Authors S - Z
(West Wing, Josh/Mandy, Rated R, 72k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Audrey: This could become the fanficcer's West Wing backstory bible. Set pre-WW, it
follows the gang along the campaign trail, after the death of Josh's father. It's a
compelling scenario for how things went bad between him and Mandy and how she
found herself out of a job. (But you always suspected those two things were intertwined
somehow, didn't you?) As always, Sab's writing is sharp, funny and mesmerizing - and
she's got the Sorkin patter down to an art.
~ ~ ~
(S, R, MSR, Rated PG, 17k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Blackwood: I love a writer who can pen intelligent conversation, and Cecily is one of
those writers. A sure and deft hand mark every one of her too short list of stories. Here,
the banalities of life are juxtaposed against the special bond shared by our favorite feds
leaving the reader feeling privvy to a delicious conversation whose subtext holds
meaning far beyond mere words. A keeper.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 13K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Forte: As a math/science geek, I adored the theme of this story. But even if you're
not a geek like me, I can sing the praises of this post-Requiem fic for its unique
conversation between Mulder and Scully. You'll see what I mean.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 27K)
Recommended 10-1-00
Blackwood: Such an innocent title, isn't it? That's about the only thing that *is* in this
steamy vignette. Beautifully executed characterization is always a Schramm hallmark. I
never have any trouble seeing the Mulder and Scully I know and love in her work. Sue
just keeps producing piece after piece of delicious romance that delights with its
imagery, its dialogue and its excellent writing. Her stories are a joy to read, no matter
how many times you go back to them. That's why I do...again and again. You will, too.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 26K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Blackwood: This is still one of the sweetest morsels of MSR on the planet. Sue's
Mulder & Scully always make me think of those dreamy, romantic, black-and-white
Hollywood films of old. The writing is clean, clear, and oh-so readable. And the UST
simply shimmers.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 18K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Blackwood: One of my all-time favorite fics, Shari weaves an incredible picture of
sound as she relays a post-accident vignette of horror and tenderness. At the
center of it all, is Mulder and Scully, clinging to one another for sanity and safety
in a world gone mad. I daresay that most of Shari's work puts CC's writers to
shame, but this one haunts me. And I thank her for that.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 74K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Mish: The first time I read this, I was about to go on the warpath for a sequel.
Then I read it again. And again. Needless to say, with every time I read it, I'm
more convinced that it's absolutely perfect as it is. What if Mulder's ability to read
minds stayed with him? How would Scully react? Truly a masterpiece of
characterization, plot and lest I forget...angst! Gotta love that angst!
~ ~ ~
(Alternate Universe, MSR, Rated NC-17, 956K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Jintian: Even if I didn't have an intimate knowledge of the story's setting, I still
would have pounced on it as soon as Annie posted. Because come on, it's *Annie*
-- an author who writes visceral, gorgeous work that often leaves me gasping with its
power. (Her sense of humor is equally capable of making me gasp with laughter. ;-)
Here she surpasses herself with sheer craftsmanship and imagination -- it's the kind
of novel you should curl up with over the long summer days, letting yourself be
woven into the tale and carried along as it builds to its stunning climax. Even if you
already think so, it bears repeating: Annie's one of the best writers we've got out
~ ~ ~
(m/m slash, X-Files/Buffy crossover, NC-17)
Recommended 8-20-01
Diana: There's an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for..." <g> This story was
the result of shameful begging on my part for some Mulder/Spike slash. And what a
story Annie managed to write! Mulder investigates neck chips -- he finds Spike. Will
Mulder get the information he needs? Will Spike 'bite' off more than he can chew? I
guess you'll just have to read it to find out.
~ ~ ~
(S, A, MSR, Rated NC-17, 473k)
Recommended 9-6-01
Mish: The epitome of angst, in my opinion. Shalimar teases us with bits of
happiness, then loads of hurt, presenting our duo in, at times, a less that flattering
light. But it works. God, does it work! If you've never read this story, then you're
missing out on one of the best XF novels ever written. If you have read it and never
sent feedback before now (like me, I'm ashamed to say), then here's your chance.
