We see a Scully that is raw and aching. Bruised by time and
circumstances, she begins to question her abilities as an agent and a mother-to-be.
Please note -- this story contains spoilers.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 32K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Blackwood: Dark, dark, dark. And I love it, especially when it rings as true as this one
does. Another post-ep to Three Words that is marvelous in its handling of Mulder &
Scully in confrontational dialogue. The author urges you to hang in there and I agree. It
is worth the pain for the gain. Looking forward to more from this writer.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 50K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Blackwood: It's getting so that when I see flynn's name in my mailbox, I know I'm for a
treat: solid writing, wonderful characterizations, delicious storylines and terrific erotica.
This vignette captures an idea I've long wanted to see played out: M&S and the NY
Times Sunday crossword. In flynn's capable hands, intellectual goes physical and into
emotional without missing a beat. Wonderful work!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 9K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Diana: What I wouldn't give to see this one filmed! It's Mulder's first day back at work,
and Scully has a surprise for him. Not many writers can pull off sexy and hot and funny,
but shannono does it admirably in this wonderful vignette. Welcome back, Mulder!
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated NC-17, 83K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Blackwood: Every now and again, a piece of fiction comes along that fills in the
blanks so beautifully and so perfectly that the author's vision becomes a part of your
personal M&S canon. Enter forewarned into prufrock's early M&S world and discover,
once and for all, the truth that was out there that we were never told. Crystalline
characterizations that capture the early partnership with such resonance I have no
choice but to go back and watch S1 with new eyes. Do *not* miss this fic.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 13K and 93K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Mish: A unique story that will not fail to move you, "Forecast of Rain" and its sequel,
"Occluded" give us something to chew on in post-Requiem Scully angst, but for a
reason that is totally unexpected. It marches on before your disbelieving eyes while you
sit there and think, "This can't be happening." But happen it does, and in Alanna's deft
hands, you can't help but sit silently and look at the screen with awe. It moved me --
not to tears, but to something far worse. It made me stop moving, made my heart slow
down and beat along with Scully's as she fights the battle of her life. You won't find a
better-woven tale of hope amidst despair.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 27K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Mish: A sequel to "Throwing Words Away" that stands very well on its own. I sobbed
while reading this -- Alanna has captured the poignancy of Mulder's absence with
typical brilliance. Most telling is Scully's quiet acceptance of her friends' attempts at
keeping Mulder alive. From the very first scene, the story breathes with Mulder
presence -- and establishes once again that Scully is the glue that holds them all
together. Excellent work!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 16K and 25K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Forte: These are angsty post-eps for "Requiem." Mulder is back, with psychological
injuries that far outweigh the physical. His slow, still-incomplete reconnection with
Scully and with their child is heartwarming at the same time that it is heartbreaking. I'm
looking forward to more of this story, so please hurry Michelle. :)
~ ~ ~
(S, R, MSR, Rated PG, 17k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Blackwood: I love a writer who can pen intelligent conversation, and Cecily is one of
those writers. A sure and deft hand mark every one of her too short list of stories. Here,
the banalities of life are juxtaposed against the special bond shared by our favorite feds
leaving the reader feeling privvy to a delicious conversation whose subtext holds
meaning far beyond mere words. A keeper.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated R, 55k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Blackwood: In spite of all the changes S9 has in store, there are still authors out
there whose talent reminds me just what it was that made me "fall in love" with Mulder
& Scully in the first place. I'm grateful to Jess for this beautifully wrought S1 story. It's
no small task to delve into the past and imbue a tale with early characterization that
resonates with the 'extreme possibilities' that were M&S then. A refreshing change of
pace from a skilled artist.
~ ~ ~
(V, A, MSR, Rated NC-17, 25k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Blackwood: Trust me. This *isn't* what you're expecting. Then again... it's Marasmus,
storyteller par excellence. You'll be enchanted, thrilled and devastated by this intense
vignette. Vivid imagery, spot-on characterizations and a twist of fate that only a top-
notch author like K can pull off make this a must-read. I'm still genuflecting.
~ ~ ~
(VA, Season 2 fic, Rated PG-13, 4k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: Susan ventures into some dark territory with this stark portrayal of Mulder in the
midst of Scully's abduction. One of my favorite Mulders, actually, told in superb
second person. And she nails him, literarily *and* figuratively, as he gives in to his
baser feelings through her deft, slicing, lean prose. I can very well imagine this part of
him just lurking under the surface; it's sympathetic and frightening at the same time.
