A Different Kind of X-Files
"Thank You" Campaign

May 17 - May 20, 2002

Click here for the list of participating websites
(last updated 1:20 p.m. ET May 19, 2002)

If you have your own XF-related website, here's a different way to say,
"Thank you!" to those involved in The X-Files.

As we all know, the series finale will air on May 19. Since the on-line fandom
is such a significant part of the show's history and success, I think it would be
fitting to have as many sites involved in saying "goodbye" as possible.

To that end, I suggest that all interested webmasters/mistresses replace their
homepages from Friday, May 17th through the evening of Monday, May 20th,
using the page to express their thanks/farewells in whatever way they feel
appropriate. Variations on this theme (such as adding a banner rather than a
completely new page) are more than welcome.

If you run a website, plan to participate in this "Thank you" from May 17 - 20,
and would like to be included on a list of participating websites, please e-mail me
with your name and URL (see below). The list will be on this page. Of course,
if you don't want to be on the list, that's fine too. :)

Please note: this effort is merely a different way to try to express thanks to the
folks involved in TXF. It is not in any way meant to take the place of any
other kind of Thank You campaign or to discourage anyone from contributing
to other kinds of campaigns. After all, there's no reason why someone can't be
involved in more than one effort to say thanks. *g*


E-mail your name and URL to be added to the list of participating sites

Participating Websites
Participating websites are welcome to display the banner at the top of this page until May 17th.
Linking to this site is appreciated but not required. :) Banner courtesy of Noelle Leithe.

The Grove
The Basement Office
fanfiction by fran58
fran58's Fanfiction Addiction
Bertie's Fics
The Rain Room
Thank You Mitch
Home of the Goddess
Written by Lara Means
Lara's Favorites: A Rec Site
CharlieFic: The Forgotten Scully
XFMU: Doggett & Reyes Fic
Hoover archives
LZL Slash Factory
Blackwood's Realm
The Zone
Extreme Possibilities: St. Louis' X-Files Division
Crystal Ship
Kestabrook's Kestories
MaybeAmanda's Better Virtual Living
It's Just A Cat - Tesla'a Homepage
OneMillionAndNine's Homepage
Mystic Mulder Ranch - Spookey247's Homepage
Lone Gunmen Fan Fiction
The X-Files Outlet
The agent myers Experience
Thank you, David!
The X-Files: Past and Present
The G-Woman's Apartment
Three Way Stop
I Believe - Stories by Diana Battis
philippa's place
X-Files Fiction by mountainphile
The Annex: X-Files Novel Archive
Skinnerholics Anonymous
Paranoid Anonymous
The Cutting Room Floor
Dogg Leash

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This page last updated May 19, 2002.