This was the WIP that made me swear off them forever - gripping action, lots of real
emotion and scenes to make you cry - my summer of 1998 was spent watching this
story unfold. After it was done, I just couldn't take it again. It ruined me for good. <g>
But I loved every minute of it and you will, too.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 9K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Diana: What I wouldn't give to see this one filmed! It's Mulder's first day back at work,
and Scully has a surprise for him. Not many writers can pull off sexy and hot and
funny, but shannono does it admirably in this wonderful vignette. Welcome back,
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 11K)
Recommended 12-11-00
Diana: I crave comfort fic the way some people crave chocolate. This terrific story by
shannono definitely satisfies that hunger. When the day is over and the lights are out,
what does Scully feel? If you are missing Mulder as much as I am, you will want to
read this. I should warn you -- this story contains reputed spoilers for an upcoming
episode. Spoiler virgins should beware.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 20K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Debut fic? Nice going. This was beautifully conceived and executed and
hot as hell. Great job with the material. The metaphors were especially apropos and the
characterizations spot on. This writer has got the goods and this reader hopes to see
more of her work, soon.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 43K)
Recommended 8-5-01
mountainphile: I often prefer my pasta "al dente" as well as my fic -- and this story
offers resistence at every turn. Set post "Existence", Scully stresses over the realities of
juggling a new baby, resuming work, sketchy future plans, and a complicated
relationship with Mulder. Please try this one, I guarantee you'll like it! ;)
~ ~ ~
(Scully/Krycek, M/S UST, Rated NC-17, 68K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Jintian: Every time I read this story I get chills. The writing is death-defying, so much
energy packed into each phrase, with hardly a wasted word. The characters are raw,
hungry, difficult to love -- they've been worn down to the bone and have rediscovered the
hard elements in themselves. It's a fascinating trip into Scully's head especially, with a
small window at the very end into someone else's. And oh, what an ending. So simple,
so sparely written -- it remains one of the best and most memorable I've read in all of
ficdom. Well, actually, that goes for the whole story.
~ ~ ~
(Mulder/Krycek, Rated R, 10K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Jintian: A nice little twist on all those slash fics that have Krycek pining after
everyone's favorite G-man. What if Mulder *isn't* the object of his affections? This
one's full of Jane St Clair's trademark darkness (humor isn't quite the word for it,
but it's close) and there are some awesome lines I'd give my left arm to be able to
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 15K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Blackwood: Although this story appeared last summer, I recommend it thoroughly
to anyone who hasn't yet read it. This was the first SueBee story I ever experienced
and as soon as I did, I had to go and find everything else she'd written. Sue has a
masterful grasp of Mulder and Scully and her portrayal of their dynamic is always
realistic, edgy and full of the sexual tension that makes them such an evocative
couple. This piece is set post-Orison and is one of the best you'll find out there. Sue
tells me she's seeking inspiration of late and I pray her muse returns soon because
I am definitely a fan!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 285K)
Recommended 1-29--01
Diana: I almost never read WIPs, but there was something about the shoefic that
lured me in. And lucky you -- it's finished, so you won't have to bite your nails
between chapters, wondering what's going to happen next. A gruesome murder
has links to an unsolved case from Mulder's past. Syntax has written a story with
compelling characters, crisp dialogue, and a villain that will literally make your
toes curl. You'll never look at shoes in the same way again.
~ ~ ~
(VA, Unrated, 8k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Forte: This is a painful, but beautifully-drawn, portrait of Scully and her anguish
during the time between "This is Not Happening" and "DeadAlive." It's difficult to
read due to the sad subject matter, but it's a skillful and, IMO, realistic examination
of the myriad of emotions -- some unattractive -- that Scully went through during
those three months.
~ ~ ~
(X-File, M/S UST, Mulder/Other, Slash, Rated NC-17, 657K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Diana: Never thought I could love a Mulder/Other story as much as I do
"Cadenza." This is a wonderful casefile with a compelling original character, Joshua
Segulyev. The story flows beautifully, with some genuinely creepy moments, but
like Joshua himself, it never hits a false note.
~ ~ ~
(SAR, MSR, Rated R, 19k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: Satisfying post-SUZ/Closure fic that deals with the fallout from the episodes
from the relationship point of view. The best part of this story is Scully's grip on the
rollercoaster that is Mulder; though we see alternating POV's, she shines through as
the rock on which Mulder stands. Always there, always waiting. The most amazing
facet of this story? It is an *improv* fic! Read it and simply sit in awe of its seamless
wonder. Oh... and a nice, happy ending, too.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 4k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Blackwood: With our recommendations back up and running, I'm so happy to be
able to finally share my admiration for Tess and her writing. This sweet piece has just
the right amount of misdirection. I like the confusion Tess sets up and I love the
revelation regarding the identities of the characters even more. Well done!
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 8K)
Recommended 1-8-01
mountainphile: You'll love this gentle story! A nightly dilemma faces Scully in the
wake of Mulder's return and the birth of their child. TJ has crafted a tender, insightful
second-person POV that truly touched my heart. I felt like an eavesdropper peeking
in on such an intimate family moment, one which promises healing and hope.