Very well done!
~ ~ ~
(Novel, A, MSR, Rated NC-17, 920k)
Recommended 10-2-01

Mish: Okay, we're once again in one of my favorite A/U's with this sequel to "Goshen"
and "Secret World". I waited to read this for a very long time and it was worth every
minute. Not much I can say that hasn't already been said about this masterpiece - the
angst, DAL, suspense - all ratcheted up to tremendous proportions. Mulder and Scully
on the run, and not just from the bad guys; it's aching to see how they manage to stay
together while drifting apart. A long, sometimes painful read, but so very satisfying. Now
I guess I'll have to wait another few months for "The Road Less Travelled" but hey, I'm
used to waits. Especially when I already know how much I'm going to love the result. :)
~ ~ ~
(VA, Unrated, 8k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Forte: This is a painful, but beautifully-drawn, portrait of Scully and her anguish during
the time between "This is Not Happening" and "DeadAlive." It's difficult to read due to
the sad subject matter, but it's a skillful and, IMO, realistic examination of the myriad of
emotions -- some unattractive -- that Scully went through during those three months.
~ ~ ~
(SAR, MSR, Rated R, 19k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: Satisfying post-SUZ/Closure fic that deals with the fallout from the episodes
from the relationship point of view. The best part of this story is Scully's grip on the
rollercoaster that is Mulder; though we see alternating POV's, she shines through as
the rock on which Mulder stands. Always there, always waiting. The most amazing
facet of this story? It is an *improv* fic! Read it and simply sit in awe of its seamless
wonder. Oh... and a nice, happy ending, too.
~ ~ ~

(S, A, MSR, Rated NC-17, 473k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Mish: The epitome of angst, in my opinion. Shalimar teases us with bits of happiness,
then loads of hurt, presenting our duo in, at times, a less that flattering light. But it
works. God, does it work! If you've never read this story, then you're missing out on one
of the best XF novels ever written. If you have read it and never sent feedback before now
(like me, I'm ashamed to say), then here's your chance. This was the WIP that made
me swear off them forever - gripping action, lots of real emotion and scenes to make you
cry - my summer of 1998 was spent watching this story unfold. After it was done, I just
couldn't take it again. It ruined me for good. <g> But I loved every minute of it and you
will, too.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Je Souhaite post-ep, NC-17, 34k)
Recommended 10-1-01
mountainphile: Flynn gives the reader an amazing treat -- an inside look at intimacy
with Scully through the mind and sensations of Mulder. Artfully written, all of his
insecurities, needs, desires, and hopes are presented within a smooth and delicious
encounter that oozes sexuality. Lovely work!
Blackwood: I really must join in the kudos for this story. Je Souhaite is one of my
favorite eps of S7 and not just because it's the last *real* M&S casefile (although that
does make it a sentimental fave). Flynn creates a believable and delightful encounter
between friends crossing the boundaries into something more with all of its thrills
and chills. And, of course, it's from Mulder's POV (a personal preference) and always
so well done in this talented author's hands. A genuine pleasure throughout.
~ ~ ~
Recommended 12-3-01
(Post-ep for NIHT, Rated PG, 7k)
Mish: Once again, ML has managed to tug at my heartstrings. Oh, but what a
bittersweet feeling. Mulder's last 48 hours with his new family, told from an absolutely
perfect Mulder POV. I could hear him speak the words, feel him touch his son - see
him doing every bit of mindless preparation in an attempt at normalcy. So, so sad.
But so, so good!
~ ~ ~
(Post-ep for "Oubliette", Rated Strong R, 18k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Mish: Cin says this fic is 'dark' in the headers, and you'd better believe it. This is a
scenario that, at first glance, may make some shake their heads. But I can totally buy
it, especially with the M/S UST of years past; Cin's Mulder is a man willing to try
anything once, a man raised to lofty status by Scully only to prove he's only human
after all. Her Scully is razor-sharp and yet confused, jumping from one erroneous
conclusion to another. The story makes one ask - why? Then again - why not?
~ ~ ~
(S,MSR, Rated PG-13, 24K)
Recommended 12-3-01
Forte: It's Season 9. It's William's first Christmas. The Scully family tries to brighten
things up for Scully by having Christmas for her in San Diego. Told from Mrs. Scully's
POV, we get a touching look at how Scully is coping (or not) without Mulder. Oh, and
Michelle makes me miss Bill Scully Jr. :) If only 1013 could tell the story this well...
