Titles S - Z
(Humor, Rated PG-13, 93K)
Archived 7-24-00
Blackwood: Okay, okay. I admit it. I'm a sucker for British humor and all things (no pun
intended) Pythonesque. That's me. If it's also *you,* you'll get a kick out of this quirky tale
about a Mulder and Scully you'll definitely recognize and yet... Jennifer handles farce with
such ease, it's amazing. Just don't go looking for romance and happy endings. That isn't
the point. The point is...giggle until your sides ache. That's alright now, isn't it, luv? ;)
~ ~ ~
(X-men movie fic, post-movie, Rogue/Logan, R)
Recommended 8-20-01
Diana: It's never easy being young. Emotions are so much more intense and harder to
control. Elizabeth captures this in her piece, "Safety in Numbers." The characterizations
in the story are rich and well-drawn, the complexities of their natures perfectly expressed.
I highly recommend this piece.
~ ~ ~
(Crossover, MSR, Rated R, 131K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Mish: Eternity and rebirth... Alicia told me a while back that she wanted to put Mulder
and Scully into the plot of one her favorite movies, "Dead Again." This tale does just that
and I don't know why someone hasn't done it long ago. The plot is perfect X-file material
and Alicia folds in the characters (not just Mulder and Scully, either) with seamless ease.
I consider it one of her best works, if not *the* best, with all the action, mystery, angst
and romance -- even a smile here and there -- that you could ask for. Why rent the
movie? Read *this* instead!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 54K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Blackwood: Well, the end of the Playground series arrives and it's time to send the
kiddies home because they better not be reading this awesome piece of erotica. Fialka
imbues her M&S with tenderness and angst in equal measure for a realistic view of the
push-pull ambivalence of two wounded hearts struggling to find wholeness within one
another. The sexuality is portrayed in soft-filter tones that shimmer with emotion. Fi is,
IMHO, rising to join the esteemed cadre of fanfic's finest writers and she does so with
modesty -- always a hallmark of true talent.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13 and NC-17, 20K and 29K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Forte: So what if it's after Christmas when you read these fics? They're sweet and
heartwarming any time of the year, for any holiday. Oh, and there's smut, too. ;) My
holiday gift to Moose and Squirrel would be for them to enjoy time together as they do in
these stories. Take a bow, Susanne. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 26K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Mish: I hesitate to use the word 'sweet' to describe any story, mainly because it conjurs
up images of "Oh, Fox!" and "Oh, Dana-boo!" But sometimes that word fits perfectly...in
this case, it's the best way to describe the tenderness of this fic. Sweet as in 'makes me
smile' -- which this one certainly did. Mulder takes his son on a 'night tour'; we take the
journey with them as he ponders the steps through each room as well as the steps he
and Scully took to get to this point in their lives. Yes, it is sweet. Sweet and satisfying!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 159K and 844K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Mish: "Goshen" is one of my all-time favorite fics, suspenseful to the extreme and
dripping with angst. Needless to say, when I discovered that Bone had written a sequel, I
eagerly printed all 120 pages and lost myself in it for a week, sometimes unable to put it
down until way after midnight. It's a sequel that exceeds the perfection of the first story, if
possible. Very seldom am I touched by a character's trials to the point where I feel their
hurt deep in my chest...but "Secret World" made me ache all over. In a good, angsty
way, of course. Read it now -- you won't be disappointed. Then join me in the wait for
"City of Light"; I'm sure it will be well worth it. One warning, though -- read the author's
headers very carefully, in case some of the subject matter might get a bit *too* angsty for
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 6K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Audrey: I'd like to spotlight two vignettes by a newer writer, cratkinson. I was entranced
from her very first post, "Seduced," an intelligent, concise, smoldering Scully POV. I don't
think I need to tell you who the object of her ruminiation is. Suffice to say, the repetitive
rhythm of the piece, along with its imagery and insights, will leave you swooning.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 6K)
Recommended 4-23-01
Blackwood: This is the Mulder I've known and loved for years -- smart, insightful,
edgy, sexy. And completely accurate in his assessment of the world he's returned to
after the horrific events of Season 8. Even the staunchest Scullyist has to find empathy
for the man after reading this one. As for the Mulderists among you, self included --
vindication feels good. Thanks Chris.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 154K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Blackwood: I loved "So This is Agent Mulder" and was prepared for a long wait between
intermittant chapters. I never suspected Cindy would be back so soon not only with the
second installment, but the entire story! Yet nothing has been sacrificed in her creative
frenzy. The characters are solid in their actions and words, especially John Doggett who
positively shines in this highly imaginative piece. Chris Carter should only treat his
characters as well as Cindy does. What I really loved, though, was the interweaving of
past and present dynamic between Mulder & Scully and the overwhelming devotion
between them. The final scenes are poignant and satisfying in oh-so many ways. Yes, I
could be happy with *this* as FTF2 and/or the conclusion of TXF. I doff my hat in humility.
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated PG-13, 8K)
Recommended 7-24-00
Mish: When I first started reading this, I expected a more humorous piece; and it
certainly has its share of tongue-in-cheek laughs. But what made me really love it was
the lovely pillow talk between Mulder and Scully. I could *so* envision those two having a
laugh between the sheets about the matter at hand (I don't want to say what - just read
it.) And with such dry wit and finesse... Georgia should be writing for the show!