~ ~ ~
(DSR, Rated NC-17, 8K)
Recommended 8-5-01
mountainphile: A solid MSR lover, I was drawn into this story kicking and
screaming by Jenna's fantastic lyrical description and use of metaphor. This
vignette is 100 lines of pure poetry, distilling the essence of new intimacy between
Scully and Doggett in a Mulderless universe. Disembark from the Ship for a
moment, if you would, and give this story a long look.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 36K)
Recommended 8-7-00
Jintian: Perhaps I'm biased because Vehemently was able to do what I found
impossible -- take five random improv elements andd make them all gel into a story.
But wait, that's not bias. That's just frank admiration. This is a thrilling, tense,
action-packed fic. Brilliant, just like all of the author's work.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 97K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Jintian: Be warned that this is one helluva wild ride. It's got all the action, plot, and
darkness you'd expect from the author, but "Sparks" is the first story of Vee's that
physically *hurts*. Dive in and you'll probably come up spitting blood, but by God,
you just might like it down there anyway.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 300K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Audrey: What if, instead of one universe, the Big Bang created a string of parallels,
and each existence varied according to the choices made in any particular lifetime?
In a compelling mix of sci-fi-science and mysticism, "Mobius" shows us two
universes crossing, with Scully at the vortex. Set sometime after Mulder's
disappearance, Scully investigates the disappearance of a renowned physicist, and
in the process opens a door to "what if." A very well-constructed and well-told story,
enjoyable and satisfying.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 13K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Mish: I don't quite know how to classify this piece. I think I'm still digesting it, which
isn't a bad thing, because I find my palate tasting something new and exciting every
time I read it! A masterpiece of dreams, Jeopardy!, Lewis Carroll and m&m's. And
Mulder and Scully, of course - written by this newbie author with the perfection of a
seasoned pro. An idyllic, melancholy at times, look at the pre-Reqiuem relationship.
Savor every word.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 13k)
Recommended 11-9-01
Mish: Have you ever pictured the perfect M/S sex scene? Well, this is it. We're
talking *romance* here, folks. Complete with 'come hither' heated looks, Gentleman!
Mulder and Satin!Scully, and a canopied bed... <sigh> This little piece of erotica is so
richly drawn with so few words - a fantasy come to life on the screen. Aptly named,
it's a gem of a story!
~ ~ ~
(V, MSR, Rated PG, 3k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: This one still makes me mist up when I read it. A tender, sweet look
at the conversation we *didn't* see before Mulder left home. A just-right take on
things, IMO. And yes, Toniann, Mulder *will* come home just as you predict
(whether CC likes it or not). Thank you for a heart-warming story that is romantic
and gentle, yet never treads into sappiness (at least, not in my book). A little gem.
~ ~ ~
(V, MSR, Rated G, 3k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: A take on the "Dearest Dana" business that I can actually buy into,
*IF* I can convince myself that Mulder would really use words like 'Dearest' followed
by 'Dana.' ::still shaking head at CC's writers yelling, "Hell-llooo! Anybody home?"::
Oh well. Thanks, Vivian, for trying to work this one out. We both feel bettr now,
don't we? IronicMulder? Yeah, that's the ticket. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 121k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Mish: To borrow a line from an oldie but goodie - Well, I've never been to Spain, but I
kinda like the music. <g> And I've never been to San Francisco, but if *this* is what a trip
to SF is like? Book me a one-way ticket! This one is pure romance, folks. If you've not
had the pleasure of reading this all-time favorite, then here's your chance. Mulder wines,
dines and seduces Scully. Well, maybe not 'seduces' - he asks. In an awfully nice way.
Would *you* be able to say no? With the backdrop of a truly gorgeous sunset, on the
porch swing of a most convenient hideaway? Didn't think so. Of course, Mulder could
probably ask a great many of us the same thing in the back of a pickup truck stuck in a
pig pen and we wouldn't say no. But this is so much more romantic, eh?
Blackwood: Remember the first time you read a piece of fanfic so captivating you
couldn't tear yourself away for even a moment, breathless to find out what was going to
happen next and wondering how *anybody* could write such glorious, romantic MSR --
that is to say -- in character, perfectly pitched, incredibly detailed and so hot you thought
your computer montior would melt (along with you)? Hmmm. If you haven't,
you obviously haven't read Terma99's work. This particular piece happens to be one of my
all-time favorite pieces of M&S erotica and Sharon, one of my all-time favorite fanfic
authors. Shame on me for not mentioning this one sooner.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 82k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Blackwood: This is my classic rec for the day. Of course, I could have picked
just about *anything* Annie's written and waxed poetic. As it is, I'll settle for The
MSR that turned this "fan" into a "phile." Oh my... yes indeed. The rest, as they
say, is history and for that, dearest Annie, I am forever grateful.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Mulder POV, Post ep for "The Truth", Rated G, 4k)
Recommended 6-16-02
Blackwood: What a neat spin on "The Truth." Simple, direct, in character. Mulder
dwells on simpler times and Scully, as always, is at his side (I've missed that *so*
much) with words of wisdom to which we can all relate, especially after 9/11. A lovely
post-ep. Hope to see more by this writer. Thanks, Sam!