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 144k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Mish: Let's see... a cold winter's day, check. Maybe just a bit of rain, or even better,
snow. Check. A hot cup of spiced tea and possibly a homemade brownie or two -
double check. Now, all you need is a fic to curl up with! This is it. :) A slow, precise
tale of the road to intimacy between two friends that is sweet and hot at the same time
- like the best pepper jelly. Wrap it around you and stay warm for hours....
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A, Rated NC-17, 14k)
Recommended 12-3-01
Blackwood: I confess to a definite penchant for M&S with an edge. They are,
IMHO, beautiful, complex, flawed people. Maybe that's why this story grabbed me early
on and kept me riveted straight through to the end. Hmmm. One thing I *am* certain of
is that this is a tough, gritty and steamy encounter. Even Dryad's use of language is
terse and direct. The mood is dark and the passion is real. If you're the "hearts and
flowers" type, don't go here. Here there be monsters and, oh my, how delicious it is.
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated PG, 6k)
Recommended 12-24-01
Blackwood: If you like a warm and fuzzy M&S, this story is not for you. This take on
the M/S parting is true to character and true to life with all of the angst and love these
two remarkable individuals feel for one another. The writing is excellent, but that goes
without saying when in the capable hands of this too-seldom heard from author. She
promises me she's still in the fanfic biz and I, for one, am very glad.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 4.5k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: I confess to a soft spot for Mulder & Frohike friendship pieces. It just
seems appropriate and this terrific piece reads *so* easy. I also confess to admiration
for anyone who can write dialogue with finesse and this writer has the goods. The
exchanges are witty, in character and clever. A nice job all around. Thanks!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, PWP, Rated NC-17, 15k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Mish: Oh, I love a good piece of erotica! And this one, while meeting all the necessary
requirements, gives us just a bit of something more - a peek into what I feel is a facet of
Scully's personality that makes total sense to me. He loves to talk, she loves to listen.
And why shouldn't that carry over to the bedroom? Nice exploration of our favorite G-
woman's rarely seen sense of inadequacy, with a sweet, supernatural resolution. Par
for the course, naturally. :) Great job!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, X, Rated R, 117k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Forte: What a fabulous post-"all things" fic! Things aren't rosy between Mulder and
Scully, but the work doesn't stop: they have some apparent suicides to investigate.
Fascinating story, wonderfully described characters and setting, great M/S interaction.
I couldn't stop reading this one (and boy, was I tired at work the next day, but I didn't
~ ~ ~
(V, post-ep for Three Words, Doggett POV, Rated PG, 23k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Mish: I love a good outsider's POV of the M/S relationship. Combined with an
excellent portrayal of the D-man, this one is a gem. It's no secret I was not exactly
pleased with Mulder's behavior in "Three Words" and it appears Doggett wasn't either,
as shown here. Just another reason to like the man. <g> This fic isn't an exploration
of Mulder's nastiness; it is John's attempt to make him wake up and smell the roses.
Nice little ending, too. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 45k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Forte: It's no secret that I've been, er, disappointed with S8 and S9. It's a rare fic
that's set during this period that can make me forget (at least temporarily) the things
from canon that drive me batty. Without giving away too much, I can say that there's
logical characterization, consideration of consequences, and backstory in this fic that I
wish we could see on the show. And, as usual, Noelle writes lovely smut. But really, I
just read this for the plot. ;)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A Rated PG-13, 8k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Blackwood: This concise vignette took me by surprise. Oh, not Michelle's writing.
That, as usual, is first rate with crisp characterizations and realistic dialogue. But I'd
nearly forgotten how romantic and tragic cancerfic can be when left in capable hands.
Without schmoopiness or over sentimentality, Michelle offers a glimpse of a Mulder
and Scully I'd nearly forgotten. S5 remains my favorite for so many reasons, but
mostly for the deep abiding love that seems to shine through every ep. Shame on CC
for wasting the potential of these characters and brava to Michelle for redeeming it.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 34k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Blackwood: I'm always happy to see a good writer take a chance and spin a story
in a new and different way. Livia is a marvelous writer who has taken a much-underrated
film and given it the royal M&S treatment. How could she have known that "Joe Vs. the
Volcano" is one of my all-time favorite films for sheer originality, poetry and symbolism?