~ ~ ~
(m/m slash, X-Files/Buffy crossover, NC-17)
Recommended 8-20-01
Diana: There's an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for..." <g> This story was the
result of shameful begging on my part for some Mulder/Spike slash. And what a story
Annie managed to write! Mulder investigates neck chips -- he finds Spike. Will Mulder get
the information he needs? Will Spike 'bite' off more than he can chew? I guess
you'll just have to read it to find out.
~ ~ ~
(Alternate Universe, MSR, Rated NC-17, 956K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Jintian: Even if I didn't have an intimate knowledge of the story's setting, I still would
have pounced on it as soon as Annie posted. Because come on, it's *Annie* -- an author
who writes visceral, gorgeous work that often leaves me gasping with its power. (Her
sense of humor is equally capable of making me gasp with laughter. ;-) Here she
surpasses herself with sheer craftsmanship and imagination -- it's the kind of novel you
should curl up with over the long summer days, letting yourself be woven into the tale and
carried along as it builds to its stunning climax. Even if you already think so, it bears
repeating: Annie's one of the best writers we've got out there.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 16K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Blackwood: Like I said to Cin: Yowza, baybee! Always a writer of fine casefiles,
Cindy has turned her considerable talents to vignettes and I'm so glad she did. This first
in an intended series gives us a 3rd person POV (one of my favorite genres) on the return
of our beloved Mulder. Her Doggettvoice is sure and on target and to watch the workings
of the Dogman from Cindy's perspective is a delight. I've demanded, pleaded and cajoled
Cin to continue and I'm taking a front row seat. And I hate her, because now I'm
enmeshed in a WIP. Aaarrrgh! :)
~ ~ ~
(Not Rated, 7K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Transcendent writing that is a joy to read and heart-wrenching as hell. I love
the triple take on the scenario and the way it all ends the same way. The numbness of
grief is a necessary stage to experience in order to move beyond it and being unspoiled, I
keep wondering if this is Carter's intent (shhh...don't say a word). Scully's determination
to protect her partner even in death is so tragic. So apt. Thank you, Meredith.
~ ~ ~
(Rated R, 97K)
Recommended 1-8-01
Jintian: Be warned that this is one helluva wild ride. It's got all the action, plot, and
darkness you'd expect from the author, but "Sparks" is the first story of Vee's that
physically *hurts*. Dive in and you'll probably come up spitting blood, but by God, you
just might like it down there anyway.
~ ~ ~
(Scully/Phoebe, Slash, Rated NC-17, 17K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Jintian: This is another "oldie" rec from me. Though the story was written in 1998, it
takes place during "Fire" and makes brilliant use of related metaphors and imagery. It
has everything you could want out of a fic: excitement (and not just sexual, but the
excitement one feels when looking at the show in a totally new way), daring
characterization, and killer writing. And while you're there, check out other stories by Hal
-- the body of work is truly one of the most diverse in XF fanfic.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 18K)
Recommended 3-26-01
mountainphile: Is Skinner a rock, or what? Emma's sensitive story places our AD in
the role he does best: that of supportive boss and loyal friend. In "Stay" he's emotionally
teetering, yet strong for Scully, who's on the brink of exhaustion and at the end of her
self-control. This is a taut, insightful vignette that shouldn't be missed!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 57K)
Recommended 12-11-00
mountainphile: I love to see AggressiveScully who knows *exactly* what she wants
and needs... especially when Mulder's sharing her bed. This "Rain King" post-ep by Lara
depicts a delightful, steamy romp through the sheets after Scully makes her carnal
intentions crystal clear. Great characterization and description that certainly warmed
*my* cockles! Read this and smile!
Diana: I want to add a resounding "me, too!" to mountainphile's rec. Lara has
written a delightful "Rain King" post episode story with spot on characterizations
and perfectly delicious smut. Just the thing for a cold, wintry day.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 14K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Blackwood: The flip side of darkness is joy and Oh! to have Chris Carter put this to
film. A drop dead perfect M/S reunion that is as tender as it is realistic. Perfect
characterizations and a Scully voice that rings true and clear.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 13K)
Recommended 3-12-01
Blackwood: Wow. Another USTy piece that depicts M&S is vibrant neon colors (at
least in my mind). I loved this romp: very sweet, very in character, very hot -- *veerry*
nice. ;) I'm so glad Gina said 'enough angst' and gave us this frothy bit of fluff. The
intimation of sexual license without blatant depiction was brilliant. Now see? Why can't
Chris Carter do this? Of course, he can! But...he doesn't. Damn.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 7K)
Recommended 2-12-01
Jintian: This story came out a while ago, actually, but I just found it recently. It's a
lovely little "all things" scenario that I found very in keeping with the tone of the episode,
darkly poetic and hypnotic to read. I think it's the author's sole XF effort, so if you want
more like this from her, send feedback! Actually, that goes for ALL fanfic authors, as
well. :)
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 10K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Audrey: Nothing tests a fanfic writer's mettle like dialogue. No matter how original the
setting, plot, or smut scenario, when any fic author's Mulder and Scully open their
mouths, we want them to sound like Chris or Vince penned each and every word. And
it's Kshar's sharp ear for genuine M/S voices -- along with some stunning visual imagery
-- that make this post-Redux II vignette a gem. What, you might ask, do they cover in a
brief Rest-Area exchange? Nothing major, just Heaven, Hell, Truth, and, of course, Love.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 9K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Blackwood: Ahh. I love when an author digs into her bag of tricks (or her hard drive)
and finds the seeds of an older story that's been waiting to be cultivated. Georgia says
this is pure fluff and it is, but so nice to come home to and read after a long, hard day.