~ ~ ~
(Erotica, Rated NC-17, ~50k)
Recommended 8-8-02

Mish: A series I'd forgotten about until it was resurrected (rightfully so) on the Haven
"After Hours" board, it epitomizes M/S erotica. This isn't smut folks - that moniker is
way too tame for this exploration of physical love. And it isn't just physical, either,
though Shannon does a mighty fine job turning on the heat. It's passion, desire, need
and unselfish love between two people who express themselves better with looks and
touches than they ever did with words. Glad I found it again; you'll be glad you did,
~ ~ ~
(WIP, Rated R)
Recommended 8-8-02
Mish: I'm not a WIP reader, as a rule. I'd rather wait until the story is finished then
enjoy it in one sitting. But now and then, I cave and take just a peek. With
"SBC", it was Chapter 3 - and it totally left me wanting more! It promises to shape
up into an excellent casefile, with all the elements I crave - mystery, angst, great
M/S dialogue, and 'da love'. I only hope I can wait until it's finished, but that's
going to be very hard to do, I think.
Updated to add: It's finished! And what a fine piece of writing, indeed! I enjoyed
every moment, and heartily recommend it.
~ ~ ~
(V, Pre-XF, Rated PG-13, 7K)
Recommended 12-8-02
mountainphile: What childhood events shaped Dana Scully into the private,
controlled woman she is today? Spica offers up an eloquently sensitive, insightful
profile, a glimpse into personal father/daughter dynamics that influenced how an
adolescent Scully learned to deal with life and future relationships. Extremely
plausible and well-written!
~ ~ ~
(VR, MSR, PWP, Rated NC-17,34k)
Recommended 1-21-03
Blackwood: Annie is another one of my all-time favorite XF writers. Annie has
written a lush, steamy vignette that carries the reader away without it ever turning
into a bodice-ripper. This, in spite of the title. Actually, when I first read this, I
thought the Spookys should include a category of "Best Use of a Prop in an XF
Story" just so this could take First Place. Although Ms. Sewell-Jennings now
writes primarily for the Buffy fandom, I'm hoping she'll return to us philes one day.
Mind you, I am *not* above begging. I bow to your greatness, Annie.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, UST, SRH, Rated PG, 47K)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: Ahhh, baseball. Somehow, though Mulder has been shown actually
playing basketball on screen, it's baseball that seems to define himfor so many
reasons. I could see, hear and taste this one. M&S share a beautiful spring day with
the nascent Boys of Summer. The dialogue is witty, the interactions spot on and the
history lesson fascinating. Home run, David!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, V, Rated NC-17, 8k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Diana: When do you think M&S made love for the first time? I've been flip-flopping on
the issue, but after reading this little jewel by Shannono I'm convinced it was post "all
things." This is a stunningly beautiful piece of erotica. It's full of emotion, and written in
a flawless Scully-voice that leaves you wanting more. And I do want more. <g>
~ ~ ~
(VA, Rated R, 5k)
Recommended 7-8-08
Blackwood: Wow. A vignette that actually had me empathizing with the Fowley
one. Now *that* takes some doing. But winter baby is right on
target in expressing the aftermath of loss and even if it is someone
most shippers wish never existed, she does so with compassion and
style and talent. Well done.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 8k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Blackwood: Always nice to get a fresh spin on an old story. Lynn's writing style is
fluid and captures the emotional content of this time in the lives of M&S. Just the right
bit of sexuality mixed with romance and a lovely narrative that ends when it should. A
thoroughly enjoyable read on a lazy summer afternoon.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, XF/Sopranos, Rated NC-17, approx. 331k)
Recommended 10-26-03
mountainphile: Yo, readers! For a crossover story that's refreshingly different,
try "That Shotgun Shine" co-written by David and Paige. The intriguing yet
plausible post-Truth storyline pits Mulder and Scully against a devious global
conspiracy. Their only option for overcoming this menace is to join forces with an
unlikely and dangerous ally -- the Soprano crime family of North Jersey! Rough,
raw dialogue, gripping scenes, great MSR, and clever characterization highlight
this gem. Engrossing, well-crafted, and rumored to provide more of the same
"zing" in coming installments.
~ ~ ~
(S, H, R, Unrated, 20k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Forte: Oh my, where do I start with this fabulous fic? It made me sniffle (in the
best possible way). It made me cheer. It made me be in awe of Jill's clever POV
switches. <g> Whether you're naughty or you're nice, this is one primo feel-good
holiday story. :)
~ ~ ~
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