No matter. I love the way she's taken key elements from one and woven them into some
nifty MSR. Yes, I said "nifty." ;) Thanks, Livvy!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, babyfic, SRH, Rated PG-13, 48k)
Recommended 4-25-02
Mish: This is what should have happened after "Existence". Complete with lots of
William and a meddling Charlie Scully, this is a slice of Mulder and Scully domesticity
that is simple and satisfying. No overly sweet sappiness here, folks. Just a spot-on
look at our heroes coping with a momentous decision. Nicely done!
~ ~ ~
(Erotica, Rated NC-17, ~50k)
Recommended 8-8-02

Mish: A series I'd forgotten about until it was resurrected (rightfully so) on the Haven
"After Hours" board, it epitomizes M/S erotica. This isn't smut folks - that moniker is
way too tame for this exploration of physical love. And it isn't just physical, either,
though Shannon does a mighty fine job turning on the heat. It's passion, desire, need
and unselfish love between two people who express themselves better with looks and
touches than they ever did with words. Glad I found it again; you'll be glad you did, too!
~ ~ ~
(V, Rated PG, 13k)
Recommended 9-25-02
Forte: Whoa. I always knew that CSM was a self-serving, conniving SOB, but who
knew just how well he pulled the strings of those around him? ML has created a
marvelous study of the character, set during FTF and beautifully tying together many
moments of the film.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 42k)
Recommended 12-8-02
Blackwood: This collaborative effort was a nice follow-up to diehard's Night Flight.
The writers have clearly been paying attention to Carter's mythology and uses it with
a deft hand. They capture the feel of being on the run and the harsh-but-beautiful
Southwestern U.S. Although my personal vision of M&S varies, I'm always happy to
immerse myself in the musings of another writer, especially when done this well.
Thanks gals!
(V, Rated PG-13, 6k)
Recommended 1-21-03
Blackwood: For many philes, the episode '3' is shunned like the plague. I happen to
find it an intriguing peek inside the crazed mind of Mulder sans Scully. Risky behavior,
indeed. This 3rd person POV provides a unique vantage point from which to observe
the crazed-with-grief agent deal with loss in a believeable way. Well, believeable for
Mulder. Points for originality. Nicely written, too. Thanks Rhetta!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 24K)
Recommended 1-21-03
mountainphile: What impressed me about this story was the realistic bent of Mulder
and Scully's gradual reconnection, hour by hour, both physically and emotionally. I
love the stark honesty in their dialogue and the love/pain shared between them at the
onset of their exile and new life together. Very well done and a mesmerizing read!
~ ~ ~
(V, AU, Rated G, 13k)
Recommended 1-21-03
Blackwood: Maggie Scully discovers the truth about her daughter and Fox Mulder.
Her reaction? Priceless. Cindy's a master of the casefile, but her vignettes are equally
good. In the hands of another writer, this scenario might be coy or plain silly; but not
with CET at the helm. Nice to see a down-to-earth Maggie Scully that acknowledges
her daughter's independence, as well as her daughter's taste. Might we not expect a
return vignette from FM's pov? Hmmmm?
~ ~ ~
(VA, Rated PG, 9k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Blackwood: Every now and then, I read something that beautifully evokes those
early days when TXF was an up-and-coming show with a long and happy run ahead for
all to enjoy. ::sigh:: This post-ep re-examines the mindset of a man at odds with
himself and the world in the wake of painful loss. Of course, that man is S2's Mulder
trying to make sense of things and realizing that nothing does without Scully. Emma's
writing is clean and crisp and her characterization of Bereft!Mulder is right on target. If
you hanker for a painful walk down memory lane, try this one. Just remember, I
warned you.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A Rated NC-17, 68k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: Impeccable characterizations and glorious writing are what you expect
from Anjou and this tale does not disappoint. It's deep background that has become a
piece of my personal canon when it comes to Fox Mulder. It takes talent to capture
characterization. It takes genius to flesh out those bare bones and to provide
believeable history that is both resonant *and* original. Add to that a solid plot with
some mighty fine UST dissolving into spellbinding RST andyou've got the makings of a
helluva great story. Enjoy!
~ ~ ~
(Mytharc, Knowle/Shannon, Rated R, 146k)
Recommended 5-01-03
(This link will take you to Part 1, links to subsequent parts contained in part 1.)

Mish: Goodness, what a fabulous ride this is! I'm discovering the wonderful world of XF fic
of all types and pairings, and I never thought I'd ever be reading a Knowle/Shannon story.