Wonderful characterizations, great M&S interaction and clean, crisp writing makes this
a keeper.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG, 22K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Audrey: A wonderful morning-after vignette (actually, evening-after), featuring one of my
favorite locales: the bench by the river. On neutral ground, Mulder and Scully meet to --
gasp! -- talk about their feelings in the wake of "all things." Belle's ear for dialogue is
tremendous and her feeling for the characters tender and genunine.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated R, 32K)
Recommended 11-13-00
Mish: An unlikely bus trip, was-there-or-wasn't-there contact, and sizzling UST. In
particular, I felt my stomach drop to my toes at one terrific line of Mulder dialogue. This
is a feast for fans of the 'stuck in a vehicle with nothing to do but talk' genreof fanfic.
Then check out Gina's sequel to the story, "Journey on the Wings of a Firefly," also at
Gossamer. Yummy.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 34K, SPOILERS for S7)
Recommended 8-5-01
Forte: This sweet fic starts up immediately after the end of "Amor Fati" and takes us
on a little smut journey with laughs and tenderness along the way. And just when I
thought Gina had given us everything... well, I won't spoil it. <g> This fic put a smile on
my face, and I'm willing to bet that it'll put one on yours, too.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, A, Rated NC-17, 62k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Mish: A post-ep story for 'all things' that continues with ease where the episode left off,
meshing Scully's burgeoning spiritual awareness with the uncertainty she feels at the
also new intimacy with Mulder. Utilizing one of the characters from the episode, Avalon
and Marie take Scully to a place where she can decide if her hasty decision was in fact,
the right one. Lots of angst, a primo Scully ditch, a hot-on-the-trail Mulder, and a happy
ending! I couldn't have asked for more. The authors, very fine as individuals, were thrown
together on a 'Blind Date'improv, and if this is the result? - then I say this is the beginning
of a beautiful friendship. More, ladies!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 35k)
Recommended 8-5-01
Blackwood: After an eight month absence, the divine Miss B has gifted philes
everywhere with another dazzling piece. Masterful writing, a firm grasp on
characterization, dialogue to kill for: these are the things that make fanfic come alive
and this story has it all. Susanne writes beautiful, lyrical erotica that explores not only
the surface of things (yum), but the subtext we crave to see depicted between our
beloved heroes. All I can say is that when I grow up, I want to write just like *her.*
~ ~ ~
(Humor, Rated G, 7K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Forte: Has characterization on the show ever gotten you down? Have you ever wanted
to shake 1013's collective shoulders and ask, "What were you*thinking*?!" If you can
answer yes to either of those questions, then this is the fic for you. The price of
admission even includes some very interesting Author's Notes -- don't miss them. :)
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 8K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Forte: Oh, yay! A new fic from Maria Nicole! And what a delight. Sad but insightful,
this fic gives the backstory (as well as some aftermath) for "The Gift" that 1013 didn't. I
love the glimpses we get into these characters' motivations. A wonderful job from one of
my favorite writers. :)
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 5K)
Recommended 12-25-00
Blackwood: David is on a roll with his assorted post-eps and this one is an insightful
take on the Dogman as seen through the astute eyes of the Lone Gunmen. A solid
writer, David's POV is always interesting and his characterizations on target. Good
~ ~ ~
To Kill A Mockingbird by Paige Caldwell (available at Gossamer)
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 9K)
Recommended 6-19-00
mountainphile: For me it's fitting, with my first contribution to Musea's weekly rec
page, to look back to the beginning... and honor the One who first roped me into this
fanfic thing with her incredible tales of action and introspection. More than that -- she
encouraged me to try it *myself*, which has become a true milestone in this
mountainphile's life. I recommend to you "To Kill A Mockingbird", by Paige Caldwell.
Yes, Fox Mulder has his own take on the correlation between the acclaimed book and
Scully's actions against Donnie Pfaster. You'll love Mulder's tender care of his partner,
Scully's vulnerability, and the sensitive, realistic exchanges between them. One of my
favorite post-Orison fics. Thank you, Paige...for everything!
~ ~ ~
(Not Rated, 14K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Diana: Pseudonymph is a newcomer, and if this is a taste of what she has to offer, I
want more! Though this piece is dark and angsty in tone, the writing is simply
gorgeous. A compelling Mulder voice and well-drawn characterizations pull the reader
into the story. Highly recommended.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated PG-13, 17K)
Recommended 4-9-01
mountainphile: As I told KatyBlue, this story hit me like a ton of bricks -- the
imposed solitude of two sensitive, lonely people who love one another to the point
of pain, sacrifice, and ultimately, forgiveness and acceptance. The angst is
tangible...and Scully's insights give a plausible answer to some of the questions
brought up by Mulder's supposed, secret illness in earlier eps this season.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 33K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Audrey: I really enjoyed this "alternative" approach to Per Manum. Fab's character
observations were right on. In particular, I'm thinking of a scene in an airport when
Scully ruminates on how quickly Mulder makes up his mind in agreeing to father a
child with her, while she has been agonizing over the decision to even *have* a
child, as much as she wants one. That exchange and Scully's inner thoughts at
that point really get at the heart of what M & S are all about.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 50K)
Recommended 9-18-00
Forte: IMO, Truncated is sheer perfection in story-telling, and it wins the title of
"my most often re-read fic." To summarize the plot, somebody's done something
rotten to Our Heroes, but they make the best of things. Spooning ensues, and
that always gets a big "Yay!" from me. Now, I realize that there are probably only
3 or 4 people in all of XF ficdom who haven't read Truncated yet; if you happen to
be one of them let me urge you to click on the link post-haste. I think you'll be
glad you did. :)
~ ~ ~
Turning and Returning by Jori Remington (available at Gossamer)
(M/S UST, Mulder/Other, Slash, Crossover, Rated NC-17, 119K)
Recommended 6-19-00
Mish: I am not one for M/O usually, but this fic struck a chord with me. Mulder and
Scully's discussion in the middle of the story was especially heart-wrenching and
so very true. Sometimes you can't pick who you fall in love with.... Mulder proves
it by living and re-living three totally different relationships. Excellent work!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 34K)
Recommended 8-14-00
Audrey: Prompted by the question, "What if they've been doing it all along?" Jean
Helms has produced a thought-provoking answer, taking us not quite *all* the
way, but certainly far back enough to satisfy. Alternating sections of present-
tense dialogue with past-tense Scully POV, Jean's done a lovely job of telling the
story of a deeply sublimated relationship, and its excavation. I predict most
readers will devour the sharp eroto-mathematical dialogue.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Not Rated, 102K)
Recommended 5-7-01
Audrey: Having traveled cross country several times by car, I'm a sucker for roadfic.
But even those prone to carsickness will find the charms of Revely's
Mulder-returns fic hard to resist. The drive from Oregon to DC is not merely
geographical, of course, but a journey Mulder & Scully take back to each other
(with infant in tow). UU also re-treads the early terrain of season 8, and as Mulder
catches up on what he's missed, Scully's brief flashbacks are shaded with added
emotional depth. Revely's real triumph here is the powerful way she exploits the
prickly nature of our heroes, but maintains those qualities that made us fall in love
with them to begin with.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 20K)
Recommended 1-29-01
Audrey: Darkness and light; fire and ice. Scully's spent years wondering what their first
time would be like. Georgia took note of the fact that Scully spent the night at Mulder's
*before* "all things" last season, and ran with it, giving us an intense, heady account of
their physical consummation. But were they bonded in love that night, or merely in grief?
Highly recommended both for a scorching love scene and a sweetly tender coversation
on the couch.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG, 5K)
Recommended 7-3-00
Audrey: Follow "Seduced" up (and I do suggest you read "Seduced" first) with the sly,
dry humor of "Watched." This one's also told from Scully's POV, but in third person this
time. The author captures perfectly the twin sensations -- self-consciousness and self-
satisfaction -- of being not-so-subtly gazed at by the object of one's affection. As in
"Seduced," it's the tiniest details that make the scene come alive. When reading both
these fics, keep in mind the author's own suggestion: "This is another one to read
*slowly*. It's no fun if you wolf it down." You can find more by this writer at Ephemeral by
searching under "cratkinson," or in the near future at her soon-to-be finished home page
~ ~ ~
(Rated G, 5K)
Recommended 2-26-01
Blackwood: Oh, I really really liked this Doggettfic, especially stories that give us his
POV on the M/S dynamic. This one was tender and rang true to character. It also, in
concise terms, gave pause as to the character transformation Scully has undergone,
underscoring the depth and tenacity of her love for Mulder and his in return for her. In
short, I loved it!
~ ~ ~
(Humor, MSR, Rated PG-13, 34K)
Recommended 6-26-00
Diana: I'm a sucker for third party POV stories, and this post-Hollywood A.D. piece
from bugs is a wonderful example. It has something for everyone -- humor, romance,
and a tiny dash of MMulder angst for seasoning, all seen through the eyes of a cynical
LA limo driver. A delightful postscript to one of my favorite season seven episodes.
~ ~ ~
(X/Mytharc, MSR, Rated R, 212k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Audrey: I've long been intrigued by the possibility that some of the political
disappearances prevalent throughout Central and South America in the 1970s and '80s
might be investigated by Mulder and Scully as being alien or Consortium-related. Elanor
G delivers - *but good* - on that premise in an extremely satisfying fusion of
~ ~ ~
Sore Luck At the Luxor by AnubisLM (no current email available)
(NC-17, 65k)
Recommended 10-2-01
mountainphile: This story has been around for quite some time, but is one of those
entertaining fics that begs to be re-read. What could be better than a gleeful,
adventuresome Mulder dragging Scully to a Las Vegas casino to help him with
undercover surveillance? What effect could a few drinks and the element of risk have on
judgment and long-suppressed desire? I found the inventive, clever, and even hilarious
imagery one more reason to pick up these dice and roll... er, read.
~ ~ ~
Souvenirs of a Day Gone By by Paige Caldwell (available at Gossamer)
(DSR, Post-col, Angst, Implied CD, NC-17, 18k)
Recommended 10-15-01
Mish: It's a stark, unforgiving world. One that holds little comfort for Dana Scully.