Deslea gives them both such rich and deliciously angsty backstory that this storyline
could well have been incorporated into the series - and it would fit with seamless
perfection. To take such one-note characters and breathe life into them this way is the
sign of a true writer. Knowle is almost child-like in his single-minded view of his purpose
in the plan, while Shannon definitely knows there's got to be something more than killing.
Their relationship (I hesitate to call it romance, though there's hope) is chronicled from its
otherworldly inception, and I was absorbed into the story from the get-go. I can't say
enough about how excellent this story is, from all standpoints. Give it a whirl - you won't
be disappointed!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, UST, SRH, Rated PG, 47K)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: Ahhh, baseball. Somehow, though Mulder has been shown actually
playing basketball on screen, it's baseball that seems to define himfor so many
reasons. I could see, hear and taste this one. M&S share a beautiful spring day with
the nascent Boys of Summer. The dialogue is witty, the interactions spot on and the
history lesson fascinating. Home run, David!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, V, Rated NC-17, 5k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Audrey: Wow. This is one of those gems that exemplifies how an economy of well-
chosen words packs a wallop. Bone beautifully intermingles a variety of religious
imagery with carnal sensuality, elevating a familiar scenario to a near-mythic
~ ~ ~
(MSR, V, Rated NC-17, 8k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Diana: When do you think M&S made love for the first time? I've been flip-flopping on
the issue, but after reading this little jewel by Shannono I'm convinced it was post "all
things." This is a stunningly beautiful piece of erotica. It's full of emotion, and written in a
flawless Scully-voice that leaves you wanting more. And I do want more. <g>
~ ~ ~
(MSR, SRA, Rated NC-17, 69k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Forte: "Eat It Too" is one of my all-time favorite smutfics. I re-read it
at least a few times a year. It's fun, hot, sweet, and sticky *vbeg*, just
like (by amazing coincidence) a freshly baked chocolate cake with vanilla icing.
Oh, and I *heart* Rachel's use of Diana Fowley. The entire story is just a
great ride (no pun intended *cough*) from beginning to end. If you haven't
read it before, you're in for a treat. If you have, isn't it time for you to
read it again? :)
~ ~ ~
(Mostly pre-XF, MSR, M/O, Rated R, 32k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Mish: Hands down, this is the most satisfying explanation of the "wedding ring". I'm
enthralled by every word of Mulder's love letter to his wife - and a love letter it is, written
with heartbreaking simplicity. And while it is a tribute to his time with Angie, it's also
filled with little details about how he came to love Scully. I love OneMillionandNine's
Mulder; he's flawed, selfish, and still boyish. The portrayal here is stunning, the story
poignant, and the ending a subtle, telling glimpse of the future. Very, very nice.
~ ~ ~
(V, MSR, mild Mulderangst, Rated PG-13, 44k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Mish: "Finding Words" is a lovely piece complete with smut and Mulderglasses.
<sigh> In this sequel, we get a more in-depth, after-the-fact interaction about the
difficulty and importance of those three little words, and ultimately, how simple it all
can be. I love Flynn's Mulder, always have, always will. And the way he coaxes
Scully into saying what she feels is so *him*. <big, big sigh> A wonderful read - then
again, Flynn never disappoints!
~ ~ ~
(S, A, Implied MSR, Mulder/O, 21k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Diana: The allure of fanfiction is the ability to fill in the blanks, to take a 'what-if'
premise and flesh it out. Bone does that so well in this story. It is a beautifully crafted
piece, filled with an intriguing premise and instantly recognizable characterizations.
"Adisa" will leave you breathless.
~ ~ ~
(S, H, R, Unrated, 20k)
Recommended 12-22-03

Forte: Oh my, where do I start with this fabulous fic? It made me sniffle (in the best
possible way). It made me cheer. It made me be in awe of Jill's clever POV switches.
<g> Whether you're naughty or you're nice, this is one primo feel-good holiday story. :)
~ ~ ~
(S, A, Rated S for Squeaky, 38k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Diana: 'Tis the season, and that makes it the perfect time to curl up with some
eggnog and a good holiday fic like "Epiphany." It's Christmas, Mulder's back, and
there are some bumps in the road ahead. Amanda takes simple things - burned gravy,
baby's stacking rings, carols on the radio -- and incorporates them into a compelling
holiday story that tugs at your heart and, like Pandora's not-really-empty box, gives
you the ultimate holiday gift of hope.
mountainphile: I'd like to add a big 'me, too!' to this rec. It's a wonderful little story
that *does* leave the reader with a feeling of hope and includes some great
Mulder/Scully dialogue.
~ ~ ~
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