Then, John Doggett walks into her clinic, battered and familiar. This story is not for the
diehard M/S shippers out there. And I'm one of them, I'll admit. But I am willing to try
other pairings and, if the writing is good, I can buy almost anything. And baby, the
writing is excellent! Paige had me from the very first paragraphs. A gripping, sad - yet
hopeful - tale of two people holding on to one another in a time gone mad. Read it;
you won't be sorry.
mountainphile: This is a gripping, well-written view of an XF world turned upside
down by war. And as much as I normally pussyfoot around Scully/other pairings, this
story is a lovely match-up of Doggett and Scully... and William. Not to forget the
MulderMentions throughout! Thanks, Paige!
~ ~ ~
(S, Angst, MSR?, En Ami post-ep, NC-17, 35k)
Recommended 10-5-01
Audrey: Mulder's take on the events of En Ami seethes with anger and palpable
frustration. And instead of giving us forgiveness and resolution like many a post-ep
romance, the author keeps us off-balance, creating and sustaining compelling
emotional tension. Very true to character and intelligently written.
~ ~ ~
(SH, Established MSR, Rated PG, 13K)
Recommended 11/9/01
Forte: Whee! New SusanneFic! ::Forte does her little happy dance:: What happens
when you mix infant William, a concerned loving mother, a brilliant (albeit crackpot)
loving father, sweetness without saccharine, and the talents of Susanne Barringer? You
get great characterization and execution, with a smile at the end. Thanks Susanne -- I
needed this. :)
~ ~ ~
(D/S, Rated PG, 22k)
Recommended 11-9-01
mountainphile: Take early Season 8 and give Scully's new partnership a slightly
different twist. Gatorgurl, with Doggett-insight and great characterization, treats us to
a slightly different scenario during Mulder's absence. I was touched by the
awkwardness, the wavering emotions and widening gap that resulted from Scully's
and Doggett's ineffectual attempts at intimacy. Nicely done!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, AU, Rated G, 14k)
Recommended 11-9-01
Mish: A realistic view of Mulder, the new father, brought to the page with tender care
by an author I've just discovered. He's awkward and worried, but so very human. So
very Mulder. This begins like so many before it, but ends like none before - I was
thrown momentarily, but it all made sense in my little shipper heart. Perfect
characterization and stellar writing make this story a must-read. Then wait for the
sequel that Mik assures me is coming... I, for one, cannot wait!
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated NC-17, 10k)
Recommended 10-2-01
Mish: If this was an experiment in the use of second person, I'd say the results were
excellent! The detachment of the voice does nothing to minimize the emotion that
drips from every word... longing, anguish, urgency all burst forth in an explosion of
feelings long denied. Sure, we've seen the scenario before - but not like this. Avalon
doesn't waste a word in this angsty story and I loved it. You will, too.
~ ~ ~

(MSR, Rated NC-17,15k)
Recommended 12-3-01
mountainphile: A very pregnant belly is no obstacle to sex when the *need* is
overwhelming! ;) As I told rah, this story is lovely because it's so intimate and candid.
Special moments like Mulder's childlike awe over Scully's big tummy, his tender
concern about her comfort and the baby's safety, all add up to a warm and sexy story!
~ ~ ~
(S, M/S UST, Rated PG, 39K)
Recommended 12-24-01
Forte: Turn back the clock to Season 5, immediately post-"Detour." Hello, my
name is Forte, and I'm a sucker for a good cancer-era fic. Our heroes find themselves
stuck in WhereAreWe, Georgia, and get a chance to re-connect. The
scene descriptions, characterization, and UST are all fabulous. Emma does a
lovely job of showcasing the post-Redux M/S relationship with an economy of
~ ~ ~
(V, MSR, Rated G, 3k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: A take on the "Dearest Dana" business that I can actually buy into, *IF* I
can convince myself that Mulder would really use words like 'Dearest' followed by 'Dana.'
::still shaking head at CC's writers yelling, "Hell-llooo! Anybody home?":: Oh well.
Thanks, Vivian, for trying to work this one out. We both feel bettr now, don't we?
IronicMulder? Yeah, that's the ticket. :)
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG, 4k)
Recommended 1-15-02
Blackwood: I would not have thought it possible for a writer to put me into a reluctant
Scully's early mindset in regarding her "new" partner. But then, this is Lysandra's
wizardry with words. Wry, elegant, concise, sexy -- everything I enjoy about fanfic
*and* in only 500 words. UST vignettes are my very *favorite* genre and so rare these
days. I felt butterflies and that hasn't happened in a loo-nng time. Thank
you, Lysandra.
~ ~ ~
(A, CD, Futurefic, Rated PG, 15k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Audrey: A spare, haunting 'what may come' vignette that will keep you reading even
as you dread the conclusion. Simple, repetitive phrases like these: "She must do this.
She must get there. It's what she has left." contrast with lovely sensory writing that
puts you in the scene: "The air smells sweet and salty like burnt marshmallows and
hickory smoke." Deeply moving and intelligently put together.
~ ~ ~
(UST, post-ep for Tithonus, Rated PG, 58k)
Recommended 2-6-02
Audrey: Vivid imagery and a wry narrative voice spiked with smart humor make this
Tithonus post-ep a very worthy read. Many authors have addressed Scully's inner
struggle over issues of weakness and intimacy. crwth goes a bit further, tangling these
particular Scully demons up with her intense - and contradictory - feelings for Mulder.
The result? Wonderfully flawed, human characters working through the after-effects
of a near tragedy. Bonus points for domestic!Mulder, drug humor, intelligent insights,
and spooning.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 121k)
Recommended 2-25-02
Mish: To borrow a line from an oldie but goodie - Well, I've never been to Spain, but I
kinda like the music. <g> And I've never been to San Francisco, but if *this* is what a
trip to SF is like? Book me a one-way ticket! This one is pure romance, folks. If
you've not had the pleasure of reading this all-time favorite, then here's your chance.
Mulder wines, dines and seduces Scully. Well, maybe not 'seduces' - he asks. In
an awfully nice way. Would *you* be able to say no? With the backdrop of a truly
gorgeous sunset, on the porch swing of a most convenient hideaway? Didn't think
so. Of course, Mulder could probably ask a great many of us the same thing in the
back of a pickup truck stuck in a pig pen and we wouldn't say no. But this is so
much more romantic, eh?
Blackwood: Remember the first time you read a piece of fanfic so captivating you
couldn't tear yourself away for even a moment, breathless to find out what was going
to happen next and wondering how *anybody* could write such glorious, romantic
MSR -- that is to say -- in character, perfectly pitched, incredibly detailed and so hot
you thought your computer montior would melt (along with you)? Hmmm. If you
haven't, you obviously haven't read Terma99's work. This particular piece happens to
be one of my all-time favorite pieces of M&S erotica and Sharon, one of my all-time
favorite fanfic authors. Shame on me for not mentioning this one sooner.
~ ~ ~
(VA, MSR, Rated R, 5K)
Recommended 3-26-02
Forte: Gut-wrenching examination of Mulder's life during Season 9. Great emotional
resonance, and not a word wasted.
mountainphile: Emgee calls each of these segments "drabbles." Well, I'm drooling
over her drabbles and starving right along with Mulder as he waits out a future reunion
with Scully and William. Lovely imagery and poignant associations made by Mulder
during his Season 9 exile!
~ ~ ~
(Rated NC-17, 8k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Blackwood: I told Izzy I wasn't familiar with her work, but I will be. ;) With this, she
crafts a deft vignette that pushes all the right buttons: solid characterizations, clever
storyline, terrific banter and a resolution that will raise your temperature quite nicely,
thank you. Reminded me of a Red Hot -- you know, those spicy sweet candies that
start out innocently enough and leave you gasping in record time. Then you take
another. :)
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 33k)
Recommended 3-26-02
Mish: RST to UST - that's exactly how Gina categorizes this story, which should
explain what the reader is in for from the get-go. And it's true that there have been
and will always be the 'not so perfect' first time fics. But what sets this one apart is
the way our duo handles the event. Typical worry for each other's feelings in a very
stressful time takes precedence over the angst of awkward intimacy. The
conversation that eventually occurs is what makes this story a true gem.
~ ~ ~
(S, V, M/S UST, Rated PG, 13k)
Recommended 4-25-02
Mish: I haven't seen such a fine example of UST in quite a while. This has it all - great
characterization, dialogue to kill for, and the slow, agonizing pacing that you rush
through without realizing you've been maneuvered (but in a very cool way!) There will be
screams throughout ficland for a sequel, but I for one hope there isn't. This is just so
wonderful on its own, and sometimes UST is enough. In this case, it is. Excellent
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, post-ep for Brand X, Rated PG, 18k)
Recommended 4-25-02
Mish: What sets this story apart is the fabulous use of third-party POV. I haven't seen
many pos-eps for Brand X (one of my favorites of S7) and this one is so very nice. Not
only does our narrator immediately become smitten with Mulder (who wouldn't?), she
gets to hear and marvel at just why he's in such bad shape. Just another day on the
job for Clem, albeit a very unusual one that she won't quickly forget. I loved it!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated NC-17, 59K)
Recommended 4-25-02
Forte: Five questions each, total honesty. Oh, the smut! The glorious smut!
Lysandra does another stupendous job of simultaneously writing the Mulder and
Scully I know so well... and melting the monitor on my computer. <g> If you're
looking for happy!smut, this is a great choice.
~ ~ ~
(Rated PG-13, 5k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Blackwood: I think of this as the natural follow-up to Char's "Date Bait." Set after
William vacates their lives, it depicts a too-real scenario of a bereft Mulder and Scully
coming to grips with the single greatest loss of their lives. Extra tissues if you're the
mother of a son (like me). ::sniff:: Thank you, Michelle.
~ ~ ~
(V, Spoilers for "William", 8k)
Recommended 5-17-02
Diana: I love it when an author manages to delve beneath the surface, to hit on what
makes a character tick. Sophia has managed just that in this post "William" story. Her
Scully lives and breathes, and the anguish portrayed in this fic left me aching for her.
Yes, this piece is painful to read, but oh, how the emotions ring true.
Mish: There is nothing overly done about this story. In fact, it's the sparse clarity of few
words that makes a real impact on the reader. Like Di said, it's painful to read, and
Scully's typical, stoic despair mounts with every paragraph - just as yours will. It's quite
an achievement to portray such sadness in such a simple way. Great job, Sophia.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Post-Ep for "The Truth", Vignette, Rated R/NC17, 7k)
Recommended 6-16-02
Blackwood: I was so-o happy to see this posted. "A vignette," I thought. "By
Bonetree!" I know I don't even need to comment on the quality of the writing. Suffice to
say that this post-ep for "The Truth" rang true to character with a soft focus on the
physical intimacy and crystal-clear insight into the emotional state of M&S. Timing,
details, dialogue -- all beautifully crafted into a sensual, romantic piece. Thank you,
~ ~ ~
(MSR, UST, V, Rated PG-13, 12k)
Recommended 8-8-02

Mish: Yet another fic I'd overlooked until recently. I can't believe I never read this! UST
abounds, baby. It practically resonates off the screen in hot waves that makes me
salivate for more! I want to know how they ended up this way, how they'll ever walk off
that dance floor and go back to normal (which of course, they won't <g>), and I want to
know what Mulder was thinking during that lovemaking - yes, *lovemaking* - dance. And
if I don't ever find out? Well, that's okay, too. This is a story that stands very well on its
own and will withstand the test of time as well. Classic fic writing!
~ ~ ~
(S, H, UST, Rated NC-17, 25k)
Recommended 9-25-02
Mish: How about a little Mulder/Scully UST for a change? Throw in
a dash of MT (poor Mulder - and in a most uncomfortable place), a smidgen
of humor, and a good dose of Scully!Comfort... and you've got all the ingredients for a
wonderful story. GinaRain fic always shines, and this one won't disappoint. I
guarantee it!
~ ~ ~
(WIP, Rated R)
Recommended 8-8-02
Mish: I'm not a WIP reader, as a rule. I'd rather wait until the story is finished then enjoy
it in one sitting. But now and then, I cave and take just a peek. With "SBC", it was
Chapter 3 - and it totally left me wanting more! It promises to shape up into an excellent
casefile, with all the elements I crave - mystery, angst, great M/S dialogue, and 'da love'.
I only hope I can wait until it's finished, but that's going to be very hard to do, I think.
Updated to add: It's finished! And what a fine piece of writing, indeed! I enjoyed every
moment, and heartily recommend it.
~ ~ ~
(A, MSR, Rated R, 24 and 28k)
Recommended 12-8-02
Forte: "Sugarland" gives us an angsty look at Mulder and Scully in the weeks following
their escape in "The Truth." "Shadowland" catches up with them a year and a half later,
when life is calmer for them -- or is it? Pacquin's Mulder and Scully are flawed, funny,
and genuine human beings -- just the way I like them. There's one more story in this
series, and I can't wait to find out where Pacquin will take them (and us).
~ ~ ~
(V, Pre-XF, Rated PG-13, 7K)
Recommended 12-8-02
mountainphile: What childhood events shaped Dana Scully into the private,
controlled woman she is today? Spica offers up an eloquently sensitive, insightful
profile, a glimpse into personal father/daughter dynamics that influenced how an
adolescent Scully learned to deal with life and future relationships. Extremely plausible
and well-written!
~ ~ ~
(X, MSR, Rated NC-17, 157K)
Recommended 12-8-02
Forte: There are close encounters in this story, but I'm not going to tell you of what
kind. ;-) I *will* tell you that if you like stories where Mulder and Scully get stranded,
and you like a bit of smut, you'll probably enjoy this fic as much as I did (which was a
lot a lot a lot).
Mish: I have to add a big 'me, too!' to this rec. It's got everything you'll want
in a fic to curl up with, and the characterizations are a joy to read. Print it up,
have a cup of hot chocolate nearby, and enjoy!
~ ~ ~
( A, Unrated, 70K)
Recommended 1-21-03
Forte: :::sob::: Dammit, this is a fabulous story! (And I mean "dammit" in the best
possible way, as in "I can't believe how wonderful this is and why can't *I* write such
beautiful stories?!") How shall I count the ways? Angst, check. Partnerly concern in
both directions, check. Investigative smartness, check. Satisfying (if sad) conclusion
to a loose end from the show, check. A sweet, heartwarming closing, check. Love it,
love it, love it... maybe you will, too.
~ ~ ~
(V, K/M, Rated PG, 4k)
Recommended 2-26-03
Blackwood: This one is short, delicious, dark and bitter -- like espresso with a
twist of lemon and only phantom sweetness to soothe the palate. It isn't often that
anything other than MSR strikes my fancy, but when it's done as well as this, I'm
captured just the same. Krycek and Marita. Whether you despise them or pity them,
they're among TXF's most fascinating characters, especially together. I often think of
this pairing as the M&S we sometimes wish we'd see: beautiful, passionate and deadly;
but then, they wouldn't be Mulder & Scully, our heroes. Instead, they'd be Krycek &
Marita, the foils. Bless 'em and cgb for penning the tale.
~ ~ ~
(M/S UST, Rated PG-13, 15k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: This is one of the earliest fanfics I ever read, and it is just as intriguing
now as it was then. I do so love a 3rd person POV, especially when zeroed in on the
M&S dynamic. Gwen is a deft vignette writer and in short space, she provides an
outsider's glimpse into an M&S that maybe are/maybe aren't involved. There's jealousy
a brewin' with lots of luscious UST and wonderful timing that captures the essence of
these complex characters with style. Makes me hanker for the (dare I say it?) days
when MSR was all speculation and fanfic filled in blanks in just the right way.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, PWP, Rated NC-17, 43k)
Recommended 5-1-03
Blackwood: As I said to flynn, I haven't decided what I liked better: the pure lunacy
that made me laugh out loud, the hotter-than-hell sex that was near-perfect or the fact
that it was written by an author whose work is consistent for its quality prose, great
chacterizations and dialogue that always rings true. She says she's rediscovered her
muse, too. Yowza! ;)
~ ~ ~
(VA, Rated R, 5k)
Recommended 7-8-08
Blackwood: Wow. A vignette that actually had me empathizing with the Fowley one.
Now *that* takes some doing. But winter baby is right on
target in expressing the aftermath of loss and even if it is someone
most shippers wish never existed, she does so with compassion and
style and talent. Well done.
~ ~ ~
(MSR, Rated R, 8k)
Recommended 7-8-03
Blackwood: Always nice to get a fresh spin on an old story. Lynn's writing style is
fluid and captures the emotional content of this time in the lives of M&S. Just the
right bit of sexuality mixed with romance and a lovely narrative that ends when it
should. A thoroughly enjoyable read on a lazy summer afternoon.
~ ~ ~
(V, E-muse challenge fic, Rated G, 6k)
Recommended 10-26-03
Diana: When this little gem made it into my inbox I was ready to party. A new fic
from Blueswirl is deserving of nothing less. And what a fic! Written in
answer to an E-Muse challenge, Blue's crafted a lovely post-Unnatural vignette.
Full of subtle emotion, she gives us a fascinating glimpse into the minds of
Mulder and Scully. It leaves you yearning for more. Well done!
~ ~ ~
(MSR, XF/Sopranos, Rated NC-17, approx. 331k)
Recommended 10-26-03
mountainphile: Yo, readers! For a crossover story that's refreshingly different, try
"That Shotgun Shine" co-written by David and Paige. The intriguing yet plausible
post-Truth storyline pits Mulder and Scully against a devious global conspiracy. Their
only option for overcoming this menace is to join forces with an unlikely and
dangerous ally -- the Soprano crime family of North Jersey! Rough, raw dialogue,
gripping scenes, great MSR, and clever characterization highlight this gem.
Engrossing, well-crafted, and rumored to provide more of the same "zing" in coming
~ ~ ~
(M/S, Rated R, 121k
Recommended 10-26-03
Audrey: What can you say about a story that has as its epigram a piece of free
verse by Louise Gluck, the recently-appointed new Poet Laureate of the U.S., and
three paragraphs later introduces the story's basic theme by quoting Jefferson
Starship? I'd say it pretty deftly sums up the appeal of The X-Files - intellectualism in
harmony with feel-good pop sensibilities. So that's what hooks you early on in What
Happens to the Dreamers, but what keeps you reading is how the author deals
satisfyingly with the circumstances of Scully's pregnancy, offers a deep and
nuanced understanding of our flawed heroes and delivers a wealth of rich language
and imagery. Ultimately, the effect WHttD had on this dreamer was to make me
smile and get lumpy-throated and ignore work until the story was finished.
mountainphile:I second this amazing story! Beautifully written, it touched a
deep emotional chord and left me sighing and nodding my head in
~ ~ ~
(Holiday fic, 30k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Audrey: "Climb right in, dear," called the blue-haired lady, leaning from the passenger
side window of the passing car. This is no night to be stranded." So begins Scully's
Christmas Eve journey in the company of a unique Ex-Wives Club. But are these three
delicate-looking senior citizens just giving the stranded agent a lift...or are they on a
mysterious mission to put Dana on the Naughty list for once? Have a good giggle this
holiday season with Rev's delightfully dotty original characters - and feel your cockles
warm when Scully's secret Christmas wish is fulfilled.
~ ~ ~
(M/S, Rated NC-17, 78k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Audrey: What happens when Mulder and Scully head to small-town Illinois for the long
Thanksgiving weekend at her brother's house? Not much - a little baking, a little
mystery, a little banter - but that's precisely the point. I absolutely adore JET's take on
Charlie Scully & family, and this particular story is a seasonal comfort read for me. This
M&S are wonderfully relaxed, but still prickly enough to feel authentic, and it has terrific
small details that stick with the reader long after the story is finished. Besides, who can
resist JET's signature talent, her wonderfully evocative language: "She wants to
maneuver all the quiet places with him now, all the uncharted tracks of water, all the
carnival trails." And, as a special holiday bonus, check out the author's fanfic journal at
www.livejournal.com/~jetfic for "Imagination," a snippet of the sequel-in-progress. Edited
to add: The sequel is now up! "Kept Joy" can be found at the same URL. ::Aud does
happy dance::
~ ~ ~
(V, A, Rated G, 8k)
Recommended 12-22-03
Mish: While not a holiday story, this heart-warming little piece embodies the spirit of the
season, as Maggie Scully gives Mulder a reason to dispense with the apologies. As only
a mother can, of course - with typical resignation and indulgence. Great Maggie here,
folks. Enjoy!
~ ~ ~